10 best video game robots

Robots have been a staple of video games for many years, appearing in massive franchises such as metroid, Solid metal gearand even Super Mario. Whether they appear to the player as an unassuming little enemy, a trusted ally, or a gargantuan beast designed to elicit a fear response, robots are loved and welcomed in nearly every video game.

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However, some robots stand out thanks to their unique designs or intriguing stories. Robots have long gone from mere background fodder to a human’s story. They are now highly developed characters who have developed incredible fanbases. Despite their cold, metallic exteriors, these robots are some of the deepest characters in their game franchises.

ten Monokuma is the iconic double-color killer (Danganronpa)

Monokuma may look cuddly, but he’s a killer black-and-white teddy bear who oversees all killing games on the three main lines. Danganronpa Games. Created by Monaca Towa and “tuned” by Junko Enoshima to have an almost insufferable personality, Monokuma isn’t just an antagonist, he’s an instigator.

Perfectly created to sow as much discord among the murder game participants as possible, Monokuma plays a brilliant villain. He is both unlikable and entertaining, with players buying stuffed animals from him in droves. His appearance is iconic and considered one of the best aspects of the franchise.

9 Pascal is a peace-loving pacifist (NieR Automata)

Pascal is the beloved heart of NieR Automata and the pacifist robot who opens 2B and 9S’s eyes to the fact that machines are more than stupid ships. With a soft-spoken voice and an almost parental concern for his people, the player’s first encounter with Pascal in the aptly named Pascal’s Village is unforgettable.

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Pascal is designed this way specifically to make him all the more gruesome when his entire community destroys itself. In a moment of devastating sadness, he asks the player to kill him or erase his memories. Neither option is good, and even though Pascal is left alive to decide his own fate, he is never seen again. He certainly deserved better than the fate he received, and his existence will live on in players’ memories long after the game is over.

8 BD-1 is a faithful companion (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order)

Being Cal’s only permanent companion during a long campaign is dangerous work, but Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order BD-1 was ready for the challenge. As a small red and white bipedal droid, BD-1 quickly won the hearts of Fallen order players, especially when he jumped on Cal’s back, not too unlike how Yoda leaned on Luke in the movies.

Hilariously, BD-1 seems to care little for his own well-being, being instead much more interested in research and data collection. This is perhaps what has seduced so many gamers with the robot. The ability to change BD-1’s skins allowed players to customize their companion to match Cal himself.

seven Aigis becomes more human (Persona 3)

Aigis is much more than a robot in Persona 3; she is a loyal friend, confidante and protector. His whole social bond is based on his desire to become more human and on the understanding that even if his heart becomes more human, his body will not. She is canonically one of the protagonist’s closest allies, if not his closest friend, and suffers the most after his death.

The story in Persona 3 is remarkably bittersweet, even by Persona standards, and Aigis herself is a big part of that. His fate and that of the protagonist are much more intertwined than they realize, leading to many tearful confessions and heartbreaking moments. Aigis, despite his robot status, adds a lot of warmth to the tense game.

6 B-12 is a robot-shaped human (wandering)

Although it is revealed during the indie chat exploration game, Wander, that B-12 is actually a human consciousness placed in a small robotic body, the game’s ending indicates that B-12 will now remain in technological systems forever. It is appropriate to think of them as a robot.

B-12 was the invaluable sidekick that not only allowed the protagonist to communicate with the other robots, but also to survive against the flesh-eating Zurks. The bond between B-12 and the cat is easily felt even without the two exchanging a real conversation.

5 Nick Valentine has his own detective agency (Fallout 4)

Undoubtedly one of the most remarkable companions of Fallout 4, Nick Valentine is the synthetic detective of Diamond City whom the protagonist meets at the beginning of his journey after saving him from the mobster Skinny Malone. Nick is generally pretty cool.

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With the memories of a pre-war detective and plenty of additional skills to complement that personality, Nick is a fun and serious companion in equal measure. Dropping some genuinely hilarious lines while pulling his weight in emotional moments, it’s no surprise he quickly rose through the ranks of companions popularity, with many claiming he never left their party during the match.

4 Claptrap is everyone’s favorite idiot (Borderlands)

Somehow, a character designed to be one of Pandora’s most annoying creatures has indeed captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. Claptrap, or CL4P-TP if Hyperion is involved, is a small robotic unit that has had more than its fair share of bad luck over the course of several Borderlands Games.

Beaten, destroyed, reassembled and wiped out more times than he can count, Claptrap is tragic comic relief. While his personality may be grating to many, Claptrap has become synonymous with Borderlands franchise, becoming one of the most instantly recognizable figures appearing on most of its merchandise and marketing.

3 Legion offers a different perspective (Mass Effect)

The only complaint many fans have about Legion is that they weren’t introduced sooner. Belonging to the geth race, which was the main antagonistic race that Commander Shepard faced in the first Mass Effect game, Legion gave some much-needed perspective as they were introduced into Mass Effect 2.

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Until then, the geth were a race of synthetics who elicited very powerful, and often negative, reactions from others in the galaxy. Legion, and those who wrote them, showed the true versatility of the geth. The introduction of Legion added another moral dilemma to an already complicated universe, and their unique history earned them a loyal following.

2 GLaDOS is iconic and well-known (portal)

When it comes to iconic robots, GLaDOS sits at the top of the list. The legendary antagonist of both Gate games is well regarded in the gaming community thanks to her menacing and smirking personality.

Despite looking like a black and white villain, GLaDOS gains morality by the end of Portal 2, which sees her finally free Chell and conduct experiments on two robots of her own creation instead. Hilariously, GLaDOS continues to belittle the pair as she did with Chell, and even laments how much she misses torturing a human. Maybe she’s not able to change after all.

1 Clank fuels childhood nostalgia (Ratchet & Clank)

Clank is Ratchet’s most beloved friend in the Ratchet & Clank series. The two have accompanied each other on almost every adventure since their introduction in 2002. Clank has always been a hero, despite his small size. He first met Ratchet when he attempted to warn the world of President Drek’s evil plans.

Of the two, Clank is definitely the cool-headed one, often preventing Ratchet from getting involved in complicated schemes. He is completely unafraid of taking on enemies ten times his size, but most often uses his wits and wits to escape dangerous situations. Clank is a healthy dose of childhood nostalgia, a reliable companion and a lovable character.

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