13 best seniors in games

Think of a game where you control a character (so no Tetris or anything) – come on, any game! Now, chances are that whatever game you choose will have a young or, at most, middle-aged protagonist. You have Link, Mario, Samus, Cloud, Joker, Neku, Scott Pilgrim… We could go on, but you get the idea.

It’s a shame that senior characters (who we’ll loosely define here as someone who is of retirement age or older) aren’t more represented in the games; after all, Nintendo’s remarkable ability to make games suitable for all ages means that people like Audie (AKA the “Animal Crossing Grandma”) enjoy playing well into their 90s and beyond.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d compile some of our favorite aged characters from video games; we’ve got everything here from cute grannies to goth vampires, so tie in with the folks – old or not – and be sure to let us know your own favorite OAPs in games; we can just add your suggestion!

Grandma – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Image: Nintendo Life

Link’s grandmother is really adorable, isn’t she? Guardian of Link and his sister Aryll in Wind Waker, you might say she’s not Outset Island’s most vigilant guardian, but that doesn’t diminish her love for the two grandchildren.

It’s especially heartbreaking when you return to the island later in the game to find the poor woman is incapacitated by depression, cured only by the healing properties of a fairy. Once it’s up and running again, Grandma does what any beloved grandparent does when Link returns home: makes sure he’s well fed with delicious Elixir Soup. We love you, grandma!

Cranky Kong – DK

Cranky Kong - DK
Image: Nintendo Life

Embracing the oft-hackneyed stereotype of perpetually grumpy old people, Cranky Kong is exactly that – grumpy. He’s often obsessed with the glory days of the 8-bit era and frequently talks to Donkey Kong (albeit in a rather adorable way). Nevertheless, his multiple appearances throughout the donkey kong the franchise feels right rightand personally, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Just clear up a biteh CK?

Toadsworth – Super Mario Sunshine

Toadsworth - Super Mario Sunshine
Image: Nintendo Life

Having been locked up and then forced to clean up the island of Delfino for a crime he didn’t commit, Mario is in a bit of a pickle at the start of Super Mario Sunshine. So it’s a good thing that the lovable elderly steward Toadsworth is here not just to offer advice (okay, admittedly not very good advice) but simply give off a very soothing aura.

It’s no wonder the character has stuck around ever since, but after his absence from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Odyssey, we sincerely hope to see him make a return soon.

Professor E. Gadd – Luigi’s Mansion

Professor E. Gadd - Luigi's Mansion
Image: Nintendo Life

Professor E. Gadd is just plain hilarious, let’s be honest. His jibber-jabber way of talking had made him one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters since his debut in GameCube’s Luigi’s Mansion. A true genius, his inventions are both wacky and design-inspired, and he can always be counted on when a few ghosts and ghouls are wandering around.

Impa – Breath of the Wild

Impa - Breath of the Wild
Image: Nintendo

The former sage of Kakariko village is the mentor par excellence. Although she’s been present in the majority of Zelda titles, her appearance in Breath of the Wild is perhaps the most significant, if only for the excellent backstory provided in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

And let’s not forget, of course, that she wears an amazing hat, complete with ruddy pendulums hang out on the edge! If that doesn’t qualify her for this list, then we don’t know what will.

Tortimer – Animal Crossing

Tortimer - Animal Crossing
Image: Nintendo Life

Tortimer is just living the dream, isn’t he? Once the mayor of the town of Animal Crossing, he now prefers to spend his time having a nice vacation or just taking a nap. Which guy. Once considered an expert gardener, he even had an entire island named after him in New Leaf!

Don’t suggest that his shell might be fake… Hey hey horf!

All – Later Daters

All - Later Daters
Image: Bloom Digital Media

Why settle for just one good character when you can have a whole bunch? The cast of Later Daters is an endearing selection of senior citizens who reside at the Ye OLDE Retirement Community, and they’re a horny bunch too!

Everyone at Ye OLDE is up for adventure, old age be damned. It’s a good reminder that age is just a number and you’ll always be a young, quick-witted whipper – if you want to.

Dr. Light – Mega Man

Dr. Light - Mega Man
Image: Nintendo Life

The creator of Mega Man, you could say that Dr. Light is responsible for bringing such beautiful games to the world… Actually no, it’s Akira Kitamura. Dr. Light belongs to Mega Man real father and creator, and spends his time creating other inventions to help Mega Man defeat the evil Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters.

Without him, well… where would we be?

Dr. Wily – Mega Man

Dr. Wily - Mega Man
Image: Nintendo Life

Dr. Wily is Dr. Light’s yin yang. The Saruman to his Gandalf. The Man in Black at the Gunslinger. You simply cannot have one without the other. Dr. Wily cannot be considered “good” as such; he’s a real jerk, after all.

But without Wily, what the hell would Mega Man be spending his time on? Cutting fruit with its metal blade? How dull.

Mayor Lewis – Stardew Valley

Mayor Lewis - Stardew Valley
Image: Nintendo Life

Mayor Lewis is like the Tortimer of Stardew Valley, but without the big shell and the deep love for napping. He’s the first person you meet when you arrive at your new farm, and what a calming presence he is — look at that mustache! Wonderful.

He’s apparently never been married or had a family due to his deep commitment to his duties as mayor, and we think that’s incredibly noble. Hats off, sir.

Dracula – Castle Vanya

Dracula - Castle Vania
Image: Nintendo Life

Wait, Dracula isn’t old, is he? Well yes, it is a bit. Centuries, no less!

He is not exactly an OAP in the strictest sense; after all, the very concept of being a vampire achieves eternal youth, but we reckon that the fact that he’s been on this plain of existence for so long gives him permission to be on this list. Think of the life experience he has gained over his years!

Rab – Dragon Quest XI

Rab - Dragon Quest XI
Image: Nintendo Life

Okay, now we know Mayor Lewis has a nice mustache, but my God, look at that thing! Heavy!

Rab is a completely sweet if slightly mischievous guy with a certain eye for the ladies, but he’s also a decent guy to have by your side while you go on your adventures. Although his age sometimes gets the better of him, he is always willing to go the extra mile for his allies.

Geralt – The Witcher

Geralt - The Witcher
Image: Nintendo Life

Wait now, that’s silly; Geralt is not old! Well, again…he is. He would be between 90 and 100 years old during the events of The Witcher III – certainly old enough to claim a free bus pass. It’s obvious that wizards don’t age like regular humans, so he still has the “God Bod” of a young athlete, even though his general demeanor is more like that of the stereotypical retiree; a bit grumpy and spends his free time playing cards.

Still, we love Geralt, and we’re not so scared of Botchlings with him.

So this is it ! We’d love to expand this feature in the future, so if you have any character suggestions we may have missed, please let us know in the comments!

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