10 biggest video game controversies of 2021

The many revelations that followed the public revelation of this investigation could easily fill the rest of this article (the “Cosby Sequel”, Activision Blizzard’s anti-union efforts, everything about Bobby Kotick, etc.), but it also fits Note that this controversy extends to the ethics of buying, promoting and playing Activision Blizzard games. There is also an interesting debate right now on how best to talk about Activision Blizzard’s gaming history now that we know the conditions under which many of them were developed and how their success may have contributed to nurture the culture of abuse in the company.

While I sincerely hope that this survey and the movements it has already inspired will help ensure that more major game studios start treating their employees like human beings, the sad fact is that the number of similar controversies that we have seen in recent years strongly suggest that there is still a long way to go before the systemic problems plaguing this industry are a thing of the past.

GTA Definitive Edition is laziest and most broken major release of the year

It’s honestly still amazing to think that the GTA Definitive Edition the remasters were nothing short of one of the biggest infallible hits of 2021. After all, how difficult can it be to update three of the best games ever made?

We may never get the full story of what was wrong with these remasters, but between their many issues, terrible design decisions, missing features, and Rockstar’s initial decision to remove the original. GTA Trilogy titles from the digital markets and replace them with these remasters, it’s safe to say there is a lot of criticism to be had.

It’s nice to see that the RGT remasters are always updated and patched, but it’s safe to say this was the sloppiest major release of the year.

Pretty much everything about the new world of Amazon

Between concerns about its colonialist themes and the fact that it is a game published and developed by Amazon, New world has been a lightning rod of controversy since… well, the moment the MMO was announced.

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