6 Video Game Franchises That Still Need An Anime Series

Whether Netflix intends to or not, the streaming giant seems to have cracked the code for making real video game adaptations. The answer seems to be animation, as shown by theirs like Castlevania and Esoteric proven that an anime series format can make the most of these IP addresses.

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In addition to the creative freedoms that animation allows, the tighter production scope could also be a beneficial factor since these projects don’t feel like cheap cash grabs. This potentially opens up a huge door for other video game franchises, and there are several excellent IPs that could arguably flourish in the animated television format from an artistic and storytelling standpoint.


Ring of Elden

Elden Ring promotional art featuring the Terni kneeling below the titular ring

The latest from FromSoftware souls-like an effort Ring of Elden has already established itself as one of the best modern fantasy RPGs. And while the case might be made for the likes of Demon’s Souls and dark souls to get anime adaptations, Ring of Elden is the most topical. The world of Lands Between is dense with FromSoftware’s brand of subtle storytelling, encouraging the player to uncover ongoing events and piece together their lore.

A creative team could make good use of the game’s inherent open-ended nature, with the ability to bring a more cinematic story set in the past – or the future – to the screen. Events like the Shattering War, Godfrey’s reign as the first Elden Lord, and many more could be explored. Given A song of ice and fire author George RR Martin’s dedication to the game, it wouldn’t be impossible to get such an adaptation on HBO Max.

transmitted by blood

Although another FromSoftware game, Sony’s PS4 exclusive transmitted by blood was surprisingly overlooked for how critically acclaimed it was. The argument is strong that the game works perfectly as a standalone story and doesn’t need a sequel, which makes an anime series a good middle ground and an excuse to dive back into the gothic horror world of Yharnam.

transmitted by blood is dripping in grotesque dark-fantasy style, and an animation studio like CastlevaniaAnimation studio Powerhouse would do well to choreograph the flashy action and inventive monster designs. Among others, transmitted by blood is lauded for its incredible bosses who would put on delightfully gruesome shows. HBO might be another good destination for this IP, and might even do well to adapt the story that’s already been made through the base game and old hunters DLCs.


Supergiant Games’ underworld was the acclaimed indie darling of 2020, as the game expertly blended the roguelike subgenre with gripping character-driven storytelling and world-building. Those two things don’t usually go together even in the best roguelike games, but the outstanding writing, character design, and voice acting proved it could be done.

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With the addictive and cathartic fast-paced combat and the creatures of the world inspired by Greek mythology, it’s easy to see how easily this could be turned into an animated spectacle. And in terms of character design, art direction, and talented actors, underworld has already half of the foundations laid. Zagreus and company are already building a cast of emotionally investing characters, and if Supergiant backed off on making a sequel game, an animated series could also be good middle ground to continue the story elsewhere.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

In terms of video game icons, Nintendo The Legend of Zelda the franchise is an industry titan. Each major game release for the series is an event in itself, and the sprawling high-fantasy world of Hyrule would make for a potentially stunning anime adaptation. As complex as Zelda lore maybe, there’s plenty to tap into.

If the right writing team were attached to a project like this, a serialized adventure could tell a fascinating globe-trotting adventure similar to the style of The Lord of the Rings to match the colorful and vibrant world the time hero travels through. And with the best way Legend of Zelda games take place across different timelines, this could allow for some creative freedom in telling a story without stepping on canonical toes. The visual style and the world presented in breath of the wild might be a good plan for that.

Solid metal gear

Official artwork of Solid Snake and Raiden for Metal Gear Solid 2

While there is already a live-action Solid metal gear film in development – starring Oscar Isaac in the lead role – the film suffered from development limbo. Just recently, Isaac said in a red carpet interview for his current Moon Knight series on Disney+ that they are still trying to get a concrete script for the movie, for IGN. And as enticing as an Oscar led by Isaac MSG movie seems, the argument could be made that it at least deserved to be a live-action series on HBO like The last of us bECOMES.

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For this reason, and due to the complexity of the plot and storyline, an anime series might still be warranted insofar as an adaptation of at least the first game could work as an exciting spy thriller. The tastes of Assassin’s Creed are receiving both anime and live-action adaptations on Netflix, so there’s nothing to talk about Solid metal gear could not receive the same treatment. The various official artwork for the series by Yoji Shinkawa might give an idea of ​​how an anime show might approach its character designs as well.


Metroid Dread

Fan favorite Samus Aran finally got the mainstream stardom she deserved with critical and commercial success last year Metroid Dread. It was one of the best Nintendo Switch games of 2021, showing that the Metroidvania subgenre he helped design can excel in the modern gaming scene.

The game’s ominous sci-fi locations, aliens, and clear inspirations from James Cameron’s revered Extraterrestrial the films would make for a thrilling anime adaptation with elements of horror and explosive action. A potential metroid Animated series could take great advantage of the setting, years of history, and Ripley-inspired beloved heroine to create an irresistibly claustrophobic sci-fi experience. The use of EMMIs from Fear and Ridely’s continued threat is practically written in a hypothetical story.

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