Among Us: How to Add 15 Players to Your Lobby

Among us – the popular mobile video game based on a thriller mystery – will be expanded to allow more players to play at once.

What’s the latest news from Among Us?

Inner laziness, the developers of Among Us, said this weekend at the E3 2021 Conference that the game will be updated to include 15-player lounges starting June 15.

New lobbies among us

In Among us, players gather in a hall and compete in a game of mystery. Normally, the game will bring together 10 players and two will be selected as impostors, tasked with killing the others on board.

  • Now, three impostors will be chosen from 15 players in a single lobby.

New colors among us

The company also announced that he will be adding new colors for his character skins, called beans. New colors include banana, beige, pink, coral, brown and gray.

Among us update

As I wrote for the Deseret News, Among Us became a very popular game during the coronavirus pandemic. The game has had over 500 million users across the world. This has led to a slow rollout of updates to developers.

  • “When a game gets unexpectedly popular it’s great, but it brings a whole host of other issues that we were extremely new to. ” the company said in a blog post. “That being said, we are extremely grateful for all the success we have found.”

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