Arshdeep hones yorkers skills and looks better than Umran at nets

Umran Malik had an extended spell in India’s first training session, but it was his colleague Arshdeep Singh who looked much more impressive at net, which included honing his skills as a yorker.

However, both juniors might have to wait their turn with Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Harshal Patel, Avesh Khan ahead in the field.

If the push is felt, Arshdeep seems a better bet than Umran.

The Indian team’s evening session under Rahul Dravid and Paras Mhambrey was as intense as it gets.

While Umran, the nation’s toast for his fast pace, played as fast as he could, Rishabh Pant left no opportunity to crush him with equal ferocity.

The faster he unleashed his lightning bolts, the fiercer Pant’s intent with the willow was.

Young Arshdeep first played a short spell and then had a session under bowling coach Mhambrey, when he was seen practicing blockhole deliveries.

Mhambrey kept a baseball mitt (gloves) on the front crease, exactly on the center stump line for the yorker on the center stump and an energy drink bottle around the tramline for the wide yorker.

Arshdeep was supposed to hit both “props” as part of the match simulation.

“Theek hai? (agreed),” he would ask Mhambrey who would tell him to focus more on the line than on the length.

So who was the better bowler of the two? Arshdeep certainly seemed to possess multi-dimensional skills compared to the speedster Jammu.

Another aspect indicating that the Punjab player might be slightly ahead of Umran is training time.

Normally fast bowlers in extreme conditions don’t push hard in practices and just try to bowl enough to get up to speed.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who will lead the field, played for just 15 minutes.

Likewise, Harshal Patel, who is also a certainty, rested that day with two sure first XI candidates, Yuzvendra Chahal and Hardik Pandya.

Before the game, those who play the net the most are those who are likely to be benched.

DK form round scoop Dinesh Karthik might not be a certainty for the opener with Pant being KL Rahul’s assistant, but his short net session was entertaining.

At 36, Karthik knows what he needs to practice, so he asked throwing experts Nuwan, Daya and Raghu to provide him with deliveries that allow him to play scoop turn and reverse scoop on a short fine and a short third defender.

According to the DDCA gardeners, there will be dew after 8 p.m. but like other times, the team did not train with wet balls.

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