Apryze Joins NRG as Apex Legends Content Creator

One of Apex Legends‘leading content creators have a new home. NRG signed Anthony “Apryze” Andrade as a new member of the organization Summit content creator, he announced today.

This decision demonstrates NRG’s continued commitment to Summit. Apryze joins the organization alongside one of North America’s top competitive teams in the professional scene, as well as top content creators like aceu and LuluLuvely.

Apryze was also warmly welcomed into the NRG family by streamer and NRG IGL Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton, who gifted him with 100 subscribers as Aprize announced his new organization on his stream. Apryze clarified that he was only signed as a content creator, although he would be willing to replace the competitive team if they needed a player for any reason.

Former streamer Complexity is a staple of the Summit scene, both as a content creator and as a competitor. As he built a reputation as a ranked grinder, he opted to join iiTzTimmy and NiceWigg in late 2021 to form Team SHEEEEEEESH. The team qualified for the Apex Legends Global Series Pro League and performed quite well for a few weeks before Timmy and NiceWigg decided to stop competing in the Pro League due to prior commitments. The team returned for the Last Chance Qualifier in North America, where they finished 16th. Apryze also spent time replacing Charlotte Phoenix in the Pro League after team SHEEEEEEESH left the competition.

Now the streamer is joining one of North America’s biggest organizations in Summit. While TSM may still hold the most popular professional team in gaming as well as several top content creators, NRG has steadily increased its reach on the scene over the past couple of years. After the ALGS Championships in Raleigh, where NRG placed ninth, it looks like the organization will continue to pursue North American dominance in the game.

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