Non-finalized fast payday loans, comparison proposals

If the purpose of a payday loan is a particular purchase, for example cars, motorcycles, furniture, it is possible in several cases to pay by means of an agreement between the merchant and the finance company that deals with dedicated loans.

In many cases, however, the need to have a sum in a short time is due to an unforeseen event or the urgency to deal with a commitment or a project.

Comparison proposals: Non-finalized fast payday loans

fast payday loans

You can then refer to online payday loan formulas to get small and medium amounts quickly without having to pay any expenses. Also the online procedure obviously requires to provide adequate guarantees of income to the bank or financial company and to pay attention to the repayment terms and rates applied.

What changes by choosing a loan from a direct bank


Therefore by operating online and by telephone, are normally the additional costs and preliminary investigation costs, which are more limited and sometimes zeroed. Filling out an online quote is the best way to make sure you find the most suitable and convenient solution.

In several cases it is possible to complete the entire process online, with direct crediting of the amount paid, as for example for Uni Lend loans. In other cases, you can start the request online and then complete it in the branch.

As regards the average rates applied, it is necessary to pay attention to the APR, an indicator of the real cost of the loan, and to the repayment duration, on which the total cost is calculated.

Among the 100% online payday loans

Among the 100% online payday loans

Signed by digital signature, we find the Uni Lend offers. The response to the request for funding, sent complete with all the necessary documentation, does not require more than 48 hours on average.

The rates applied may vary depending on the amounts requested and the repayment duration but also on the basis of temporary offers, to be assessed on a case by case basis.

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