Amazon copyright hits YouTuber for reporting New World bug, in apparent attempt to distort review

Source: Amazon Game Studios

New World YouTuber Video Game DataBank reported on Sunday that Amazon Games slapped its channel with a permanent copyright strike on its video reporting a bug, attempting to distort the creator instead of fixing the problem.

According to the YouTuber, he found a bug where if you gain 3 full skill levels at the same time while crafting it won’t give you XP beyond that. As a result, this bug could cost players a large sum of money when trying to gain crafting levels. Video Game DataBank ended up creating and submitting a video of the bug to Amazon Games support to help them identify the issue, after which it reports that they have manually removed the copyright from its video, attempting to punish him for reporting the problem in their game.

“I contacted New World support because of the aptitude trading skills bug that costs players thousands, if not tens of thousands of coins,” the YouTuber explained in his video’s description of it. “Instead of helping me, they claimed the copyright to the video, gave me a copyright notice, and they could potentially go after my YouTube to get me deleted permanently. the platform.”

He continued, “Honestly, I’m afraid they’ll come after my entire YouTube channel and have my YouTube channel banned. Even though I follow the content creators’ use policy to the letter, this is useful information. to the community, a guide, all of these things that they say you can do with their content. But they say in the thing that they can revoke it at any time, for any reason. So all Youtubers you watch for New World … be aware that at any point Amazon might be saying “hey, we don’t like what you do. . . we’re not just going to take your videos down, we’re not going to send you a cease and desist, we’re not going to warn you, we’re just going to ban your YouTube, we’re just going to de-platform you because we can . “

On YouTube, if a creator receives three copyright notices, their channel is permanently deleted.

Amazon’s decision to try to deplatform this YouTuber follows their colossal failures over the past few months to make sure their game performs as expected. New World gamers discovered a bug in October that allowed servers to read player chat box entries, which led to all kinds of groundbreaking shenanigans and in-game security holes. New World also has experienced several exploits of gold duplication and as a result, gambling was forced to shut down its economy on several occasions. And based on reports from Video Game DataBank, it seems that rather than acknowledging and fixing the bugs reported to them, AGS would rather stick their heads in the sand and bully the creators who criticize them instead.

“All of these horror stories with Amazon Game support are 100% accurate, that’s my guess at this point,” Video Game Databank concluded. “People said they contacted Amazon Game support and the next day they got banned, and stuff like that I 100% believe now… I wasn’t sure before, but I absolutely believe the majority of those players now. Because it is my experience as well, that Amazon Games support does not have your best interests in mind in the majority of cases. “

The YouTuber also said that after being the subject of a permanent copyright strike for trying to serve New World developers, if there is a serious bug in the game to l future, he would not report for fear of reprisal.

“[New World players] are screwed up I’m not going to warn you, no I’m not going to warn you, “he exclaimed.” I have so much at stake, as much as I want to help you with these issues. . . it’s not worth helping you, because it’s not worth de-platforming. . . as far as I know, if there is a bug in the game, [Amazon Games] want you to experience it. “

Video Game DataBank expressed the financial importance of his YouTube channel to him in his video on Sunday, saying he relied on the earnings to afford the doctors he needed. He also reiterated his fear that they would come after him, saying, “If my YouTube goes missing … know it’s because Amazon Game sued me.”

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