Arkham, Zelda & More Reverse Engineering by Indie Game Dev

An industrious indie developer has recreated unique game mechanics from 30 titles, including Batman: Arkham, Zelda, Mario, and more.

In an effort to learn the process of developing a video game, an indie developer reverse-engineered various game mechanics from the Batman: Arkham series, The Legend of Zelda, and other notable titles. Many recreated mechanics are integral to the particular title they originally belonged to, and in some cases have even become industry standards.

Game development at any level is an arduous process that often takes at least a few years and sometimes even that may not be enough. COVID-19 concerns added to this already difficult process and contributed to many announced titles being delayed for various reasons. Although no exact cause was given, a recent victim was announced with the delay of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League pushing the title to 2023. These delays could signal a number of issues in the development process, especially when it comes to complex titles that use unique mechanics that, in some cases, have never been done before. .


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An impressive display from the Twitter user and indie developer André Cardoso shows how difficult and time-consuming the game development process can be. Over the past three years, Cardoso has recreated game mechanics from well-known titles in an effort to better learn the craft. To date, they’ve released 30 videos featuring the likes of The Legend of Zelda: a link between worlds‘ wall merge, super mario galaxythe launch of the star, Batman: Arkhamfree-flow combat, and more.

Cardoso’s unique form of self-education seems to encourage like-minded budding developers to share their experiences and ideas with the goal of creating a better product. There’s also a lot of positivity surrounding the Freelance Developer position, which might be an added incentive for others to try and learn in this way as well. One commenter even suggested merging all of the recreated mechanics into one game.

An interesting part of the Cardoso showcase is that it shows just how difficult the game development process can be. It took three years for this developer to recreate 30 existing mechanisms by himself with minimal visual resources. This puts into perspective how long it takes for some of these massive titles to see the light of day, especially when they are extremely ambitious. When it doesn’t work, the results can be disastrous and force developers to play catch-up like with Cyberpunk 2077. On the other hand, the creation of homogeneous and mechanically sonic experiences produces titles like the Batman: Arkham series.

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Source: André Cardoso/Twitter

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