10 worst video game reboots of all time

Although most fans greatly anticipate sound borders to be the next awesome installment in the franchise, the game could end up like the infamous sonic the hedgehog reboot from 2006. While the preview gameplay of sound borders looks quite slick there will remain some doubt due to memories of the glitch mess that is sonic ’06.

Still, those who think this game was the worst reboot ever clearly haven’t played. 3D bunny Where Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. The question is, what are the qualities (or lack thereof) that make these attempted franchise revivals the worst ever?



A 1992 sci-fi platformer for the Amiga, the original Backtrack was revered for its awesome level designs and addictive 2D arcade adventure gameplay. Since its glory days, it’s been ported to PC and a bunch of other consoles, but some of those ports were worse than others.

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When Backtrack came to Xbox 360 in 2013, old gamers looked forward to having as much fun as they experienced the game in better quality. Little did they know that the game they once loved received a lackluster reboot that was mostly only good for a quick nostalgic trip, due to poor controls and uneven gameplay. At the very least, the big story of Backtrack still stood the test of time.

Bionic Commando

One of the few platform games where the player could not jump and the first to implement a grappling hook, Bionic Commando, was released in 1987 as an arcade game. It was so beloved for its cool weaponry and cybernetic aesthetic that it got a home version for the NES a year later.

The 2009 reboot of Bionic Commando, however, was considered lackluster due to its unpredictable storyline and utterly laughable plot twist. Definitely not one of the best rebooted video games, especially since ammo was so hard to come by and some important objectives were unbeatable without it. As expected, the remake received mixed reviews from fans and led to lackluster sales.

Perfect Dark Zero

Perfect Dark Zero was one of the best Xbox 360 multiplayer experiences at launch in 2005 and the prequel to one of the hardest Nintendo 64 games to beat, so it was obvious that the first-person shooter wouldn’t be easy (in especially the Jungle Storm stage).

Since it’s been split into separate single-player and multiplayer modes, it’s almost like playing two different games, the worst of which is single player. In this mode, the storyline is ridiculously ugly, which could have been overlooked if the gameplay was solid. However, due to terrible AI and allies walking straight into gunfire while the player tries their best to protect them, it was considered a flop for old fans. Even the multiplayer missions were repetitive and extremely boring, as the enemies were in the exact same location every game.

sonic the hedgehog

Sega’s unofficial reboot of its classic 1991 platformer sonic the hedgehoga.k.a sonic ’06, encountered a host of issues that detracted from the enjoyment of its gameplay. As the most infamous Sonic game ever released, the game was plagued with the worst load rates in the franchise, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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The weak and slowly progressing plot, as well as the questionable relationship between Sonic and Princess Elise, struck many loyal fans as cringeworthy. Sonic 06The terrible camera, game-ruining glitches, comically unattractive NPCs, and unreliable controls are what earned it a spot on this list.

Frogger: he’s back

The Incredibly Addictive Frog is a big nostalgia trip for many gamers, so the excitement has predictably ramped up with the release of Frogger: he’s back20 years after the original game.

Unfortunately, the sequel was a huge flop, despite selling three million copies and having much better graphics. Frogger: he’s back was equipped with the most frustrating levels and even more aggravating controls, making the game a punch for loyal fans instead of a walk down memory lane as they expected.


A game that some say shouldn’t have made it to market, the 2008 reboot of Turokessentially removed all of the elements that made the original so beloved and distinct.

Unlike the real Turok, which allowed players to act as saviors to those in need while battling disgusting creatures through highly creative levels. The reboot portrayed Turok as someone who was meant to destroy dinosaurs and aliens from another planet. With weak level design, unattractive stealth mechanics, and weapons that simply didn’t match, the game ended up disappointing those who swore by the original.

Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

The 2003 action-adventure game for Playstation 2, Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, was a fall from grace of previous installments of the series for a multitude of reasons. For one, the transition from using D-pad to analog stick controls wasn’t very smooth and often felt stiff, especially when using stealth moves.

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The angel of darknessThe grid-based system couldn’t quite live up to the combat of other games in the genre on the console, as Lara’s clunky and slow move sets held her back entirely. It’s inexcusable considering she’s supposed to be a martial arts expert, but tasks like kicking and punching aren’t just slow as treacle, but boring to watch.

Alone in the dark

As the very first 3D survival horror game, Alone in the dark steer as one of the best 90s video games in its genre, where players explored and tried to escape the creepy mansion of Derceto. While confrontation with the supernatural and puzzle-solving were the strengths of the original game, the 2008 reboot fell completely flat.

Trying to be a shooter (although it’s best to kill enemies by setting them on fire), the game focused on combat but was far too glitchy to enjoy, and its repetitive controls made it even worse. Leaving the classic mansion behind for a town was already outrageous, but having to move around it uncontrollably made players want to roll off a cliff. Puzzle solving was simply not part of the game anymore, but was forced into it anyway, taking a lot of the fun out of its horror aspects.

space adventurers

Fans of the original space invaders still wondering why space adventurers even exists. Departing from ground-to-air shooting, the 2002 reboot featured third-person shooting with dumbfounding gameplay and unremarkable graphics.

Also, the terrible plot and unlikable main characters were things the game didn’t need. Going from such an iconic and addictive arcade masterpiece to the lifeless house space adventurers was heinous to say the least, breaking the hearts of longtime fans and treading on their nostalgia.

3D bunny

The first installment of Buby was loved for its hilarious but rather illogical plot of a bobcat protecting balls of yarn from aliens, as well as its comical death animations, but there was nothing funny about it. 3D bunny.

Thinking they were doing something revolutionary, the game’s designers shot themselves in the foot by using the Playstation’s high-resolution graphics mode, as it caused the maps to come out sparse and polygonal. Moving even further away from its original glory, the third-person platformer featured unimpressive gliding and shooting action with controls. Also, the soundtrack is horribly boring, unlike Bubsy: Dating Claws of the Third Kind.

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