Best Video Game Beast Masters

It’s an impressive feat to not only overcome the terrors of nature, but to conquer and use nature as an ally. Truly, nothing can be greater than being one with our furry beastly friends, especially if they have the acid spit of a Skag, the robotic claws of a Brillhawk, or the mighty claws of a bear. .

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Many characters have become one with nature, and the animals have been tamed voluntarily, or not so much. Beastmasters are video game characters who use creatures to fight other creatures or other humans, and video games have no shortage of this type of character.

ten The Tarnished – Elden Ring

The Ternished is the player-created protagonist of Ring of Elden. These characters are individual beings who lost the Grace of the Erdtree and were banished from the Lands Between by Queen Marika the Eternal. With the Elden Ring broken, the Ternis were invited back.

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What makes the Tarnished a great beastmaster is the ability to play the game however the player wants. Players can receive the Spirit Calling Bell, which allows them to summon an ally from the world to aid them against dangerous enemies. These allies can be found all over the map and include many beasts and creatures, such as bears and jellyfish.

9 Takkar – Far Cry Primal

As the protagonist of Far Cry Primal, Takkar was a hunter from the Wenja tribe, dating as far back as 10,000 BCE. Takkar became the last survivor of his hunting party and soon discovered that to survive Oros he needed to hone his beastbending abilities, defeat those who threatened his existence, and lead his tribe to victory.

Takkar is a great character, with many skills and abilities to boast of. His Beastmaster skills grow over time, with the player’s help of course. This makes Takkar a great Far cry protagonist and a grand master of beasts. Controlling saber-toothed tigers has never been so cool.

8 The Looper – Fortnite

Wildlife in Fortnite lately abounded with wild boars and wolves. In Chapter 2, Season 6, these animals could be tamed as long as they were bribed with fresh fruits, vegetables, or meat. As of Chapter 3, Season 3, players can now jump on the backs of their bestial friends and make them allies in war and a loyal steed to ride with in battle.

Fortnite is no stranger to bizarre concepts. Part of what keeps the game so fresh is its ability to evolve and change formats each season. Being able to tame animals is just the latest and greatest of what Fortnite has to offer. Who doesn’t want to see Batman riding a wolf?

seven Rexxar – The Warcraft Series

Considered the Champion of the Horde, Rexxar is a half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster of Clan Mok’Nathal. He is an imposing and muscular warrior with two large axes. His skill and ferocity make him a character players wouldn’t want to mess with. It’s always nice to see this character paired with his faithful and faithful companion, the bear called Misha.

What makes Rexxar a great beastmaster is not just his ability to tame the most dangerous beasts like bears, but the fact that he is such a cunning and capable warrior without them. Rexxar has a long history in the Warcraftfranchise.

6 Karroch – Dota 2

All of Karroch’s character in Dota 2 revolves around his abilities as a beast master. Karroch can summon beasts to aid him in his hunt and learned this ability from an early age in the royal menagerie of Slom. Karroch has an impressive list of beasts to use in battle.

From poison spitting boar to scout falcon. These talented beasts are great allies of Karroch and his skills in Dot 2. Not only can Karroch rely on his beastmaster skills, but he can also use his wild axes in battle, as well as his piercing primal roar.

5 Yuna – Final Fantasy 10

Yuna is a playable protagonist introduced in Final Fantasy X and the central protagonist of Final Fantasy X-2. This character follows his father’s abilities and becomes a summoner. Part of her summoner abilities involves summoning Aeon.

Aeon is the summoned beast in the Final Fantasy series. Aeons can be obtained through the story and by completing the Cloisters of Trials in the Temples of Spira. These Aeons can be directly controlled once summoned, making them an effective Beastmaster since Yuna can control their every move.

4 Captain Olimar – Pikmin

Perhaps the least terrifying Beastmaster entry, Captain Olimar is certainly no joke. Olimar is the protagonist of the pikmine series and hails from the planet Hocotate. While on a mission for his employers, Hocotate Freight, Olimar discovers PNF-404 and an abundance of weird and colorful Pikmin.

Olimar discovered that Red Pikmin could spawn more Pikmin with his help. Olimar used the Pikmin to help him repair his ship, and along the way discovered that the Pikmin loyally followed him. Whether to transport parts of his ship or to help him in battle. They may not be scary beasts, but that doesn’t preclude their usefulness.

3 FL4K – Borderlands 3

With the last entry in the main line of the Borderlands series, Borderlands 3 introduced players to FL4K, whose specialty class was as a Beastmaster. FL4K was a robot who gained self-awareness and a desire to kill. What made FL4K this way is one of Borderlands’ lots of mystery, but some of the charm, just like Tiny Tina’s explosive personality.

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However, what FL4K has, besides great sense and a desire to kill, is fellowship and understanding with animals. FL4K always has a pet on hand and can command it to do whatever it wants. FL4K is a fun character that can have a Jabber, Spiderant, Skag, or ION Loader.

2 Aloy – Horizon: Zero Dawn

As the protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the new release Horizon: West forbidden, Aloy spent her childhood in exile, without anyone being allowed to speak to her. This was due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth and his strange connection to the metallic beasts that roam the dangerous lands of the year 3000.

Aloy can replace these machines, allowing the player to tame robotic creatures. These creatures imitate organic animals, such as horses, birds, and bulls. Some can be ridden and all can be used to aid Aloy in battle. He’s a great character in an even bigger offline PlayStation game.

1 pokemon trainer

Since 1996, Pokemon has been a staple in gaming, trading cards, and anime. Pokemon video games have a great lifecycle and are constantly introducing new mechanics and innovative Pokemon to the different regions. It all started with Pokemon Red and Bluetwo titles featuring Charizard or Blastoise.

As a Pokemon Trainer, the player must catch all of them. Them, referring to all Pokémon in the game, so they can complete their Pokedex and satisfy their quest for research, knowledge, and the overflowing world of Pokémon, which is filled with friends and mysterious Legendary Pokémon along the way . As a trainer, the player can use their Pokémon to fight other Pokémon in friendly battles.

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