Ambitious Super Mario Bros. 3 Mod Set to add a bunch of new content this month

NES ROM hacker Infidelity reveals his next mod for Super Mario Bros. 3, which includes new moves for Mario, additional playable characters, and more.

Nintendo enthusiast and ROM hacker, Infidelity has announced their next mod for Super Mario Bros. 3known only as Super Mario Bros. 3+. The mod aims to add a variety of new moves for Mario such as wall jumping and floor books, additional characters to play and much more. Super Mario Bros. 3.

Nintendo’s retro title was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 in Japan, reaching other gamers elsewhere in the world a few years later. As one of the very first Super Mario games in the franchise, the title has remained a fan favorite for retro gaming enthusiasts for over three decades now, with new life constantly being breathed into the game through community-created mods like this. On top of that, Nintendo Creator of Super Mario Games even allow players to build their own levels using the assets, graphics, and mechanics seen in the original Super Mario Bros. 3.


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The Infidelity Revelation Super Mario Bros. 3+ mod came in a trailer that was posted on the creator’s official Twitter account. This teaser reused the original trailer from 1990 to Super Mario Bros. 3, but edited to include a preview of some of the new features the mod will add. Although fans only got a brief glimpse, the trailer showcases the mod’s gameplay which shows Mario performing some of his more modern moves, such as wall jumps and ground slams. Additionally, players also get a glimpse of the gameplay as other characters from the Super Mario world, including Princess Peach and Toad, who will apparently be added as playable characters.

The mod creator has announced that the mod will be available for download on during the impending Thanksgiving holiday this year. While the trailer only gave a glimpse of the new features to be introduced with Infidelity’s seemingly ambitious mod, it seems to bring a bunch of new features to the game while paying homage to the original’s appealing retro style. Super Mario Title.

While the extent of the mod’s impact on typical gameplay remains to be seen, fans can at least expect an experience that allows them to revisit the classic. Super Mario title again. fans of the Super Mario the franchise has had few official games since Super Mario Odyssey which came out five years ago, so fan-made content like this does a good job of delivering fresh new content for players to enjoy.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is available on 3DS, NES, Switch, Wii and Wii U.

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