10 Best Video Game Retailers, Ranked

There must be no greater boon for a seller than video game protagonists. They are guaranteed to have the perfect mix of disposable income and endless need for resources. Best of all, provided they don’t kick the bucket, they’re pretty much guaranteed to come back for more.

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A good trader requires many qualities. Since most of their dealings are face-to-face, they must be sociable. They must also boast of the proper wares to help the heroes along their journey. Finally, it never hurts to have a little charisma to ensure customer loyalty. Like Blake in Glengarry Glen Rossthese game vendors are still closing.

ten Telltale’s Sam & Max Bosco Downsides Live Up To Their Name

In Sam and Max save the world, the duo tackle six different cases that ultimately turn out to be separate parts of a larger conspiracy. In each of these cases, Bosco’s Inconvenience Store is there to provide Independent Police with everything they need to thwart the particular threat of that episode.

However, while the expensive items he sells produce the desired results, they are not exactly as advertised. For example, his truth serum, priced at three million dollars, turns out to be just a bottle of vodka. After each transaction, he always assures the duo that “That works. Trust me.

9 Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Librarian Helps Alucard For A Play

You’d think it’s impossible to buy goods within the grounds of Dracula’s castle, but the librarian is only too happy to provide the Count’s son with everything he needs at the right price. Despite his protests that he cannot help whoever opposes the master, the promise of coins is apparently enough for him to help Alucard indirectly.

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Curiously, while he doesn’t render the same services to Richter or Maria, he also refrains from engaging in combat with them. The nature of the Libertarian and the possible use he could have of the player’s gold remains shrouded in mystery.

One of the many bizarre characters in brutal legend, the Guardian of Metal, is brought to life by the immortal Ozzie Osborne. Unlike the many other denizens of Tim Schafer’s heavy metal world, he proclaims himself to be a lover – not a fighter. As such, he declines Eddie’s offer to join his cause, but agrees to provide him with several services in return for fire tributes.

Players who please the metal gods by performing stunts or emerging victorious in battle can use these tributes to purchase useful upgrades for their axe, guitar, and car.

seven Dark Souls Undead Merchant Delivers Service with a Smile

The world of dark souls is populated by an eclectic cast of unhinged and troubled characters, many of whom offer essential services and goods. Players will need all the help they can get, especially in the early parts of the game, before they’ve had a chance to level up or learn the intricacies of combat.

In the Burg of the Undead, there is a merchant who is quite amiable despite being reduced to bones. He also has an invisible pet which he calls “Yulia”. Players would do well to stock up because, as he so eloquently puts it, it’s “never hurts to splurge when your days are numbered.

6 Beedle From The Legend Of Zelda Series Sailed The Seas For Rupees

Beedle made his debut in The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, where he crossed the Great Sea and offered his wares to any sailor with the right amount of rupees. Seller Hylian is notable for providing two of the Wind Wakerthe rare expressions of English, exclaiming “Thanks!” and “Goodbye!” to satisfied customers.

Since then, the emaciated trader has appeared in subsequent titles, such as skyward swordand breath of the wild. In the latter, he can be encountered primarily through the game’s many stables, easily identified by his beetle-shaped backpack.

5 Bayonetta’s Rodin can craft weapons and strong drink

Hideki Kamiya’s previous action titles, such as the devil may cry and Joe seeing it, had shops where players could buy items and moves. Yet one thing it desperately lacked was a charismatic and cordial merchant to tell players about their wares. Bayonet marvelously fills this void with the cigar-biting Rodin.

Confidently located in the gates of hell, Rodin’s bar is the perfect place to grab a few drinks, chat and buy gear. His calm, aloof demeanor and sense of humor make him a great addition to the story of Kamiya’s iconic game characters.

4 Stan, the seller of the Monkey Island series, has had a varied resume

Known for his plaid jacket, fidgety arms and talkative nature, Stan the Salesman has appeared in every episode of the monkey island franchise. He has been a seller of various goods and services, including but not limited to: used ships, used caskets, life insurance policies, real estate, and even legal representation.

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For the right price, Stan has everything Guybrush needs to solve one of the game’s many puzzles. demonstrates a remarkable gift for adapting to several business ventures.

3 Christopher from Shadows Of The Damned Is A Friendly Demon Hybrid

Suda 51 is well known for juxtaposing disturbing imagery with gonzo characters and dialogue for comedic effect, and Shadows of the Damned is no exception. In Garcia Hotspur’s journey through hell, he’ll encounter a huge cast of oddballs, including the demon/human hybrid trader known as Christopher.

Excellently voiced by Cam Clarke, Christopher sounds like an energetic and affable cowboy. This face is considerably friendlier than the others Garcia encounters – though just as grotesque. If players can satiate Christopher’s hunger for White Gems, they will be rewarded with vital ammo.

2 Undertale’s Temmie Can Use Her Academic Prowess

In Undertale, hidden within the waterfalls underground is a civilization of beings known as the Temmies. The Tem Shop is the only place players can sell their items, as other shops naturally don’t want to buy a used Band-Aid.

Players who acquire enough gold can even send Temmie to college, where they gain the expertise to craft a very powerful piece of armor that is “[sic] then GOOD! any battle becomes! EASY wins!!!“Even after players finished the game and didn’t need this item, many pretended to go back to the store just to pay Temmie’s tuition.

1 Resident Evil 4’s Merchant Nature Remains A Secret

Resident Evil 4 was praised for its revolutionary over-the-shoulder perspective and its transition from wandering corpses to sprinting infected enemies. Another bold departure from the format was the ability to purchase various weapons from a mysterious and charismatic vendor.

The nature of the merchant is an absolute mystery. While his eyes suggest he has been infected with a form of Las Plagas, he appears to have retained his sanity and shows no signs of hostility towards Leon. Since its inception, the Merchant’s has become a fan favourite, with players more than happy to grant its request to “Come back when you like.”

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