Call of Duty Warzone “Dev error 5573”: here’s how to fix it

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The original story (published May 04) follows:

Call of Duty Warzone has been surrounded by a series of bugs and glitches lately, making it totally duff gameplay.

From recalling old Battle Passes to not being able to play the game on Battlenet, Call of Duty has ruined the Warzone for gamers.

Things don’t end there as there appears to be an even more annoying bug in the game.

Warzone players are confused by the “Dev error 5573” error which kicks them out of the lobby. Even if the game launches, the bug reappears after a while to kick players out.

My game crashes as soon as I enter the main warzone screen. I can’t change the load for myself, so I think I’m screwed. Activision nerfed all cw guns by crashing the game if you use them. Pog

encountering fatal development error 5573 on pc and xbox yes ive profiles not installed and reinstalled and erased, need help !!!

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The game crashes for players on all platforms and is now completely unplayable with the fatal error.

While Call of Duty has yet to officially fix the issue, there are plenty of workarounds other than the official game troubleshooting steps it can just make it work again.

Basic troubleshooting steps

The first troubleshooting step that comes to your mind is restarting the system. But in case that doesn’t fix the problem, installing any pending system updates and checking the internet connection speed is always a good idea.

Rebuilding the Playstation database

If you’re playing Warzone on Playstation, you might want to consider rebuilding the Playstation database, and here’s how you can do it.

1) Shut down the PS4 completely.
2) Once it is closed, hold the power button on the PS4 until you hear two beeps.
3) Release the power button after the second beep. There is an interval of 7 seconds between the two beeps.
4) Connect your controller to the console and press the PlayStation button.
5) It will enter safe mode, now choose option 5 (Rebuild Database) from the menu.

Restarting the Shader installation

If the above steps do not get the game to work, trying the following steps should increase the odds.

1) Go to the Game Settings menu and find the Graphics tab
2) Find the option “Restart the installation of the shader” and restart it
3) Close the game and before joining multiplayer or joining the game, switch to a different operator and skin

Reduction of graphics settings

Graphics can sometimes play a role in an error message. Therefore, trying to run the game at lower graphics settings might resolve the issue.

Unequipped Season 1 watches

Some affected users claim that they fixed the issue by simply unequipping the won Cosmetic Watch from Modern Warfare Season 1 from the loadout.

Play on another Activision account

This is the ultimate solution but will have its own consequences of losing game progress so far.

Reinstalling the game is another recommendation, but it would require setting everything up again, but it’s worth a try.

As the game developers take note and start working on a fix, these are the only things that can make the game work in the meantime.

We’ll continue to track the issue and post here as the story unfolds, so keep an eye out here.

Update 1 (May 08)

The 5573 error was finally officially recognized and is under consideration. Here is what the description said:

Various issues cause the game to crash, including, but not limited to, the new CARV.2 weapon.

Update 2 (May 10)

As users continue to complain, support for Play Station is suggesting the person concerned to try the basic troubleshooting step to play the game in Safe mode.

On the other hand, here is an observation from the user regarding the problem that makes sense:

Update 3 (May 11)

A new set of workarounds can be tried which suggests updating the GPU drivers and the game first.

In case that doesn’t fix the issue, try removing the game folder from My Documents and try playing the game to see if it fixes the error code.

While the company is taking its time to solve it, you can follow the precautionary measures to avoid running into this problem.

It has been observed that the issue arises when interacting with Cold War elements like the CW Operator skin, animated business cards, claymore, etc. So it is suggested to stay away from the elements to avoid any accidents.

Update 4 (May 15)

It appears that Warzone players have started to experience developer errors frequently after installing new updates or fixes. Go here to see more details and vote in our poll on the same topic.

Update 5 (May 17)

As complaints continue to populate on social media, Raven Software has yet to resolve the issue, as the status of the issue still reflects investigate.

Update 6 (May 20)

A new update with lots of bugfixes is now available, but unfortunately it does not fix Developer Error bug 5573 highlighted in this article. Players will likely have to wait longer.

Update 7 (May 24)

Incoming is another shared user Workaround it can help:

1, log in to warzone with a different account. (I used my son’s account) 2, once at the warzone main menu (where you can choose BR or loot) on a second controller, press the button to add a player (on the xbox button “A”, Playstation button “X”, IDK for PC) and select the account that gets developer error 5573.

3, you should now be able to load your account in the warzone menu. Otherwise, repeat or call a friend.

4, change your “favorite loadout / display” to one that only has all Modern Warfare

5, Once you have made these changes, try to log back in with the broken account.

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