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I am a 3D artist/designer looking for a programmer to work with on a new game project that we will design and create together.

Here are some mockup scenes I modeled in Blender using a basic toon shader. It’s a sample of the basic visual style I chose to use, which allows me to quickly generate lots of environmental detail.

My name is Bill and I am a general 3D modeler, animator and game designer with around 12 years of experience in the field and have worked closely with several programmers developing 3D games in that time, gaining experience experienced many failures and successes in game design, development, and manufacturing.

I’m looking for an experienced programmer/coder who would be happy to work on a new 3D game project with me.

As for the attached mockup screenshots, the rough game concept here was a variant of zombie survival in a shadowy stylized environment like this. But instead of zombie-killing violence, it’s more of a stealth and avoidance game where you strategically use the environment to avoid swarms of zombies.

However, this is only the first idea I had and I’m ready to go in another direction. I prefer to let prototyping and playtesting guide game design.

I was also interested in doing some sort of quirky adventure RPG set in the modern city and suburbs. Something along the lines of a combination of Zelda and Earthbound. The idea of ​​the game could also be much more casual, like a pizza delivery simulator. I’m pretty open to different design ideas as long as it’s fun and accessible and you put your heart into it.

Currently I plan to work in Blender and Unity.

I’m looking for a programmer who would be interested in pursuing something like this in a partnership where we essentially have equal creative input. This would be considered a part-time work schedule, contributing when you can, at least until we manage to produce something high quality and fun and hopefully turn it into something that can be full time.

I live in the US and we would work remotely of course. Good communication would be important and I would like us to be determined and dedicated in our development and production process, keeping in mind that we each have many other responsibilities in life to fulfill.

If you are an experienced 3D game programmer/coder/software engineer and interested in this, please contact me at billsmith3d[at]gmail[dot]com and would love to hear your thoughts on this. In your post, please add a link to examples of any work that shows what kind of experience you have in game development.

Thanks for reading!

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