10 Video Game Franchises That Changed Developers (And Suffered From It)

A long-running video game franchise suddenly changing developers for a new game isn’t a bad thing in and of itself; it’s just a fact of business. That being said, there are a few notable changes that have only made things worse.

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Whether it was because of a dubious creative decision or the studio was forced to obey its publisher’s demands, these game series suffered greatly after the departure of their original creators. In fact, some of those franchises died after the Changing of the Guard.

ten Devil May Cry was forced to go back to basics after the divisive prequel

A young Dante and Virgil in DmC Devil May Cry

Although the devil may cry 4 was a hit with fans and critics alike, Capcom felt Dante’s seminal series needed a breath of fresh air. In this spirit, and having been impressed by A heavenly sword, Capcom collaborated with British studio Ninja Theory and encouraged them to do whatever they wanted with Dante and his fight against Hell.

Ninja Theory created the prequel DmC: Devil May Cry but it triggered an intense reaction that was impossible to ignore. Although the gameplay is good, fans took offense to DmCand Dante’s serious new backstory. Rather than continuing the prequel timeline, Capcom returned to the series with the best received. The devil may cry 5.

9 Halo fans polarized in the post-Bungie era

Despite the odd fallout like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: scope, fans and Bungie considered Halo 3 to be the definitive end of the Master Chief saga. Microsoft Studios thought otherwise and arranged for its in-house team, 343 Industries, to not only inherit the franchise from Bungie, but continue Master Chief’s war with an all-new trilogy.

Instead of attracting newcomers or exciting older Master Chief fans, the new Halo the games divide the fan base thanks to lukewarm gameplay and outside controversies. 343’s Reclaimer Saga made a slight comeback with Halo: Infinite, the best-received entry in the new trilogy to date, but it still didn’t quite live up to the original trilogy.

8 Fallout got more generic without Black Isle Studios

Survivors fight in Fallout 76 Steel Reign

When it started, Fall was a niche but critically acclaimed role-playing game best known for its morally complex storylines and characters. However, most sequels/spin-offs after Fallout 2 sacrificed depth and methodical gameplay for action and simpler stories, starting with the bland Fallout 3 and culminating in disaster Fallout 76.

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It was because FallThe original creators of, Black Isle Studios, only created the first two canonical games before selling the rights to the game to Bethesda after their parent company shut down. strains of FallOriginal old-school complexity emerged in Obsidian Entertainment Fallout: New Vegas, which was created by former Black Isle developers.

seven Call Of Duty lost its luster when it became an annual release

Infinity Ward has been an unfortunate victim of its own success, as its signing Call of Duty not only shaped FPS gaming, but arguably doomed them. After the successful sales of the original game until modern warfare, publisher Activision essentially tricked the developers of their flagship title through a sleazy deal.

After pulling the original COD team, Activision loaded the remnants of Infinity Ward and the old COD expansion makers Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch to produce annual entries. This has led to games that have steadily increased in budget and graphics capabilities, but delivered diminishing results as COD has become a slave to a formula that has long outlived its welcome.

6 Mass Effect failed to develop under BioWare Montreal

Ryder Directs Mass Effect Andromeda's New Explorers

Despite a finale so controversial it had to be retconned by DLC, BioWare Edmonton Mass Effect the trilogy ended on a high note. Because Mass EffectThe original team was busy working on the ill-fated Anthem, BioWare has decided to pass on its flagship sci-fi series to its Montreal team, a team that previously worked on Mass Effectit is DLC and multiplayer.

Creation of BioWare Montreal Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was to be the next chapter in the franchise’s space saga. However, thanks to the accelerated production of EA, among others, Andromeda released in such terrible condition (most notoriously seen in face animations) that it not only failed to launch, but arguably killed all goodwill Mass Effect once ordered.

5 Duke Nukem was doomed by the time production began forever

Duke Nukem visits Las Vegas in Duke Nukem Forever

It’s easy to blame the Duke Nukem the death of the franchise on Gearbox Software, the developers who actually finished the long-gestating sequel, Duke Nukem forever. However, Duke’s fate was sealed when work on Always has begun. The problem was that 3D Realms kept restarting production thanks to director George Broussard’s impossible demands.

From 1997 to 2010, Broussard continued to rebuild Duke’s fourth game because he wanted it to be as up to date as possible. Take-Two Interactive, the game’s publisher, grew tired of waiting and sued 3D Realms, which led to the Gearbox takeover. Although Gearbox only provided the finishing touches, their mediocre work drove the final nail in Duke’s coffin.

4 Command & Conquer died slowly after EA dissolved Westwood Studios

Armies charge forward in command and conquer generals

At its peak, Command and conquer dominated the real-time strategy scene. See the potential of Red alert and tiberian sun, EA acquired the games’ developers, Westwood Studios, and demanded that it only make hits. When the RTS/FPS hybrid C&C: Renegade flopped, EA retaliated by shutting down Westwood.

EA demanded that Westwood employees move to their Los Angeles studios or leave. In the aftermath, each new CC The game was created by EA’s internal developers like EA Pacific. Starting with Generals, each new CC title saw diminishing returns in sales and reception, and the once steadfast RTS series slowly faded away.

3 Star Wars: Battlefront Has Become Controversial Under EA’s Watch

The Battle of Hoth seen in Star Wars Battlefront

star wars games tend to be really inconsistent in terms of quality, with the battle front multiplayer shooters being some of the rare and amazing exceptions. The first two battle front The titles were developed by Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts, and they have since become one of the most revered movie and FPS games ever played.

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Following star wars‘ sale to Disney, the rights to the games were transferred to EA. battle front was revived by EA developers, DICE, but not for the better. Thanks to a lack of content, predatory microtransactions, and deliberately counterproductive game progression, players didn’t just activate the restart battle fronts, they have become the focus of different international anti-gambling committees.

2 Silent Hill has never been the same without the Silent team

Alex meets a nurse at Silent Hill Homecoming

The light at resident Evil, Konami wanted its own survival horror game and told a bunch of employees from failed projects to come up with something. Developers who would retroactively be called “Team Silent” created the emotionally charged silent Hill and were surprised by its success. This then led to three more successful matches.

Rather than capitalize on this, Konami disbanded Team Silent before outsourcing production to overseas studios. Everything after Silent Hill 4: The Room was made by Westerners like Double Helix Games, and they pale in comparison to Team Silent’s work. Just when the series seemed back on track with Kojima Productions silent hills, Konami shut it down and fired the developers out of spite.

1 Metal Gear Solid imploded after Konami Kojima Productions was fired

Survivor takes on zombies in Metal Gear Survive

There will never be a developer change as controversial and high-profile as the forced divorce between Hideo Kojima and his brainchild, Solid metal gear. By working on MGS V: The Phantom Pain, Kojima and Kojima Productions had such a falling out with their publisher, Konami, that their names were removed from advertisements and copies of the game.

A month later Phantom pain came out, Konami fired Kojima Productions and vowed to do more MSG games even without Kojima. Konami’s in-house developers Konami Digital Entertainment created the zombie survival game Metal Gear Survive, which was so poorly received that it killed off the legendary MSG overnight.

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