Can I get a loan on a copy of the passport

The harder money is earned, the higher the risks of fraud in any area, especially financial. And if you do not take precautions, it is easy to get into the network, skillfully placed criminals, and at the time of losing savings. But the lack of funds from a person is not a guarantee against fraudsters who practice loan processing under a false name.

To issue a loan, the bank requires the presentation of documents, including the mandatory original passport. The question arises how it turns out that fraudsters get money without having access to the original identity card.

Honest creditors will never go to the contract for a copy of the passport

Honest creditors will never go to the contract for a copy of the passport

So the only way to cheat – try to paste the photo into the original stolen passport. Only forgery and falsification of papers will allow to deceive the bank and to appropriate the money taken on another’s details.

However, there are cases of more serious crimes, when fraudsters involve the employees of a financial organization. Acting through accomplices, fraudsters provide a photocopy, and the employee office takes it instead of the original passport. Proving the absence of a passport at the time of the loan is difficult, and impunity is a free hand and increases the appetite of fraudsters, not limited to the issuance of money in cash.

Such scams are often made out through representatives of banks in stores or through salons of communication. High risk of fraud – in the MFI, where for transferring the borrowed amount according to the client’s details you need only a screenshot of the passport.

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection


It turns out that complete protection from fraudsters is impossible, because to exclude access to a photocopy of a passport is almost impossible. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation – the main paper identifying the person’s identity is required in many instances, state and commercial companies. Moreover, when submitting a formal application, organizations require a person to sign a consent to the processing of personal information, and therefore the risk of leakage is quite large.

It is not necessary to have associates who will provide the necessary copies of the scammers. Sometimes it is enough to work hackers, cracking databases even of such reliable financial systems as Sberbank.

And yet, at the disposal of citizens there are several ways to reduce the likelihood of obtaining another loan:

  1. The exclusion of access to outsiders personal passport. Keep it out of reach, without leaving it unattended.
  2. If lost or stolen, immediately signal to law enforcement agencies, since any delay only increases the risk of fraud.
  3. Do not respond to questionable requests when they are asked to send scanned copies of personal papers, even if this request was expressed by the prospective employer. Under his pretense, fraudsters can contact you.
  4. Be careful to send information electronically, because it is possible a hacking attempt.
  5. Do not allow photocopies from your passport unless you have a specific need. This is often abused by enterprises employing a large number of people – sometimes photocopies are made even at the preliminary interview stage. In some cases, when returning defective goods, stores also require photocopying.
  6. To protect the electronic copy of the passport, use a watermark, or accompany the copy with a mark indicating for which particular organization a copy is provided. This will seriously hamper the work of fraudsters.

Since it is impossible to completely exclude the use of personal information by fraudsters, it is recommended to periodically monitor the information entered into the BCH. Regular checks will help uncover unauthorized loans. Citizens have a convenient option of SMS informing about making entries in the database of the CII. The sooner the debt is identified, the greater the chances of restoring equity.

What to do if another loan is issued? 

What to do if another loan is issued? 


Since financial claims have been made to a specific borrower, the victim himself will have to understand and prove his non-participation in the loan taken. You should not stand aside, having learned about the registration of someone else’s debt. Ignoring the problem is the worst option.

In addition to the fact that the creditor will accrue interest and fines, demanding the return of the loan through the court under compulsion, a person will spoil his personal credit history by making the lending service unavailable for himself.

The fight against fraudsters is complicated by the fact that a person learns about the accumulated debt months later, at the stage when collectors are connected to the recovery. Since the wrong phone numbers were used to get the loan, the interaction begins with a warning letter.

Having received such a letter, the person affected by the actions of the fraudsters turns to the organization on whose behalf the collectors work. The first step of the proceedings is to prepare a claim in the name of the creditor. In it, a person describes the situation and requires a trial.

The lender is obliged to give an official response within 45 days. If an error is found, the financial structure reports the cancellation of financial claims. To protect themselves from further proceedings require the provision of a written response by mail at the registration address. It is important to check for the elimination of a negative record from a credit bureaus, which only the lender may make.

If the financial institution refuses to write off the debt, the proceedings are transferred to the walls of the court, the decision of which will largely depend on the results of the handwriting check and the opinion of the handwriting experts.

If the signature is complicated, it will be easy to prove the fact of non-participation in the loan, but if it is easy to fake the painting, the expert opinion may not be in favor of the victim. Then the court will oblige to pay the debt to the bank, since it will not be possible to prove that the person has become a victim of fraudsters.

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