A Swedish company is working on video game archives

Swedish company Embracer Group is working on a video game archive to preserve culture and enable future research into video games. Embracer Group is a holding company that works in the publishing business, but is on a mission to keep as many games and consoles as possible.

In a statement on the Embracer Group website, CEO David Boström said of the project, “At Embracer Games Archive, we believe that games carry a legacy worth celebrating and safeguarding for the future. future. Our goal is clear: we want to archive and save as much of the video game industry as possible.”

For now, the project is still in its infancy. While the archive currently consists of around 50,000 games, consoles and accessories, there is currently no organized cataloging system in place.

Embracer Group has started sharing some of the interesting discoveries they’ve made, but the next steps are clear. The immediate next steps in 2022 will be to begin the process of organizing and cataloging their inventory. Their longer-term future ambitions are to “network and collaborate with initiatives, museums and institutions, to help researchers and journalists who have questions”, as well as “to exhibit parts of the archives locally and through satellite exhibitions in other locations”.

If you think you might have games or accessories in demand for the collection that you would be willing to sell, Embracer Group has designated Thomas Sunhede as the primary contact to contact for this at the email address [email protected] embrace. com. While there aren’t any specific items they’re looking for yet, this will definitely be something to watch out for in the future. Be sure to follow Embracer Group as they embark on this massive project.

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