An invincible game could be like Superman GTA

While there isn’t an Invincible game yet, there are plenty of directions any project could possibly take, including a GTA style.

an invincible game could be like superman gta

Thanks to the Amazon Prime TV series adapting the original comic book, Invincible is becoming very popular these days. While the series will apparently have some live action Invincible adaptation too, there’s a leap the franchise could take that seems like a no-brainer. The titular hero, as well as the other characters around him, seem to be a very safe bet for a possible leap into the world of video games.

The Amazon Prime version of Invincible introduced the character to a larger audience, which could be made up of people who may not have read the comic but still enjoyed the show. With all the superhero video games out there or on the way, a Invincible the game is expected to join those ranks, in part because it can have a very different take on the genre as a whole. Considering the gritty and violent world of Invincible, it seems tailor-made to fit the acclaimed open-world style of the infamous Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto series.

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Invincible could add realistic violence to superhero video game

the invincible guardians of the globe could make an interesting video game

One of the things that stands out in the comics and the animated series is that there’s a ton of violence in Invincible, and everything is useful. People, including super-people, die or are fatally injured on a regular basis. This is where a video game adaptation could really stand out from current titles like Marvel Avengers Where Marvel’s Spider-Man. While these games feature heroes defeating their enemies, it seems more likely that they are knocked out rather than actually killed, which suits their characters.

That is why Invincible might look a bit more like a superhero game combined with Grand Theft Auto. Invincible and his father are both the equivalent of the Superman of their particular world. They can fly, they’re super strong, and they’re almost unbeatable when taking on their enemies. Throwing extreme violence into a superhero game could make this potential title as popular as the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Despite the fact that it’s been a long time since Superman had his own game, he’s a very popular character in the video game world. Playing as a version of the character could be a real draw, and playing as a version of him, rather than the traditional hero himself, also offers the ability to do things different from what someone might otherwise do with it. the Kryptonian.

One downside for Superman is that he is held back by a well-known moral code. He’s someone who is known as a hero who refuses to kill (although more recent iterations have seen him kill some enemies). He’s also someone who is seen as totally unbeatable, and that’s one of the reasons why a Invincible video game could attract attention. Superman is very hard to beat, he’s incredibly strong and nearly impossible to kill, but he’s not invulnerable when exposed to a piece of his home planet.

The comics and the Amazon Prime series show that Invincible is a character who can and has been beaten. It also adds a level of violence which, once again, makes it a RGTstyle game. Realistic violence isn’t quite the right descriptor considering the game is said to be about superheroes and villains, but it would feel both better and more realistic than the superhero games currently on the market.

Invincible Season 1 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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