17 Best Free Competitive Games You Can Play on Nintendo Switch


Are you looking to eliminate that competitive itch? In this list, we take a look at some of the best free competitive games available on the Nintendo Switch. From battle royale games to revamped classics, there’s something for everyone.

#17 Roller Champions

A free Ubisoft Original title that swaps weapons for roller skates. Roller Champions pits teams of three against each other to take a ball, maintain a turn while keeping the ball, dodge opponents and then score. If you keep the ball for more rounds, your team will score more points. Customize your characters, gain fans and compete in the best arenas. Now is the time to show who is the champion.

#16 Royal Super Pet

Battle royale with cute animals? I’m in! Super Animal Royale is a 64-player 2D battle royale game where various (aggressive) animals will compete in a race to become number one. Search and collect the weapons of your choice and shoot your way to victory. Play solo or in a team of four, the choice is yours. Unlock hundreds of different animal breeds and customize them with thousands of cosmetic items, outfits and umbrellas! What is better? Computing is constantly updated to include bigger and better content.

#15 Paladins

A fantastic free game that already has more than 50 million players. Paladins is a fantasy team-based shooter similar to Overwatch. Choose the champion of your choice from a wide selection, all with their own attributes and special moves. This game does give you a bit more customization regarding your abilities though, with the option to choose your desired base abilities. On top of that, Paladins lets you choose your playstyle with the deck building system. Choose from dozens of cards to create your ideal champion.

#14 Monitoring 2

Surveillance was one of the most popular games of the last decade. When it came out, it set the world on fire (in a good way!) and created a whole new genre to play.

Fast forward to now, and Monitor 2 is here to improve on a lot of what the original game did. This includes refining gameplay, adding new things to do and obtain, and of course, adding new heroes.

Plus, the game is free! You can unlock everything over time, and you never have to pay unless you want to get a head start through the battle pass.

#13 Knockout City

Despite its name, Knockout City is not a boxing game or a punch-em-out game. No, this is a game that features epic dodgeball battles. Team up and battle rival crews in this intense yet mega fun team-based multiplayer game. Customize your character, form your own crew and conquer the world. Eliminate your opponents with cool shots and coordinated teamwork, dodge flying bullets and even become a bullet yourself. Yes, I said what I said. A variety of ball types, locations and game modes will keep you entertained for hours. Not to mention that each season comes with new cards, balls, rewards and events. So go ahead. If you can dodge a key, you can dodge a bullet.

#12 Super Bomberman R Online

Who remembers playing the classic Bomberman? Compete against 3 other friends to become the champion? Well, Super Bomberman R took that to the extreme with the classic Bomberman gameplay we know and love, supercharged to 64 player online. Customize your character with outfits and bomb skins and collect exciting bonuses to give you the edge. Nintendo Switch online subscribers will be able to download it for free. So go on, download one of the most addictive games.

#11 Pac-Man 99

Similarly to above, Pac-Man 99 is available for free as a special offer for Nintendo Switch Online members. Again, taking everything we love about the original Pac-Man games and turning it into a hectic battle royale game. Navigate the maze, avoid ghosts (or eat them) and stay alive, all while playing against 98 other players. Collect power-ups to knock down your opponents and become the champion. Not only that, but there’s a range of game modes to explore, including offline play, so there’s something for everyone. Sounds hectic, right? He is. But, it’s a ton of fun.

#10 Rogue Society

A third-person tactical action shooter that tasks you with defeating enemies in objective and action-based game modes. Explore exotic locations, take out the enemy team is thrilling shooting game and cause lots of explosions. Rogue Company offers 4v4 and 6v6 game modes such as King of the Hill, Strikeout and Demolition or see how you do in more competitive ranked modes. Each player has their own unique set of skills, weapons and gadgets, allowing you to choose your own style of play. Do you prefer to get closer to you? Get yourself a katana. Or maybe you prefer to hide in the dark with a sniper rifle? What’s best is that all Rogues can be unlocked for free, with no in-game purchases required. Just play the game.

#9 World of Tanks Blitz

The 3D tank shooter features a 7×7 format which can be enjoyed alone or with friends. With over 350 unique combat vehicles featuring elaborate 3D models and historically accurate vehicles, it will be a blast. Over 25 battle arenas are at your disposal with a well-developed progression system that allows you to research vehicles ranging from Tier 1 tanks to powerful Tier X machines. A series of in-game events await, allowing you to unlock rare vehicles and provide a different gaming experience. If you like your heavy vehicles, this one is for you.

#8 Ninjala

Ever wanted to be a ninja? Well, now is the perfect time. Up to 8 players compete in a battle royale style match to be the best of the best. The player who scores the most points throughout the match will be crowned the winner. Defeat opponents, collect items, destroy drones and more to score the points that will allow you to be the winner. Ninjala also features cooperative play in a 4v4 team battle where you have to work together to score higher than the enemy team. Of course, what would it be without some form of customization? Players can use a variety of costumes and accessories to create their own unique look for their character. Perfect!

#7 Punishment

The increasingly popular multiplayer online action battle arena game Smite is free on the Nintendo Switch! Choose from over 100 gods to play and unleash pain and suffering on your opponent. You name it, you can play it! Zeus, Thor, Monkey King – all playable. Featuring an auto-buy and auto-level mechanic, Smite makes it super easy to get in on the action. With different game modes and unlockables, what’s not to like about this MOBA that already has over 35 million players. Join the ranks!

#6 Brawl Room

Epic platform combat for up to 8 players online or locally. With free-for-all matches, more competitive ranked matches, and even private battles with friends, Brawlhalla is a blast. With over 50 legends to choose from and customizable options on each one, you’re bound to find the one you like. With themed events featuring famous Street Fighter characters as well as the fact that it’s cross-platform, there are plenty of reasons to play Brawlhalla.


Do we really need to describe Fortnite at this point? The game that exploded became a worldwide phenomenon. It’s also a key battle royale game available on just about every major platform. Players stumble across the map and scavenge resources, build structures, and attempt to take out the competition. Meanwhile, the map size continues to shrink, forcing each player to get a little closer to each other. So if this game has slipped your radar, download and try it today.

#4 Fall Guys

Fall Guys took the world by storm when it released on PlayStation 4 in 2020, heading straight to PlayStation Plus, and the world went wild. Offering a different type of battle royale experience that doesn’t include guns and murders, Fall Guys instead has players taking part in various mini-games to see who emerges victorious. Racing games, team games, and even memory games will be among the many you’ll need to master to win. Think Ninja Warrior mixed with Takeshi’s Castle. The game recently arrived on Nintendo Switch consoles with Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, a free-to-play version of the game. Will you walk out with the crown? Go find out!

#3 Apex Legends

For Fortnite lovers who want a more competitive style of play, there’s Apex Legends. Each character has a history and lore from the Titanfall universe with their own unique abilities. No matter how you play, there will be a legend for you. If you’d rather hang back and heal your teammates, there’s Lifeline with her helpful healing drone. If you’d rather rush into the fight and do as much damage as possible, there’s Wraith who can phase in to avoid any incoming damage. Unlike Fortnite there is no option to join a 4 man squad but instead they have 3 man and duos for battle royale or there is Arenas which is a type game mode round-based elimination. There are always new events with limited time game modes and obtainable skin cosmetics as well as customizations for your banner so you always look good when taking down enemy squads.

#2 Rocket League

A football game with a twist. Rocket League is an arcade-style football game where, instead of controlling people, you control cars. Yes, it’s true. Boost, jump, kick your way to the ball in order to knock it into the net. Unlock various items in their version of a battle pass with the Rocket Pass, test your skills in competitive tournaments, complete challenges or just have fun with friends. It’s a ton of fun, and it features cross-platform progression and play. It’s the best time to play, what are you waiting for? Shoot your shot!

#1 Tetris 99

Another Nintendo Switch Online offering, Tetris 99 pits 99 players against each other in an all-out Tetris frenzy. All 99 players play a game of Tetris at the same time. The goal? To survive longer than others. Dominate your opponents by clearing your own grid as quickly as possible, making more drops for other players. Many times events are held which also offer awesome prizes which is awesome! It’s stressful, but it’s the best way to play Tetris right now!

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