Best assassins in video games

Assassins make great characters in video games. While gamers won’t want to be the target of it in real life, being put in their place in the fictional world of video games can be a great joy, whether it’s donning a black suit and tie or to attach the hidden blade gauntlets.

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Video games have included assassins from around the world and across the galaxy. Among the countless assassins that have graced video games, there are a few characters that stand out from the crowd. here are the best assassins in the game.


ten Nina Williams, Tekken

Nina is a rather popular character in the tekken universe. appearing in every tekken title, this character was even the subject of his own game in 2005, titled Death by degrees. Nina has been a gaming icon on the fighting scene for many years.

Nina is a cold-blooded killer from the Republic of Ireland. Its role is different for everyone tekken game, but she is still a favorite of many fans. Nina is definitely a character no one would want to meet in real life, even if they’re a fan of her fighting style and victory animations.

9 Zer0, Borderlands

As of today, not much is known about Zer0, the assassin class playable character from Borderlands 2. Despite appearing in the sequel, Borderlands 3, and even the spin-off series Telltale, the mystery of Zer0 makes him a fascinating character for fans. The character speaks in haikus and hides his face and body in a costume.

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Everything we know about BorderlandsThe Zer0 character is his genius and dedication to target hunting. Whether his enemy is a simple bandit or a politician, no one will stand in the way of Zer0, and anyone who does most likely has a death wish. His skills are legendary and one of the many reasons he became a Vault Hunter.

8 The Dragonborn, Skyrim

In the long run of Bethesda Ancient Scrolls franchise, there are whispers of a secret organization of highly trained assassins. This same group is called through the Black Sacrament ritual. Those who receive a letter with a hand painted black know that their fate will be changed forever.

On the fifth old scrolls Title, Skyrim, players can join The Dark Brotherhood and become a ruthless assassin, who takes on many deadly contracts. The Dragonborn as an assassin is a pretty fierce job. The act that makes this killer so legendary is the assassination of the Emperor, Titus Mede II.

seven Travis Touchdown, more heroes

As the protagonist of the beloved more heroes series, Travis Touchdown certainly fills his boots as an American assassin. Most gamers relate to this protagonist due to his immature, punk personality and his love for anything collectible, like manga and video games.

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Travis’ job is mostly to be an assassin, and a pretty good one at that. After all, the only thing scarier than being hunted by a hitman is being an assassin being hunted by a bigger assassin. This is where Travis comes in and brings his obnoxious charm with him.

6 Thane Krios, Mass Effect

Thane Krios is a Drell and assassin who is said to be one of the most skilled, if not the most skilled, in the entire galaxy of Mass Effect franchise. Appearing in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Thane more than proves himself with a mix of stealth, melee combat, and an abundance of guns.

What makes Thane so big and intimidating is his preference for the kill. Most assassins prefer the silent approach. To keep a long distance and eliminate their target with a sniper. Then there’s Thane Krios, who would much rather be up close and personal.

As Solid Snake’s comrade in arms, Gray Fox made his first appearance in metal gear then evolved into a new era with the PlayStation release of Solid metal gear. His character has a special history with the protagonist Solid Snake, and according to the genius of Hideo Kojima, there are many philosophical differences and boundaries between the two.

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Gray Fox received the FOXHOUND unit’s highest honor, receiving the code name “Fox”. This title alone makes you fear being at the end of your sword. If that’s not enough, his deadly cool exoskeleton would do.

4 HK-47, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

There have been many bounty hunters and killers in the star wars franchise, but none quite captured the hearts and laughter of gamers more than HK-47. Introduced in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicthis assassin droid from the Hunter-Killer series needed no new terrain to explore with the Force and was built by Darth Revan.

HK-47 is known for his intimidating skills and displays of violence, as well as his dry wit and hatred for all organic life forms. He is proud of hismain function for burning holes in meat bagswhich makes him all the more likeable as an assassin.

3 Agent 47, hitman

The titular character of Hitman franchise, Agent 47 has been a threat to many targets, political and otherwise, for many years now. 47 is a professional hitman and the former chief agent of the International Contracts Agency. 47 had been genetically engineered for the sole purpose of being one of the world’s leading and greatest assassins.

If the players of Hitman franchise were to see a bald man with a barcode on the back of his head, it’s safe to say they’d have to walk the other way hoping they weren’t wearing a good uniform to dress up. What makes 47 so appealing is that he can blend in anywhere and use his surroundings to kill his targets in satisfying and innocent ways.

2 Corvo Attano, dishonored

In the series Dishonored, Corvo was once the royal protector of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. During her assassination, Corvo’s failure to save her haunts her days in Coldridge Prison. That’s until a mysterious note and key are left behind and his cell, and he can escape after being framed for the crime he didn’t commit.

Corvo then helps the Loyalists assassinate the Empire that destroyed his life. Armed with a terrifying mask, the powers of the mysterious Outsider, and sheer willpower, nothing will stop Corvo from rescuing his daughter Emily Kaldwin and bringing justice to Dunwall, whether through sneak attacks or a frontal assault.

1 Ezio Auditore, Assassin’s Creed

Often considered one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, Ezio Auditore takes his rightful place as one of the most masterful assassins of all time. With a game called Assassin’s Creed, it would be rather foolish not to feature an assassin as an iconic character in this long-running franchise. Ezio Auditore da Firenze is that very character.

As a Florentine nobleman, Ezio’s story has been told through his trilogy of games. Each with an exciting story, filled with unique assassinations of Templars and adversaries, and with the help of historically accurate friends like Leonardo da Vinci. Ezio was a brash and rude teenager, who became one of the wisest and most respected members of the Assassin order.

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