Mini guide to marriage loans


The experience and more and more numerous television formats have taught us that Italian-style marriage or more specifically Neapolitan marriage, require substantial cash outlays. No wonder then when you hear that many people don’t make it with their own funds. Families and guests’ offers can help to cover a large part of the necessary monetary needs, but when these funds are not enough, then, loans come into play. In this article we will see what are the peculiarities of financing for marriages.


Marriage loan

Marriage loan


A marriage loan can, for example, cover the total necessary needs for the ceremony and banquet. However, the same loan can be used to pay for the typically more expensive services, some examples: the banquet, the honeymoon, a gorgeous wedding dress or the wedding photographer. Then we will define in detail the characteristics of the two most common forms of financing.


Finalized loan

Finalized loan


Let’s start by talking about the finalized loan that is granted without intermediation by a certain supplier that has defined a financial collaboration with a credit institution. Through this type of financing it is possible to cover a specific service such as the wedding lunch, the honeymoon …


The sum of money relating to the loan is paid directly to the supplier concerned, in as many installments as have been defined in the amortization plan.


However, this type of loan only covers a limited amount of demand and when this is not sufficient, the personal loan can be accompanied by a personal marriage loan.


Personal marriage loan

Personal marriage loan


Under the personal marriage loan, more expenses can be channeled into a single debt. This allows the preliminary investigation costs to be reduced to a minimum as this loan also has a higher average rate than that of the finalized loan

As regards guarantees, obtaining a marriage loan is not linked to the presentation of a particular real guarantee, such as a mortgage on the home or other property of the person requesting it.

Notwithstanding this, to limit almost completely the risks of insolvency, some credit institutions may present to the applicant a contract for the exchange of installments or alternatively as the only guarantee a single bill of exchange.

In this case the most popular guarantee is the signature of a third guarantor or co-obligator, as guarantor in the event of a successful outcome. This is a very popular request.

On the Internet, interested parties may request more clarifications in this regard, with the possibility of choosing between several proposals.

However, before applying for a loan for your wedding it is always good to have a clear understanding of the budget available and the standard of marriage you want. It is not said that a marriage is really what you want.


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