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Nominations Now Open for Top 50 Game Makers List 2021.

Each year,’s Top 50 Mobile Game Makers List is a guide to the people making a difference in the fastest growing sector of the global games industry. This year will be the 12th time that we will publish our ranking, the places being more contested than ever. We are therefore actively seeking your help and contribution.

We’re now looking back over the past few months and deciding which mobile game makers we think deserve the spotlight. While we have our eyes on several key companies already, this is such a dynamic and rapidly changing industry that there is always something new.

With so many developers and publishers in all regions, sorting the wheat from the chaff takes time, and we’re happy to receive suggestions – that’s why we’re asking you to name your business and give us some additional details to consider when we put the list together.

Registration and judging criteria can be found at the bottom of this article.

Applications are open until 5:00 p.m. UK time at July 30, 2021.


Every year, the team comes together to create our list of studios that we believe are the best in the world, taking into account criteria such as:

  • Financial performance over the past 12 months
  • Quality and quantity of new games released
  • Notable innovation or impact on the industry
  • The cultural impact made or the news generated
  • Future potential

More than numbers

The final placement in the Top 50 list is an editorial decision. While the success of the studios is a factor, the list is not calculated mathematically from sales or company value, but rather from studios that our writers and guest advisors believe have a particularly important story to tell.

Of course, it helps if a company has had a successful release in the past year or so, but the Top 50 is a guide to the studio industry that we think deserves special attention. This may be due to the number of discussions around a studio, its focus on innovation or disruption of the industry and / or its future potential.

When you consider the number of games released around the world in a year, inclusion on the final roster is a mark of respect for any company that does.

Who is eligible?’s Top 50 Mobile Game Makers list covers development studios of all sizes and publishers who bring these games to gamers. It is not for tool vendors, engine makers, ad networks, or other companies or middleware vendors. These are the people who create and publish games.

You can check out last year’s list here.

Submit your business now

Applications are open until 5:00 p.m. UK time at July 30, 2021.

Submit your business below and we’ll be sure to consider them. Then come back to in September 2021 to see if you’ve made the list.

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