All the free games you can download right now

Thanks to the Epic Games Store, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold, many free games are available for download in June 2021.

Each month brings a variety of free games across many platforms. Sometimes these “free” games actually require a subscription to services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Games with Gold, but other times they are available completely free with no strings attached.

The free games for June 2021 are a combination, with some requiring subscriptions and others offered as part of promotions, such as to celebrate Pride Month. The games range from high octane action titles to storytelling adventure games, so there should be plenty of variety for anyone downloading free games in June.

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For those hoping to maximize the number of free games they can claim for the month of June, here are all of the free games available right now.

Epic Games Store Free Game

among us multi-platform

Every Thursday, the Epic Games Store offers a new free game to all users of its platform. Unlike other “free” game promotions, games offered on the Epic Games Store are available without any conditions. No subscription service is required and anyone who claims the games can keep them forever.

This week’s free Epic Games Store game is a multiplayer social deduction game Among us. Among us exploded in popularity last year after streamers found out about it and started streaming it. Among us has become a global phenomenon, spawning all kinds of fan-made content and becoming popular enough to convince the developers to abandon their plans for a sequel, focusing on the original instead.

Among us has been available to play on PC and mobile devices for quite some time, but it’s only just made its way to other platforms. PC gamers who haven’t tried it yet Among us can now do it through the Epic Games Store without paying a dime, although anyone interested should act quickly. Among us will be phased out as the free-to-play Epic Games Store arrives on Thursday, June 3, when it will be replaced by another title.

The upcoming free-to-play Epic Games Store has yet to be officially announced, but leaks indicate it is Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Years Celebration. Whether or not that’s the case remains to be seen, but Epic Games Store users will find out sooner rather than later. In the meantime, they can pass the time by playing tricks on Among us.

Free Pride Month Game

June is Pride Month and to celebrate, fans can treat themselves to a free game. Dontnod Entertainment’s Tell me why is notable for being the first big budget game with a transgender main character, and it’s now available to claim and download completely free throughout the month of June. Anyone interested in playing Tell me why for free can do so by claiming the game through Steam on PC or on their Xbox consoles.

For those who don’t know Tell me why, it plays very similarly to other games from Dontnod Entertainment, like the Life is strange series. It’s essentially the modern take on the point-and-click adventure game genre, with players scouring the environment for clues on how to progress while making important dialogue choices that can have an impact. on relationships and the unfolding of history.

Free PS Plus games for June 2021

Star Wars: Squadrons promotional image

  • Operation: Tango
  • Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown

On the first Tuesday of every month, Sony updates the PlayStation Store, adding new games to the PlayStation Plus line of free games. Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, the free PS Plus games for a given month include one free PS5 game and two free PS4 games (also playable on PS5 thanks to the console’s backward compatibility with PS4). The free PS Plus games for June 2021 are no different, as subscribers can claim one new PS5 game and two new PS4 games for their collection.

For PS5 players, the June 2021 free PS Plus game is Operation: Tango. A unique cooperative puzzle game, Operation: Tango requires voice chat to function and can only be played in co-op, which is quite the departure from most other free PS Plus games. Star Wars: Squadrons, meanwhile, is generally well received Star wars game all about spaceship combat. And finally, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is a reissue of Virtua Fighter 5, reworked with improved performance, visuals and new content.

The free PS Plus games for June 2021 will be available to claim and download until Tuesday, July 6. At that time, the free PS Plus games for June 2021 will be phased out in favor of the free PS Plus games for July, which will mostly be revealed on Wednesday, June 30, assuming Sony sticks to its usual pattern.

Xbox Games with Free Gold Games for June 2021

Xbox With Gold Games June 2021

  • The King’s Bird (June 1 – June 30)
  • NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (June 1 – June 15)
  • Dungeons 3 (until June 15)

A new month means a new bundle of free Xbox games with Gold games for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users, and the free games for June 2021 are now available. First of all, one of the free Xbox games with Gold for May 2021 is still available for subscribers, with Dungeons 3 up for grabs until June 15. From June 1 to June 30, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can claim The king’s bird and from June 1 to 15, they can hang NeoGeo Battle Coliseum.

Later this month, a few more Games with Gold titles will be made free for subscribers. From June 16 to July 15, Shadows: awakening will be available for free download, while the fighting game Injustice: gods among us will be free from June 16 to 30.

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PS Plus games for June 2021

Explain free PS Plus games for June 2021

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