Butch Hartman, creator of Fairly OddParents, draws Sephiroth from FF7

Butch Hartman, the creator of beloved Nickelodeon properties such as The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom, shares the original artwork of Sephiroth.

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Final fantasy 7 presents one of the most iconic villains in video game history. Sephiroth, the game’s main antagonist, is emblematic of the engaging gameplay and intricate storytelling that defines Final fantasy 7, gaining popularity since the title’s release in 1997. Famous animator Butch Hartman recently caught Sephiroth, garnering appreciation from fans of the JRPG series.

Hartman is best known for producing popular series on Nickelodeon, such as Danny Phantom and My sponsors are magic. On occasion, the creator will use social media to post character artwork from other well-known properties. Now Sephiroth is getting this treatment, with Hartman sharing a video of himself drawing the famous villain.


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Sephiroth looks delightfully cartoonish in Hartman’s style, with a mischievous smile and a sideways gaze. His sharp, angular facial features are still very much present, a stark contrast to the round designs of Hartman’s trademark figures. Note in particular the character’s hair, which is always larger than life; the huge bangs framing her face are part of her signature, which Hartman was careful to emulate. He wears his standard attire in Hartman’s artwork, with his shoulder pads and leather suspenders also critical aspects of his appearance.

While Hartman’s play paints Sephiroth in a less intimidating light, the play is no less impressive. Her singular wing is intact, which Hartman designed to be a bit softer than her original iteration. Dark shadows covering each corner highlight its antagonistic nature, giving off a sinister feel.

Much of the video Hartman shared is an introduction to his completed piece, showing the painstaking process of creating lineart and adding small details, as well as tracing the work with ink. This makes the final reveal of Sephiroth in its entirety much more satisfying, clearly translating the work required to create even cartoon-like pieces like Hartman’s.

While Hartman’s cartoonish art style may seem to clash with Final fantasy More realistic designs, the piece occupies a happy medium between the two. In this re-imagining, it’s hard to imagine Sephiroth as being as evil as his original incarnation, but it still communicates his role as a villain. More importantly, it is unmistakably Sephiroth; no matter how drastic the change in artistic direction is, it’s equally recognizable to the fans, who left nothing but rave reviews in the comments section of the video. Works like Hartman’s leave room for other artists to recreate Final fantasy characters in new ways that are sure to win over those who love the series.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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