10 video game tutorials that were really fun

Video game tutorials have come a long way from the maddening hand-held-type sections they once were, and the developers are constantly making these introductory levels more fun. After all, players who already know the basics may find play lessons boring or tedious.

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Fun video game tutorials take a creative approach to teaching players about movement, combat, resource management, and other game mechanics. The best introductory lessons are often ingeniously incorporated into the game’s story. itself, transparently teaching the player the basics while explaining the crucial parts of the story. Some entertaining tutorials simply immerse the player in the action, sometimes even launching a boss fight just for good measure.

ten Half-life

An elderly scientist at a high-tech facility talks to the player in the Half Life 1 video game.

The popular FPS Half-life follows the story of physicist Gordon Freeman, who accidentally plays a role in the release of aggressive aliens in the Black Mesa Research Center. Its tutorial sequence is revolutionary for its time, taking a unique approach to teaching players how to use the HEV suit, navigate the facility, and take down enemies.

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Holographic AI guides players through a training center where players learn to jump, overcome obstacles, and shoot weapons. Everything is presented as part of Gordon’s training, which is late on day one. To top it off, players get a full tour of the facility through a train car before it is overrun a few minutes later.

9 Fallout 3

The Publication date The series is known for its post-apocalyptic Wasteland, irradiated bugs, awesome and fashionable armor sets, and well-written alternate timeline. These are all in Fallout 3, with a clever tutorial level that is actually a crucial part of the main story.

For 19 years, the player spends their time growing up in Vault 101. In Vault, players learn basic character building through a baby book, how to shoot weapons through a lesson from the father, and even how to respond to dialogue through a children’s birthday party. It’s a complete and entertaining start to the player’s journey before the protagonist is immersed in the ruthless landscape of Capital Wasteland.

8 Nier: Automata

NieR Automata Final Ending Ignore cheat code found

The RPG Nier: Automata plunges players into the midst of a proxy war between alien machines and human androids. Its introduction tells players everything they need to know about the Deny series and its iconic sequences of the genre.

Its tutorial level doesn’t give players a lot of instruction, instead starting with a top-to-bottom view of ships flying over calm waters. One by one, the ships are brought down by a giant laser, and players find themselves surrounded by enemies. The perspective changes, this time forcing players to dodge obstacles as they navigate a cramped facility. The entire tutorial ends with a boss fight with a giant arm in the form of a spinning rotor. It’s an exhilarating start to an exciting game, and players who die in the tutorial are forced to start over from the beginning until they are successful.

7 Subtitle

Flowey the flower in Undertale

Subtitle is a 2D RPG known for its intuitive combat mechanics, well-written dialogue, and memorable bosses like Undyne. Her weird and wonderful creatures are introduced early on, with Flowey the flower quickly transforming from a helpful guide into a terrifying monster.

Fortunately, Toriel, who is actually a boss, comes to the player’s rescue. She takes pity on the helpless child and holds his hand through different rooms, teaches him to flip switches, explains how puzzles work, and even trains him in combat. It’s a weird sequence that makes the tutorial more engaging.

6 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Michael Biehn in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone expansion pack that parodies 80s movies and pop culture. He follows Sergeant Rex into a dystopian future where he must “catch the girl, kill the bad guys and save the world.” It’s no surprise that its introductory level is also a satirical representation of tutorials.

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Sergeant Rex is guided by an automated voice that seems to hate having to teach him what to do. It has hilarious lines like “Press A to demonstrate your reading ability” and “To look around, look around”. At the end, Sergeant Rex makes a sneaky remark about how much he hates tutorials, which is probably what most players felt about those classic ’80s gaming lessons that were always way too long.

5 Gate 2

Screenshot of portal 2

Gate 2 follows the story of Chell, who walked out of an “Extended Relaxation Center” after the events of the prequel. The platform-puzzle immediately begins with the tutorial, brilliantly masking it as part of a “mandatory physical and mental wellness exercise” for those coming out of suspended animation.

These “gymnastic exercises” are initiated by a buzzer which signals when to look up and down, teaching the player the basic movements. Players discover the adorable personality bot, Wheatley, who has a hilarious one-sided dialogue with the protagonist. When he says “Say apple!” Aaapomme! ”The player jumps instead, which is the game’s subtle way of completing the movement tutorial. The entire level sets the tone for the rest of the game, letting players know they are going to have fun in it. dilapidated facility.

4 Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Samurai Charge

Ghost of Tsushima allows the player to control the samurai, Jin Sakai, as he attempts to stop the Mongol invasion of Japan and find out who he is in the process. There is a ton of things to do in Tsushima, because it is a large and exciting open world. This is especially evident in the tutorial sequence, which is a massive battle against a Mongolian fleet.

The player is thrown into the center of the action as Jin hurtles down the hills with hundreds of samurai by his side. Players learn to navigate the terrain and possibly attack enemies before they can take down Jin. It’s an epic streak that immediately shows players that they’re about to start a great adventure.

3 Dead space 2

dead space 2

A deadly epidemic has just occurred on the Sprawl space station, and it’s up to Isaac Clarke and the other surviving humans to stop the deadly necromorphs. Dead space 2 begins at the height of the outbreak, with the protagonist wearing a straitjacket, leaving him with no choice but to run for his life as the necromorphs wreck the facility and murder people all around him.

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It’s a tutorial sequence that immerses players directly into the terrifying story. After running for what seems like an eternity, Isaac is finally freed from his straitjacket by a crew member. It details the last part of the tutorial, teaching the player how to use weapons, right before they kill themselves. Players know immediately what kind of horrors await them in this game where their companions would rather die than be caught by the necromorphs.

2 Dark souls

Dark Souls Asylum Demon

Set in the ruthless kingdom of Lordran, Dark souls is the second main entrance to the Souls series that solidified the key elements for which the franchise would ultimately be known. One of these essential elements is the difficulty of the bosses in the Dark souls games, one of which is immediately presented in the tutorial.

The tutorial starts off slowly with occasional prompts to teach the Undead protagonist how to attack, dash, and recover HP. It quickly escalates when a message that simply says “Go!” Appears and a huge asylum demon falls from above. Players who didn’t know better might have fought the overpowered demon for hours, but in this case the game actually wants players to run away using the nearby gate. It’s a brilliant introduction to the game’s combat system, with Dark souls remind players that fighting isn’t always the smartest move.

1 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed revolves around the story of Starkiller, a protagonist with a complicated story. The game begins with a sequence featuring the protagonist’s master, Darth Vader himself.

Darth Vader lands on a war-torn planet and immediately uses the Force to suffocate a commander. Players learn the basic moves as he walks through a field of dead Wookiees before reaching a wooden door. The game then asks players to use the Force before Darth Vader annihilates the Wookiees with his lightsaber. It’s a brilliant introduction that showcases the potential of the Force and the turmoil that marked the start of the Galactic Civil War.

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