1,000 public school students in training at Tawi Golf Course in Jammu

Pupils from Sunjwan Government High School and Chowadi Government High School underwent golf training at the Junior Golf Training Camp at Tawi Golf Course in Jammu. The students expressed their joy at participating in the Golf Training Camp.

The boys and girls were selected for training at the Tawi Golf Course initiative to introduce them to golf. According to Manav Gupta, Secretary of Tawi Golf Course in Jammu, they have a plan to train nearly 1000 public school students in Jammu and introduce them to golf and talented students will be supported by Tawi Golf Course so that they can play in National and International level.

The secretary explained the reason for this camp and explained that they want to introduce golf to children at a young age for a better future of the game in the country, as golf is mainly played by more mature people. He also informed reporters of the administration’s plan to train public school students in groups of 20 students over a 20-day period.

The students were also thrilled and said they had only seen golf on TV, but were very happy to learn the game and were now confident. They expressed that they believe they can play this game and represent their nation in international tournaments. The students also appreciated the coach who taught them the different aspects of the game.

The students said that golf is a very expensive game and they are very grateful to the administration for having had the opportunity to play this game and for receiving the support of the administration. (ANI)

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