Batman goes global in a new anthology of international creators

The hardcover Batman: The World anthology features stories of the Caped Crusader from the perspectives of creators from 14 different countries.

In addition to the creative team from around the world, the anthology will also be located in North America, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Mexico, in Brazil, China, Korea and Japan. . A list of international publishers and distribution partners has also been released and includes Urban Comics of France, ECC Ediciones of Spain, Panini of Italy, Brazil, and Germany, CREW of the Czech Republic, Azbooka-Atticus of Russia, Egmont Polska of Poland, JBC from Turkey, Editorial Televisa from Mexico and Central America, Sigongsa from Korea, Starfish Media from China and Shopro from Japan. Batman: The World is just one of the many events surrounding the Caped Crusader, but it seems to be one of his most significant events.

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DC Comics announced the event and posted a full list of the creative team on their website. Details of a single story featured in the anthology were mentioned in the “Global City” press release. The story is written by Brian Azzarello with illustrations by Lee Bermejo, the same team that worked on groundbreaking Batman-related events such as Batman: damned, Joker, and Batman / Deathstroke. It sets up the anthology style of the story by showcasing events from Batman’s past and present explored in the stories of the rest of the international creative team. Each localization in the comic will have a different cover of a story’s international creative team, which you can see below.

Batman The World Cover

Batman The World Turkey

Batman The World Spain

Batman The World Russia

Batman The World Poland

Batman The World Mexico

Batman The World Korea

Batman The World Italy

Batman The World Germany

Batman Le Monde France

Batman The World Czech Republic

Batman The World Brazil

The complete creative team for Batman: The World unveiled features writer Mathieu Gabella and Thierry Martin from France, writer and artist Paco Roca from Spain, writer Alessandro Bilotta and artist Nicola Mari from Italy, writer Benjamin von Eckartsberg and artist Thomas von Kummant from Germany, writer Stepan Kopriva and artist Michal Suchánek from the Czech Republic, and writer Tomasz Kolodziejczak and artists Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson from Poland. The writer Ertan Ergil and the artist Ethem Onur Bilgiç represent Turkey, the creative team for Mexico is the writer Alberto Chimal and the artist Rulo Valdés, the Brazilian team is the writer Carlos Estefan and the artist Pedro Mauro, and writer Inpyo Jeon and artists Jae-kwang Park and Kim Jung Gi represent Korea. The latest set of creations includes writers Xu Xiaodong and Lu Xiaotong with artists Qiu Kun and Yi Nan for China, writers Kirill Kutuzov and Egor Prutov with artist Natalia Zaidova for Russia and finally, writer and artist Okadaya Yuichi for Japan. This global event appropriately takes place around Batman Day, which is known to be a global event in itself.

Batman may have visited other countries before, but it really is a unique turn of events that these adventures are written and drawn by a creative team based in that country. It will add an air of authenticity to these international stories and present an opportunity to show how Batman, as DC publisher and creative director Jim Lee puts it, “Is a phenomenon that transcends languages ​​and borders”. Batman: The World releases on September 14, 2021, right before Batman Day, which takes place on September 18 of this year.

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Source: DC Comics

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