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The following contains spoilers from chuckySeason 2 finale.

On this crazy little show called chuckywe’ve seen the killer doll dish out electrocutions, beheadings, explosions and a myriad of stabbings… but we still weren’t ready for that disgusting, gory outing in Wednesday’s crazy finale!

As we learned at the top of the episode, Chucky swapped bodies with Dr. Mixter seconds before the doll was shot in the face by Andy. Since the doc had a brand new doll hidden in a safe, another switcheroo meant that Charles Lee Ray was back inside another Good Guy doll, and ready for revenge on Lexy, Jake, and Devon. Unfortunately for Lexy’s mother, Michelle, she encountered the pointy end of the maniac doll’s new chainsaw and was literally split in two.

When Tiffany came to pick up the Belle doll from Caroline, she was on her former lover’s BS. With the gun now in Lexy’s possession, Tiff let the girl go after him, effectively ending Chucky’s reign of terror for good.

Ha! Barely.

Lexy hacked the doll’s face as revenge for her mother’s murder, but when Tiffany fled the scene, she discovered that Belle was just another Chucky doll in drag (!), and the monstrous Charles lived again.

Needless to say we had a lot questions for designer Don Mancini after this delightful gut-filled season. Below, he talks to TVLine about blasting Devon Sawa, how exactly you cut a character in half, the always-playing Jennifer Tilly, what’s in store for GG (fka Glen/Glenda) and much more.

TVLINE | Poor Devon Sawa can’t take a break from this series! If there is a season 3 do you have any ideas how to bring it back just to keep killing it?
DON MANCINI | We never know! Stay tuned. That’s all I can say officially, but we love it. He’s a great actor and a great guy. I certainly like working with him even though Chucky apparently hates him if you follow their feud on Twitter. Will he continue to be the Jessica Lange of our franchise? I love bringing actors back into different roles and I’ve done that with other actors. As a writer, I like to write things to specific actors. It’s a lot of fun, so fingers crossed.

TVLINE | There have been so many amazing kills this season, including Lexy’s mom in that finale. Do you have a favorite death scene from Season 2?
I think it would be that one and Devon Sawa exploding, à la, Brian De Palma the fury. Nadine’s was the most shocking, and in a way the simplest. We knew it was going to have a big effect on the fanbase, especially since the culprit was Good Chucky there. So that in itself was fun to plan and execute, but when I was a kid I was a huge Brian De Palma fan. I loved the fury – I still to like the fury – and I have already paid homage to it in child’s play 2. We blasted Chucky the exact same way and showed different angles. It was fun doing that with Devon Sawa, and I think it went really well. And also, Barbara Woods, who plays Michelle, her chainsaw… it was pretty brutal!

TVLINE | What happens in the filming of a death like that of Father Bryce or Michelle? How many people does it take on set to create such complex scenes?
It’s very complicated and it affects several departments. In the case of these murders, these two actors had to make full casts of them. So, for that, we rely on this guy named François Dagenais, who does these effects for us from Toronto. He had also worked on Hannibal and String zero. He is brilliant. Then there’s the component of: What are you doing to those bodies? Whether you’re blowing them up or slicing them in half, we bring in our special effects specialist, Jeff Skochko, and he’s amazing. He was involved in both murders. There are [also] some visual effects.

Sometimes the work is devolved to certain units. Devon Sawa’s explosion, I actually have to direct this. It was just a coincidence, the way the schedules worked on both seasons. Towards the end, we have a second simultaneous unit that I lead, so I have to lead the Devon Sawa dummy detonation. It was literally the last thing we did in the whole show. It was around 4:30 a.m. on our last night. We need a town!

The most important thing, or as important as everything else: the actor himself has to make it work and really sell it, and I think both have done that. All actors do. It’s always such a weird thing to ask an actor to go, “Give me a good death.” For some people it’s fun and easy, and for others it’s hard and sometimes puts them in a weird state of mind. It may be harder than it looks.

Chucky season 2 finaleTVLINE | Following the shooting and Glen’s coma, Glen and Glenda’s souls were put back inside the Glen doll [voiced by Billy Boyd]. Does Lachlan Watson [who plays Glen/Glenda] really gone for good, and now that the new GG has left for England, what can you say about his future in the series?
I like Lachlan. I loved working with them and would like to work with them more in the future. I also like working with Billy Boyd. It was great to have him back for this scene as GG. The characters/now the character of Glen, Glen/Glenda and now GG are very important to me. I wanted to set up a situation at the end of the season where we could think, “Oh, there’s more to say here in this ongoing family saga.” If we get a season 3, I hope to dig deeper into this story.

TVLINE | Tiffany and Chucky have had quite the relationship over the years. In the finale, she lets Lexy chop him into pieces. Do they love each other more or do they just want them to die at this point? And how fun is it to play with that dynamic?
It’s great to play with that dynamic. I think like in any passionate relationship, there are ups and downs. I think so, there is a part of them that still loves each other. Tiffany, even in Season 1 for a while, she’s been doing her bidding a bit. I think she’s the most vulnerable in this relationship, because she’s the one who usually took all the shit, and so it was interesting to put her on the offensive against him. It’s great fun to play with that dynamic and evolve it in different ways, and use it as a metaphor for any romantic relationship that has its ups and downs. But with them, there is collateral damage… a lot collateral damage!

Chucky season 2 finaleTVLINE | Watching Jennifer Tilly on this show is an absolute delight. Seems like she’s always ready to poke fun at herself, including that “What would Jennifer do?” final line. When you and the writers are working, do you stop and think, “Is this too far? Should we check with Jen? or is she still totally gone?
She is generally ready for anything and often pushes me to go even further. When I was writing Seed of Chucky, we originally planned to make the character of Jennifer Tilly much more problematic, much less traditionally likable on the first draft. But the studio kind of said, “That’s the main role, we have to make her a little more likable.” But she’s pretty much ready for anything. On Seed of Chucky, something she objected to, there’s a moment when Jennifer vomits into her purse – which is a manifestation of her morning sickness, although she doesn’t know it yet – and she was reluctant to do so. do, as I understand. An actor wants to maintain her glamor quotient or whatever, but in the end she let me convince her. I just had to assure him it wasn’t going to be messy. She has just vomited very discreetly and like a lady in her purse. I think what really sold her was that we had a purse with her face on it, so even Jennifer knew, “OK, that’s kind of funny.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | I would be remiss if I didn’t ask about Kyle and Andy. They both survived near-fatal encounters with Chucky yet again, but they didn’t show up in the finale. At the end of 207, it seems they believe Chucky is finally done for. Is it possible that they… leave at sunset and live the rest of their lives in blissful ignorance?
What would you like as a fan? Do you want them back or do you want them up at sunset?

Chucky season 2 finaleTVLINE | It’s tricky because if they come back, they could potentially be killed, and I don’t know if I want that! But you do such a good job of balancing the storylines between classic characters and newbies. How hard is it to do that when you have decades of legacy to contend with?
It’s hard, but that’s also part of the fun. This is what TV media is. It’s juggling various characters and relationships, and lighting some fuses early on to burn and blow later in the season. As a storyteller, I really enjoy doing that, so that’s part of what you’re talking about. It’s tough, but it’s our job, and I have a terrific team of writers and fellow directors to help me pull it off.

TVLINE | Considering everything she’s been through, I loved the ending with Nica seeking revenge on Tiffany. What can you tease about Nica’s future journey?
She declared war on Tiffany. Since she’s a good sportswoman, she says, “OK, I’ll give you a head start because I love your child. They helped me get out of your prison, but I’m still going to torture you and kill you. I always intended to put Nica in the wringer for a while so she could come out on the other side a bigger and more surprising badass than ever. And I like the idea of ​​doing that with a disabled character, and setting it up that way. And his disability isn’t going to stop him for an inch or a moment.

‘Quordle’ today: See every ‘Quordle’ answer and advice for November 20 Mon, 21 Nov 2022 04:05:55 +0000

Sunday Quordes are, all things considered, the most relaxing Quordes of all. For most of us, Sunday is the time when we are furthest from the work week, and Sunday comes with a rich tradition of lounging at home, slowly reading the newspaper and doing riddles. An extra hard puzzle can be an added bonus, but it can also add frustration to an otherwise enjoyable day.

Whether Quordle is a little too difficult today, you’ve come to the right place for hints. There are not just clues here, but the whole Quordle the solution. Scroll to the bottom of this page, and there it is. But are you sure you need all four answers? Maybe you just need a strategy guide. Either way, scroll down and you’ll get what you need.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a five-letter word game similar to wordle, except that each guess applies letters to four words at the same time. You get nine guesses instead of six for correctly guessing all four words. Looks like playing four wordle games at the same time, and that’s basically what it is. But it’s not as intimidating as it sounds.

East Quordle more difficult than Wordle?

Yes, but not diabolically.

Where does Quordle comes from?

In the middle of the wordle boom of late 2021 and early 2022, when everyone was learning to love free, in-browser, once-a-day guessing games, creator Freddie Meyer says he was inspired by one of first big wordle variants, Dordle — the one where you essentially play two Words immediately. He took things up a notch and released Quordle on January 30. Meyer’s creation was covered in The Guardian six days later, and now, according to Meyer, it attracts millions of daily users. Today, Meyer earns a modest income from Patreon, where dedicated Quordle fans can donate to keep their favorite puzzle game running.

How is Quordle pronounced?

“Kwordle.” It should rhyme with “Wordle” and certainly shouldn’t be pronounced exactly like “quail”.

East Quordle strategy different from wordle?

Yes and no.

Your starting strategy should be the same as with wordle. In fact, if you have a favorite wordle opening word, there’s no reason to change that here. We suggest something vowel-rich, with common letters like C, R, and N. But you do.

After your first guess, however, you’ll notice things spiraling out of control if you play Quordle exactly like wordle.

What should I do in Quordle that I don’t do in wordle?

solve a wordle The puzzle can be boiled down to a series of single letter change variations. If you narrowed it down to “-IGHT”, you can guess “MIGHT” “NIGHT” “LIGHT” and “SIGHT” and one of them will probably be the answer – although this is also a famous way to end up losing wordle, especially if you play in “hard mode”. In Quordlehowever, this type of single-letter winnowing is a death trap, and it hints at the important strategic difference between wordle and Quordle: In Quordleyou can’t afford to waste guesses unless you eliminate as many letters as possible at all times.

Guessing a completely random word you already know isn’t the answer, just to eliminate three or four possible letters you haven’t tried yet is considered a desperate and irreversible move. wordle. In Quordlehowever, it is a normal part of the player’s set of strategic tools.

Is there a way to get the answer faster?

In my experience Quordle can be a slow game, sometimes dragging longer than it takes to play wordle four times. But a kind of brutal guesswork approach can speed things up. The following strategy also works with wordle if you just want the solution, and don’t care about having as few guesses as possible:

Try starting with a series of words that put all the vowels (including Y) on the board, along with other common letters. We had luck with the three words: “NOTES”, “ACRID” and “LUMPY”. YouTuber DougMansLand suggests four words: “CANOE”, “SKIRT”, “PLUMB” and “FUDGY”.

Most of the alphabet is now eliminated and you will only have the chance to make one or two wrong guesses if you use this strategy. But in most cases, you’ll have all the information you need to guess the remaining words without any mistakes.

If the strategy doesn’t help and you’re still confused, here are some tips:

Are there double or triple letters in the today Quordle words?

Two words have letters appearing twice.

Are there any rare letters used today Quordle like Q or Z?


what today Quordle the words start with ?

W, F, C and B.

What are the answers for today Quordle?

Are you sure you want to know?

There is still time to turn back.

OK, you asked for it. The answers are:

  1. SHOUT

  2. CELLO

  3. DEVIL

  4. BULKY

Ludwig Reveals Surprising Pick for Content Creator of the Year Fri, 18 Nov 2022 18:42:29 +0000

Published: 2022-11-18T18:36:26

Updated: 2022-11-18T18:36:34

Ludwig has revealed his pick for The Game Awards Content Creator of the Year, and it’s not what you think it would be.

On November 14, The Game Awards revealed the list of nominees for the coveted video game industry awards show.

Among the categories is the “Content Creator of the Year” award, with Karl Jacobs, Ludwig, QTCinderella, Nibellion and Nobru potentially bringing it home this year.

On the latest episode of The Yard podcast, Ludwig revealed who he wants to win for, and it’s not his girlfriend QTCinderella.

Ludwig reveals his pick for Content Creator of the Year

During the episode, Ludwig and his co-hosts were talking about recent nominations, as well as who they think should win.

The article continues after the announcement

“Well, let me tell you about the fifth person I want to win Nibellion,” he revealed. “He was a Twitter gaming reporter who only posted things on Twitter.”

(Topic starts at 1:14:09 in the video)

As Ludwig and QTCindrella have been a couple for a few years now, many in the community assumed they would vote for each other – but it seems that wasn’t the case for this event.

QT hasn’t announced who they’re voting for yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know if they do before the December 8 event.

The article continues after the announcement

Nibellion, which had amassed nearly half a million Twitter followers, announced it was leaving the platform for good just days after Elon Musk took over as owner and CEO.

Ambitious Super Mario Bros. 3 Mod Set to add a bunch of new content this month Mon, 14 Nov 2022 19:22:00 +0000

NES ROM hacker Infidelity reveals his next mod for Super Mario Bros. 3, which includes new moves for Mario, additional playable characters, and more.

Nintendo enthusiast and ROM hacker, Infidelity has announced their next mod for Super Mario Bros. 3known only as Super Mario Bros. 3+. The mod aims to add a variety of new moves for Mario such as wall jumping and floor books, additional characters to play and much more. Super Mario Bros. 3.

Nintendo’s retro title was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 in Japan, reaching other gamers elsewhere in the world a few years later. As one of the very first Super Mario games in the franchise, the title has remained a fan favorite for retro gaming enthusiasts for over three decades now, with new life constantly being breathed into the game through community-created mods like this. On top of that, Nintendo Creator of Super Mario Games even allow players to build their own levels using the assets, graphics, and mechanics seen in the original Super Mario Bros. 3.


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The Infidelity Revelation Super Mario Bros. 3+ mod came in a trailer that was posted on the creator’s official Twitter account. This teaser reused the original trailer from 1990 to Super Mario Bros. 3, but edited to include a preview of some of the new features the mod will add. Although fans only got a brief glimpse, the trailer showcases the mod’s gameplay which shows Mario performing some of his more modern moves, such as wall jumps and ground slams. Additionally, players also get a glimpse of the gameplay as other characters from the Super Mario world, including Princess Peach and Toad, who will apparently be added as playable characters.

The mod creator has announced that the mod will be available for download on during the impending Thanksgiving holiday this year. While the trailer only gave a glimpse of the new features to be introduced with Infidelity’s seemingly ambitious mod, it seems to bring a bunch of new features to the game while paying homage to the original’s appealing retro style. Super Mario Title.

While the extent of the mod’s impact on typical gameplay remains to be seen, fans can at least expect an experience that allows them to revisit the classic. Super Mario title again. fans of the Super Mario the franchise has had few official games since Super Mario Odyssey which came out five years ago, so fan-made content like this does a good job of delivering fresh new content for players to enjoy.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is available on 3DS, NES, Switch, Wii and Wii U.

MORE: 8 Nintendo Games That Defined Genres

Funside – An educational yet incredibly entertaining website offering a variety of fun and exciting puzzle content to keep viewers engaged Sat, 12 Nov 2022 07:23:40 +0000

The website offers entertaining Trivia Puzzle content that entertains and engages the viewers.

An informative and entertaining website Funside offers a variety of puzzle content to put an end to regular boring word search games for puzzle lovers. The website is one of a kind, with a mix of creative, fun and unique questions to keep players engaged throughout. The website has designed quizzes and questions to help people exercise the frontal cortex of the brain and improve their cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Puzzles are twisted and cryptic to motivate people to think outside the box while deciphering words and learning to keep their minds engaged and open. The quiz questions are mainly based on the collections of entertainment, challenges, thinking questions and word search. It starts with the player trying to find the missing words to complete the trivial questions in the puzzles, using the clues and filling them in the correct position in the question while directing them to the correct answer.

“Try this hybrid trivia mix – word search, the first of its kind, specially created by Have you ever imagined what a mix of question and answer and word search puzzles produces? I can tell you that it produced a hugely entertaining and educational puzzle,” says the creator of the puzzle game.

The clues are based on the first and last letters of the words hidden in the given grids to help players find them in straight, unbroken lines: forward, back, up, down, and diagonally. Some words may overlap and intersect, and each player should circle the word they think is the most basic.

The next task is to answer the twisted and educational trivial questions. The website also offers a list of answers to all puzzle games and questions to make it easier for players to check their answers.

The game creator adds“As a puzzle lover who also enjoys answering trivial questions, I’ve found a creative way to mix trivia questions from my collections of fun, challenging, and challenging questions and word search. I’m happy to have succeeded in creating the first trivia word search puzzle with multiple levels of fun”,

To play and download the puzzle game, click on the website.

Media Contact
Company Name: fun side
Contact person: Michael Chuku
E-mail: Send an email
Country: Nigeria

Indie gems ‘Rogue Legacy 2’ and ‘A Little to the Left’ are coming to Nintendo Switch today Wed, 09 Nov 2022 18:42:47 +0000

It’s a great day to be a Switch fan. If you missed Nintendo’s latest Indie World Showcase, the company announced on Wednesday that Rogue Legacy 2 and A little to the left would be available for download later today. Both indies were released earlier this year to critical acclaim and well worth your time if you like little experiments. The first is the 2013 sequel The Legacy of Thieves and improves on its predecessor in almost every way, with a new art style and tighter gameplay. Meanwhile, A little to the left is a comfortable and relaxing game for those who like to tidy up.

As for the weeks and months ahead, a handful of other notable indie games are heading to the platform. Early next month, the roguelike deck builder Inccryption arrived. It was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2021. If a card game steeped in horror elements sounds appealing to you, I’d try stepping into Inccryption know as little as possible. December will also see the release of sports history. The follow-up of the golf history was first announced in 2020 and was supposed to come to Nintendo Switch the same year. To say fans of the original have been patiently waiting ever since would be an understatement.

In 2023, Switch owners can also expect Desta: the memories betweenthe next game of Monument Valley the Ustwo creator arrives. Nintendo has shared a new look at the turn-based dodgeball game. Between these games and a handful of others, Nintendo Switch fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

Warner Bros. Discovery wants more Harry Potter content from JK Rowling Fri, 04 Nov 2022 10:23:01 +0000

Warner Bros. Discovery is ready to work alongside Harry Potter creator JK Rowling to develop future projects.

Per Variety, speaking on the company’s third-quarter earnings call, CEO David Zaslav noted that the studio was looking to further embrace its most lucrative franchises, saying it would be open to revisiting the series. beloved fantasy if its controversial creator was also involved. “Batman, Superman, Aquaman, if we can do anything with JK on Harry Potter go forward, the Lord of the Ringswhat do we do with it game of thronessaid Zaslav. As of this writing, it is currently unknown how Warner Bros. Discovery plans to revitalize the Wizarding World franchise as no future plans have been confirmed.

Related: Fantastic Beasts’ Mads Mikkelsen Thinks Johnny Depp Could Return As Grindelwald

While live-action adaptations of the beloved Harry Potter books may have come to an end, the franchise continued with the fantastic beasts spin-off, which ultimately serves as a prequel to the main series. Despite some success with the first two films, the last film, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, was considered a disappointment due to poor reviews, missed box office targets, and a number of controversies surrounding the franchise. These include the participation of Ezra Miller, who faced a series of legal issues throughout 2022 and the continued criticism of Rowling’s stance on the transgender community.

The Rowling Controversy

In recent years, Rowling’s anti-trans sentiments have caused public outcry, prompting many people affiliated with her or Harry Potter to distance themselves. These include actors such as Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson and video game developer Avalanche Studio who released a statement promising Rowling was not involved in the development of the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy.

Related: Eddie Redmayne Stole A Major Newt Scamander Prop From Fantastic Beasts

As for the future of fantastic beasts series, it is currently unknown if the adventures of Newt Scamander will continue. The spin-off was originally planned to span five separate films, but given the issues with Dumbledore’s secrets and recent redesigns from Warner Bros. Discovery, many suspect the third film will serve as a conclusion. Eddie Redmayne, who played lead character Newt Scamander, isn’t sure if future projects will be greenlit. “I don’t know,” Redmayne said when asked if a fourth movie was in development. “It’s more a question for JK Rowling and [director] David Yates and Warners, but I don’t know, I’m afraid. I can’t add anything to that. I love playing Newt, he’s a nice man.

The Harry Potter and fantastic beasts the movies are now streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Variety

]]> Epic Games investigates contractor accused of using access for profit Tue, 01 Nov 2022 11:21:01 +0000

An Epic Games contractor has been accused of using system resources for financial gain.

The allegations include selling Fortnite weapon codes on the black market and improving the discoverability of maps created by his friends in the battle royale.

News of these alleged actions was brought to Epic’s attention. on Twitter by fan-run channel FN News. The account pointed out that Epic had already taken down several videos regarding the situation.

A video shared with detailed more allegations, including the claim that the contractor manipulated Fortnite content creator payments.

He also reportedly used developer permissions to promote friend maps in Fortnite player discoverability and on social media.

Epic Games replied on Twitter that it was is currently reviewing the issue.

“We have blocked this contractor’s access to Epic’s systems while we actively investigate these allegations,” the publisher said. “The video has been removed due to the inclusion of sensitive personal information about the Fortnite community creators.”

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10 Video Game Characters You Didn’t Know Were Inspired By Real People Sat, 29 Oct 2022 08:03:06 +0000

Although video games are becoming a more mature and singular medium year by year, like all art forms, they are often a form of inspiration and homage, where artists use existing material as reference to create something new.

And that’s never been more true in video games than with their characters, which have historically tended to draw inspiration from reality – most often, from the world of Hollywood.

Yet those influences aren’t always immediately clear, because of course that inspiration was molded and shaped into something else throughout the creative process.

As such, you probably don’t know that these 10 iconic and unforgettable video game characters were all inspired by real, flesh-and-blood human beings, be they actors, musicians, martial artists, daredevils. or maybe even a historical figure. .

In some cases, the comparison becomes impossible to hide once you become aware of it, while in others the influence is not strictly physical, but relates more subtly to mannerisms, personality traits and pure attitude.

Whatever the basis, these video game characters all owe something to real life characters, who had no direct involvement in the game itself…

It’s no secret that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima love films and drew considerable influence from them throughout his career.

And while you’ll surely know that Metal Gear Solid’s protagonist, Solid Snake, was inspired by Kurt Russell’s character, Snake Plissken, from John Carpenter’s iconic film, Escape from New York, Kojima became a little less obvious when of the design of one of the most important characters of Metal Gear Solid 3.

For years many fans have noticed that Big Boss mentor and apparently Soviet renegade The Boss looks like Cate Blanchett, although in 2014 Kojima confirmed on Twitter that Blanchett was not the inspiration at all. On the contrary, The Boss was based on the English actress Charlotte Rampling in her youth.

Given Rampling’s striking looks and piercing gaze, it’s easy to see why Kojima found her so perfect as the basis for such a tough and piercing character, even if it’s a much more subtle choice than use Kurt Russell/Snake Plissken as a model for Solid Snake. .

The creator of SAS Rogue Heroes on the Peaky Blinders comparison Wed, 26 Oct 2022 09:12:53 +0000

The creator and screenwriter of SAS Rogue Heroes, a new BBC drama that traces the formation of the Special Air Service during World War II, has drawn a comparison to another of his works.

When Steven Knight was asked about the parallels between the characters on his upcoming series and those on Peaky Blinders during a recent Q&A, he said the two shows seemed to have similar “themes.”

“There seems to be some sort of theme with Peaky and that, where it’s a group of men who are probably not the easiest people to fit into mainstream society,” he explained. . “I think all the people who are the heroes in all of this, if there hadn’t been a war, they would have ended up in prison and would have been in trouble because they weren’t equipped for a normal society. .

“There’s a beautiful quote from Rudyard Kipling. It says, ‘For it’s Tommy this, and Tommy that, and throw him out, bully! But he’s ‘Savior of’ his country’ when the guns start to shoot.’

“In other words, people who get kicked out of clubs and restaurants and get into terrible trouble in peace, when war comes, they’re needed. I think that’s really interesting. Maybe being that people watching this who feel like they’re outcast and not good for society and not fitting in might be thinking, ‘Well, I could be a hero.'”

The cast of SAS Rogue Heroes.

Sex Education’s Connor Swindells, who stars in the series alongside Jack O’Connell (Skins, ’71, The North Water) and Alfie Allen (Game of Thones, Whitehouse Farm, Jojo Rabbit) also spoke about the brutal filming conditions .

“We also did a lot of daytime stuff for the night, which was the most difficult because the night in the [Sahara] the desert is normally extremely cold, so we would be wearing tons and tons of layers, but we were shooting at noon in the heat,” Swindells explained. “And they were unbearably hot and your rifle gets heavier and heavier and heavier, shot after shot. after taking. It was a fight.”

But he also said there was a lot to enjoy during their time in Morocco: “I have fond memories of us bombing it through the Sahara Desert in the Jeeps. You couldn’t see the camera. There was no supporting artist anywhere. It was just us in the cars bombing it, living like the characters. Those are my fondest memories of it all.

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SAS Rogue Heroes arrives on BBC One on Sunday October 30 at 9 p.m. Visit our TV guide to see what’s on tonight, or check out the rest of our drama coverage.

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