8 free mobile games similar to Wordle

Word games might be one of mankind’s oldest distractions. These days, trendy word games are on mobile devices, and they are the perfect entertainment when a person is sitting on the bus, taking a coffee break, or relaxing at home. It is a handy tool for learning and practicing languages, since virtually all mobile word games are available in multiple languages.

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There are so many types of mobile games that it’s hard to select the best ones, especially when it comes to a free game that doesn’t have annoying sounds or intrusive ads. Once in a while, a game like wordle comes out of the fray to make an impact on the gaming community, and there are always plenty of copycats to follow the trend. When it’s time to sit down with a good word game, whether it’s for fun, vocabulary study, or just some brain exercises, here are some of the best free options for your favorite mobile device.

8 classic bookworm

classic bookworm

A charming tile game that resembles vintage games like Scrabble, Book-worn classic is set to a background intended to look like a bookshelf from a worm’s perspective. Make words of any length by connecting at least three adjacent letters.

The longer the words, the better the score and the challenges increase as the levels advance. Get extra points by making the bonus word or making words with the green and gold tiles. However, once the burning tiles reach the lower level, the player loses and must retry the level.


seven Words of Wonders: Guru

Wonder Word Guru

It’s a mini crossword game with a twist, literally. Use the letter wheel to form the words that answer the clue, and the level of difficulty progresses with the levels. It’s a simple and fun idea, and that’s not all people love about this game.

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The title, words of wonder, is a word game that also refers to the themes that this game uses in the background. The wallpapers include scenic views and famous places to walk around and be entertained as you play, and ads don’t block them.

6 Wordly

logo wordly split image and promotional image

The notion of Wordly Is simple. Find as many words in the mixed tiles under the time limit. All words must have at least three letters and the letters must be adjacent to each other.

There are a few options players can use to customize their gaming experience. For example, remove the time limit to focus on finding all the words or choose a custom time limit to mimic a test or exam with similar challenges.

5 word friends


It has a childish vibe, with bright colors, large tiles, and adorable characters, but it’s a game for the whole family. word friends is a mix of several puzzle game styles, including anagrams, crosswords, and fill-ins.

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The other advantage of this game is, of course, the Chums themselves. These are the characters that players adopt as they progress, and there are customizable options for them. Dress them up in different hats and outfits to reflect your unique playstyle.

4 Fillings


In this case, the words have already been found. The player is given a list and a blank crossword to go with it, but it’s not a crossword puzzle. The trick is to find out where the words belong and in which spaces, and only one combination is possible.

There is a choice of difficulty levels, and in case the puzzles get too difficult, hints are available. The interesting twist to this game is that the shorter the words, the harder it is, as it makes their final position much harder to predict.

3 Motix

Wordix Split Image Stats Page and Instructions

A trendy version of Wordle with a clean and modern design, Motix also challenges the player to find certain five-letter words using a six-word “burner” as clues. It even uses the familiar green, yellow and gray colors if a word is right, wrong or close. Additional bells and whistles include a stats page where players can track their progress and other creative additions. The latest version includes an option to remove ads.

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2 Nerdle


Nerdle is very similar to wordle in that the game has the same mechanics and uses the same general model, but instead uses a purple, blue, and gray color scheme. The challenge is to match numbers instead of words. Not as Sudoku, for example, but in rows of real equations.

There are a few equations the player can experiment with to first determine the correct placement of certain numbers and symbols, as in Wordle. Use the handy sharing feature to network with friends not only to share the solution, but also to brag about.

1 Scrabble GO-Classic Word Game

Scrabble GO-Classic Word Game

It’s the same old classic from those cottage days, but now that it’s on mobile there are a few more interesting perks. The electronic dictionary is a handy feature, and players can take on an electronic opponent and play solo, or go online and challenge their friends.

Rush is the single player mode, where players have other challenges like Duel and Word Drop for more experienced players.

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