Bigo Live is a game-changer for the creator economy

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The live streaming industry has become a major component of e-commerce today. Most e-commerce platforms are turning to shoppertainment to meet the needs of their customers who prefer to look at products before making a purchase decision.

But for live streaming platforms, demand from the e-commerce industry is only part of the opportunity. Today, these platforms have led to a creator economy where presenters can broadcast live and promote a product independently. One platform that advocates this is BIGO Technology.

BIGO Technology’s live streaming platform, Bigo Live, is widely regarded as a game-changer in the social media industry.

Unlike other video platforms like TikTok and YouTube, Bigo Live works differently. The platform has gathered more than 400 million users in 150 countries around the world since its inception. Having been ranked 7and in Apptopia’s ’10 Most Downloaded Social Media Apps’ of 2020 and maintaining its position as one of the best social apps – ranked 5and in the first half of 2021, according to App Annie, Bigo Live remains one of the market leaders in the live streaming space.

To better understand BIGO and how it differentiates itself from other platforms and enables the creator economy, Asia technical thread spoke to Mike Ong, Vice President of BIGO Technology.

How does BIGO differ from other live streaming platforms available in the industry today?

bigo live

Mike Ong, Vice President of BIGO Technology.

Our mission is to create a reliable and secure social live streaming platform for everyone, regardless of level, experience or expertise. We empower our users to find their own voice and, more importantly, showcase their talents and content to a global audience.

In our efforts to provide our users with an engaging and immersive live streaming experience, we have gradually explored and pushed our new innovations. For example, we recently introduced and launched “Virtual Live”, a new interactive feature that allows users to create personalized virtual 3D avatars to represent themselves and communicate with others.

The “Virtual Live” feature is developed using a blend of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to capture realistic facial expressions and mimic user movements as they stream live in real time. The innovation of the interactive features of Bigo Live allows us to improve the social connection between our users, to reinvent the live broadcasting experience and to offer endless possibilities for virtual interactions.

Our unique strength also lies in building a deeply localized social ecosystem with our local broadcasters in each region where we operate. Another key differentiator is that we help local broadcasters connect to the world and elevate them on the global stage. We empower our streamers and content creators by lowering the barriers of entry to hosting live streaming sessions to encourage a flow of high-quality content.

The creator economy is booming thanks to livestreaming. How does BIGO enable users to get the most out of it?

Bigo Live, as a creator-focused platform, has policies and creator incentive programs to encourage and reward creators and streamers who produce quality content and add value to our virtual community.

As we enter a new era of social media with the rise of live streaming, we have noticed a shift towards authentic experiences as users begin to move towards a payment model for content creators instead of content produced by professionals.

This makes Bigo Live a catalyst for the organic development of an ecosystem centered around the creator economy that is based on a genuine sense of connection where users can be invested in the platform’s main broadcasters and vice versa. It’s also part of Bigo Live’s ongoing efforts to foster a sense of giving back to creators and setting the bar for the creator economy.

In this aspect, we believe that the live streaming industry will continue to be a place where talented individuals and content creators can grow and flourish, and we remain committed to driving the growth of the economy of creators for years to come.

There have been some concerns about the content released on live streaming platforms. How does BIGO ensure that content on its platform is safe and does not raise privacy concerns?

bigo liveBigo Live has a zero tolerance policy against any illegal or inappropriate activity on the platform. We are fully committed to providing an inclusive platform for our users around the world, where they can exercise their freedom of expression and show off their talents freely.

To continue to meet our content guidelines, we will continue to rely on AI-based technology solutions. Bigo Live has its own proprietary AI-based online content management system (CMS) that allows automatic review and management of user-generated content. This technology allows the platform to filter inappropriate and illegal content so that we can intervene and take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

Bigo Live also has a team of moderators working around the clock, bolstering our AI technology. We are usually able to capture negative and illegal content within minutes and will administer a ban to the user depending on the severity of the sanction.

Besides our automated AI-enabled CMS, we also have our local content management teams, in 15 regions around the world, with a 99% success rate in keeping illegal content off our platform. In addition to responding to reports from our users, they also scour the platform to remove inappropriate content that goes against our content and community guidelines.

Most importantly, we follow local regulatory rules to ensure compliance with local laws and legal systems to ensure that there are no illegal activities on the platform. We work with local governments and law enforcement agencies to ensure a safe and trusted environment for our users.

In part two of our interview, Ong shares BIGO’s plans for 2022 and beyond as well as his vision for the metaverse.

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