Best Free Games on Steam July 2021 Edition | ‘Red Embrace: Mezzanine’, ‘Destined to Die’, and more

(Photo: Screenshot from Steam website) Best free games on Steam June 2021 edition | ‘Red Embrace: Mezzanine’, ‘Destined to Die’, and more

The best free games on Steam 2021 June edition are getting a few new bonuses as more and more names are added to the roster.

Of course, there are games that deserve the price they pay, but sometimes it’s always nice to have a free game every now and then.

Here are the free games on Steam July 2021 edition:

Inactive desert

The post apocalyptic recovery, leveling and survival game is one of the most retro games you would enjoy on a portable device.

It brings back the good old days of GameBoy Advanced as players move from zone to zone.

For those who love looting, well, this game makes sure nothing is wasted. Players will be able to use resources for sui upgrades, item upgrades, and other power-ups.

Of course, players will have to fight monsters to survive.

Snow painters

The game is not only for the big players, they are also for the children.

This arcade racing game lets players change the colors of the cutest animals of all time: penguins! Players can come together in games and race with up to four players.

In order to keep things interesting, players can choose to change colors whenever they want.

It’s a great game for kids with three separate penguins to choose from.

Destined to die

It’s not about how long you live, but rather how to get the most out of life.

This game can be quite dark so for those with depression this might not be a good game to play as this game might contain references to dark topics.

Players can choose their actions and start learning to live.

The question is, how can you live your life well? Or at least how long can they actually live?


Psychological horrors are making a comeback, and “Reminiscence” is one of the games that just came out, bringing an interesting twist to the game.

Basically, players can explore the horror of a 1950s American home.

Switch between the modern era and the golden age of back-to-back horror to uncover the truth behind confusing memories. This new indie game is free and just released on July 12, 2021.

For those who really love horror games, here is a comprehensive list of other horror games to play.

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Red Embrace: Mezzanine

The adventurous game takes players through a whole new story that they can immerse themselves in.

For fans of mysterious anime, the game takes players on a roller coaster, having to answer certain questions, make certain decisions, and have fun along the way.

The game has a unique dark and vampiric twist where players have about two choices as to when the game ends. The gameplay is quite short though, as it only lasts about 30-45 minutes.

The soundtrack is also a huge bonus in its own way.

Check out these games on Steam and download them for free.

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