10 Best Batman Video Games, Ranked By Metacritic

Batman has been in video games since 1986 and with the upcoming release of Knights of Gotham in 2022, Batman fans continue to see this universe expand. Fans have long been awaiting the entry of the villains, Court of the Owls. Anticipation has also grown with the fact that while Batman is presumably absent from this title, other Batman characters such as Nightwing and Red Hood will be the main characters in this story.

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Ranking Batman games is no easy task, and since Metacritic ranks scores for different platforms of the same game, the scores are averaged for clarity and do not include re-releases.

ten Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Talking With Mad Hatter Hostage - Batman Arkham Origins

Average metacritic score: 73

Origins of Arkham is the prequel to the Arkham Asylum games and stands as the start of the Arkhamverse. However, instead of Rocksteady developing the game, it’s Warner Brothers Games Montreal. Upon release, it faced a plethora of bugs, glitches, and game crashes. On top of that, critics also felt that the game hasn’t grown much compared to Arkham City and Asylum, and was very uninspired in its gameplay.

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The game also featured some bright spots, such as gameplay in boss fights, overall story, and combat gameplay mechanics. Despite the technical issues, critics say the game is fun and entertaining, and although the weakest game in the Arkham series, is by no means a terrible game.

9 Batman: Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR Trailer - "Wear the hood"

Average metacritic score: 74

As the world of VR gaming continues to grow, characters like Batman shouldn’t be surprising to have their own VR game, but Rocksteady has upped the stakes with a Batman: Arkham VR game, especially a new story set in the same universe. However, the game received a mixed response, but with many positives coming from the game’s ability to create a good atmosphere, perfect for a VR setup.

Where the negatives come in is how short the game is, which also hurts the story. The replay value of the game suffers as well and all the puzzles in the game are straightforward.


8 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Harley Quinn Lego Batman 3

Average metacritic score: 74

The third entry into the Lego batman The series saw the Capped Crusader go “Beyond Gotham” into space to help save various Lantern Worlds and collect multiple Lantern Rings to stop Brainiac. The game features a large amount of characters, 217 to be exact, as most LEGO games do. However, the game has received mixed responses from Metacritic.

Lego batman 3 is critically the lowest in the Cape Crusader LEGO fight, but plenty of positives point to it being an enjoyable experience for kids and Batman fans with simple controls and great co-op. The downsides of the game are that it is not much different from other LEGO games, the story is weaker than previous entries and had some bugs at launch.

7 Batman: the brave and the daring

Average metacritic score: 74

Courageous and daring saw releases on both Wii and Nintendo DS, and was more of a beat ’em up than an adventure game. It was based on the animated show, Batman: The brave and the daring, with the first episode airing in November 2008. The beat’em ups are generally random and this one shares some drawbacks including repetitive gameplay and easy difficulty.

On the positive side, reviewers said the game had a lot of humor, controls, that the difficulty being easier allows more kids to play in it, the level design and graphics as it paid homage to the early ones. 16-bit days. However, reviews also state that the game is too short and offers very little replay value, but it is a great co-op experience, which is usually the case with beat’em ups.

6 LEGO Batman: The Video Game

Average Metacritic Score: 78

The first one Lego batman received high praise upon its release, but also faced mixed reviews. Where it has succeeded is in its gameplay, the variety of different levels and the cooperation, for which the LEGO games are very well known with that cooperative feel on the couch. However, the criticisms he faced were for the puzzles, the similarity to other LEGO titles, the poor storytelling, and the lack of online cooperation.

However, the game is aimed at children entering the gaming world and most reviewers agree that this game is ideal for children. It has an offline co-op which can also invite parents to have fun.

5 Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series

Average Metacritic Score: 79

The second season in Telltale batman series focused on the villain of the Riddler but also sparked the origins of the Joker. Most of the praise from the critics has come in the adventure of the story and how much the choices actually affect it. Despite this, the game had issues mainly with difficulty in puzzles and lack of detective gameplay.

However, one thing critics liked was the origins of The Joker and how decision-making plays a role in the overall story. Batman fans should still enjoy this second season, especially Joker fans.

4 LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Average metacritic score: 80

Lego batman 2 is the best rated Lego batman game so far. It not only expanded on the Batman-centric characters, but added more of the DC Universe, serving up a bit of a LEGO Justice League game. Critics have praised its ability to be both a LEGO game and a Batman game. The downsides to the game included some of the gameplay, whether it was AI or controls in certain areas such as Superman. However, praise has been given for the level design and number of characters that the LEGO games continue to do so well.

Critics have also praised the progress of this game since the first Lego batman. This game was a huge leap forward for the company and a departure from the usual like in previous games.

3 Batman: The Knight of Arkham

Average Metacritic Score: 81

The latest addition to the Arkham series didn’t quite receive the same critical acclaim as Asylum and Arkham City made. The game introduces a new villain into the mix who is appropriately named the Knight of arkham and made fan-favorite Scarecrow the new big bad to fight the Capped Crusader. It also introduces a new mechanic in the Batmobile that was absent from all previous entries in the series.

Most complaints in Knight of arkham are because of this addition of the batmobile. Some of the game’s lower scores consistently refer to the batmobile as a flaw in the game, as it is often forced on the player and takes away from the story and the overall feeling that the first two games went so well. One of the many things critics have praised Knight of arkham because was its atmosphere and the menu.

2 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Joker relishing his escape in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Average Metacritic Score: 91

Arkham Asylum received a lot of praise upon its release, including its storytelling, quality of play, and the game mechanics that fit into the character of Batman. It boasted of a high-profile cast of fan-favorite villains, a serious tone and atmosphere that fits perfectly into the dark Batman vibe.

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However, where Arkham Asylum failed, according to critics, was the repetitiveness of the gameplay. Despite this, the game is still considered one of the best Batman games, and before Arkham City came out, it was rated the best Batman game of all time by Metacritic.

1 Batman: Arkham City

Batman Arkham City Key Art

Average Metacritic Score: 94

Arkham City, from the start, was critically acclaimed. It is arguably the best Batman game of all time. Critics praised the game’s history, its action, and how refined the game overall was.

We often wonder if Arkham City Where Arkham Asylum sit like the best batman game but where Arkham City differs in how it expanded the map, story, and characters of the Batman universe by adding fan favorites like Catwoman and Mister Freeze. Arkham City had also added a story DLC with “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”, which before the DLC was just challenge cards and costume packs. However, critics are convinced that Arkham City is indeed the best Batman video game.

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