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Ciryl Gane is looking to beat the UFC “game”.

Recently, we had a UFC champion in Charles Oliveira crowned after a long and hard-fought road in the UFC. Ciryl Gane is not like that. He only has seven fights in the UFC, but he made them all count.

Now he’s gearing up to fight for his first undisputed UFC title against a familiar foe, his former sparring partner and reigning heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. Gane is aware that this fight with Ngannou is the most important of his career, and the way he looks at it could win him the UFC “game” in some way.

“For me, yes, it’s (Ngannou’s fight) different from Derrick Lewis (at UFC 265), not because it’s Francis, but because he’s the champion, you see”, a explained Gane on The MMA Hour. “And the champion is a very big fighter, with a lot of strength. I like to say it’s the ‘final boss’ (like in my) video games [LAUGHS]. It looks a bit like that. So yes, this time, like always, if I make a mistake, it will be fine, if I make a mistake. If I lose, I’m really okay with that. Like every fight in my career, it’s been like that, but this time I want to take the last step, you see, that’s why it’s a little bit different.

If Gane is feeling any pressure heading into UFC 270, he’s hiding it well. He has already proven himself to be one of the best heavyweights in the sport as he now holds the interim belt. He and his trainer Fernand Lopez are very familiar with Ngannou and his fighting style. They all trained together for a while before Ngannou left. Lopez has spoken several times about how they know Ngannou’s tendencies and are ready for his fighting style.

Gane has yet to lose in his career. He burst onto the UFC scene just three years ago and has been turning heads ever since. If he can beat Ngannou and claim the heavyweight strap, it won’t be the end of this ‘game’. In fact, Gane might find himself in an “assassination row” of fighters waiting to try his hand at the new boss. Former champion Stipe Miocic and former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones await the champion backstage on January 23.

Who do you think will win and become the UFC’s ‘final boss’ at heavyweight on Jan. 22, Francis Ngannou or Ciryl Gane?

Dismissal confirmed for police who played Pokémon video game during heist Tue, 11 Jan 2022 21:19:23 +0000

A court upheld the firing of two police officers for playing video games instead of chasing criminals. Photo / 123RF

A U.S. appeals court ruled that two Los Angeles police officers were fired for playing Pokémon Go instead of responding to a robbery.

The California court ruled on Friday that the LAPD was justified in firing Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell for misconduct in 2017, the Sacramento Bee reported on Monday.

On April 15, 2017, a video system in their patrol car captured the officers discussing how to catch a Snorlax and trying to capture the rare Tegetic in-game while ignoring a report from several people who were stealing. a Macy’s in the Crenshaw area, according to the ruling.

A police captain who arrived at the scene saw another patrol car parked nearby and wondered why the police had not responded and responded himself, according to court documents.

Officers claimed they did not hear the backup radio request, but on the patrol car’s tapes they were overheard discussing whether to respond and Lozano could be heard saying: “Ah, shit,” according to court documents.

The officers are then heard for the next 20 minutes discussing the GPS-based augmented reality cell phone game Pokémon and traveling to various locations to “capture” virtual creatures, according to the documents.

Snorlax, one of the Pokémon the officers were chasing.  Photo / Supplied
Snorlax, one of the Pokémon the officers were chasing. Photo / Supplied

Court documents show that shortly after officers were asked to respond to the theft, Mitchell alerted Lozano that Snorlax “had just appeared.”

The court reported: “After Mitchell apparently caught the Snorlax – exclaiming, ‘I have them’ – the petitioners agreed to ‘take the Togetic’ and left.

“When their car stopped again, the [digital in-car video system] Mitchell recorded saying, ‘Don’t run away. Don’t run away, ”while Lozano described how he“ buried and ultra-balled ”the Togetic before announcing,“ I got it.

“Mitchell said he was'[s]until I try to catch it, ”adding,“ Holy shit, man. This thing is fighting against me. Finally, Mitchell exclaimed, ‘Holy Crap. Finally, “apparently in reference to the Togetic’s capture.”

The video also saw Mitchell say to his partner, “The […] guys are going to be so jealous. “

They were fired after a police rights board unanimously ruled that the two officers had “unprofessional and embarrassing” misconduct and violated public confidence.

The agents asked a court to overturn their dismissals, arguing among other things that the tapes of their private conversations had been abused as evidence but the judge of the Superior Court rejected their request. The Court of Appeal upheld this decision.

– Associated Press, additional reporting, NZ Herald

Metroid Dread is the game the Metroid series needed Sun, 09 Jan 2022 20:00:00 +0000

When Metroid Prime: Federation Force released in 2016, fans of Metroid the series were disappointed with what they had become. The game did not at all meet the expectations set by previous entries in the Metroid Prime series, and things were starting to get dark for the future of the franchise. A year later, fans saw the release of Metroid: Samus Returns, and a ray of hope has been found. The game, a remake of the 1991 Game Boy exclusive Metroid II: The Return of Samus, sent the bounty hunter back to her 2D platformer origins for the first time since 2010, or 2002 if you don’t count Metroid: Other M ‘s hybrid use of 2D and 3D. However, the problem was still present that Metroid hadn’t seen a title with a new story starring Samus Aran in almost a decade by then, and it would only be more than a decade since Metroid: Other M ‘s release that Nintendo would finally show the next chapter of the Metroid saga.


When the trailer for Terror Metroid released in June 2021, fans of the series were thrilled, as the title had only been a rumor for many years, dating back to Metroid Fusion‘s released in 2002. The video for the trailer showed Samus, this time in new armor, having to flee from a giant robotic foe after all attempts to injure him failed. The chase that followed through the levels of the game really gave a feeling of looming dread, hence the name. Released on October 8 of the same year, Terror Metroid has been critically acclaimed for its gameplay and resemblance to its continuation of the classic 2D platforming that the Metroid the series had worked so well in the past. It was so successful that it received the award for best action / adventure game at the Game Awards 2021, just a few months after its release. With competitors like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Resident Evil: Village, Terror Metroid by no means had easy competition. Despite matches that have had months of extra time to be consumed by the public, Terror Metroid still managed to win the award and signal to the world that the series had not been forgotten. With such success the question arises: how did he do it?

Image via Nintendo

One of the key factors that gave Terror Metroid the advantage he needed was the fluidity of the gameplay. With responsive controls and intuitive reaction systems, players will have no problem slipping into the role of Samus and kicking alien butt in such a satisfying way. Smooth and intuitive controls also mean that the game is easy to learn, making it easier to get started exploring rooms and achieving their goal. On top of that, very satisfying gameplay that is easy to experience over and over again. The game’s modest story mode of around 8 hours or so makes it easy to come back to over and over again with little engagement. However, those who played Metroid Fusion will likely have something else to point out that they would say helped in the success of Terror Metroid, and that’s the fear and tension that gambling can cause in gamers.

When I say scared, I don’t mean that Terror Metroid is bound to be a horror game. While the name of the game literally has the word “dread” in the title, it’s mostly rooted in action and adventure, the very genres it won an award for. One of the most memorable parts of Metroid Dread, however, is the implementation of EMMI, or Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifiers. These robotic entities stalk Samus throughout his adventure, and they’re not easy to defeat right off the bat. The reason it will sound familiar to those who have played Metroid Fusion that’s because it mimics what happens in this game almost perfectly with a creature called SA-X, or Samus-X. This creature mimics Samus and the hunt throughout the events of this game, and the player can only defeat them very late in their game. Despite this, players will inevitably find themselves faced with the creature, and their only options will be to run and / or hide. A similar strategy is implemented with the EMMI, and players will have to think on their feet if they don’t want to be destroyed by the mechanized monsters. This is also shown at one point in the initial trailer, when Samus uses some form of cover-up to hide from an EMMI chasing her, thus avoiding an encounter she likely wouldn’t survive.

RELATED: Why 2021 Was a Good Year for Video Games

This idea of ​​taking a powerful character and pitting him against an enemy he can’t beat seems like a terrible decision at first, but it’s actually a genius move made by the developers to make players feel stronger. When he witnesses these enemies for the first time, it is clear that the player has no chance of defeating them, so he must actively avoid them at all costs. Once the player is properly equipped, however, they can turn the tide and go from prey to hunter. The level of satisfaction in defeating an enemy once perceived as deadly if encountered is a hard feeling to beat, and Terror Metroid does that very well, just like Metroid Fusion do. It takes the basic concept that was coined by its chronological predecessor and finds a way to keep it unique and fresh for every EMMI individual Samus meets on his journey.

Image via Nintendo

One last point that has contributed to the success of Terror Metroid was that it was a new adventure for the space bounty hunter. While Metroid: Samus Returns gave fans a game with great gameplay, it was still a retelling of a story from over twenty years ago. it didn’t help that Metroid: Other M had a major negative impact on Samus as a character, turning her from an original badass woman in video game history to someone too afraid to use upgrades that weren’t authorized by an authority figure she doesn’t even work for. This is why it’s so refreshing to see Samus in a new story that takes place after the events of Metroid Fusion. It gives gamers a sense of continuity, and for those who played the Game Boy Advance exclusive in 2002, it must have felt like picking up where they left off so many years ago.

the Metroid the series never really went away, but with the release of Metroid: Other M already failing to meet fans’ expectations in 2010, things kept going downhill from there. It took six years to get Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and it was a side game that no one had asked for. It was only at the exit of Metroid: Samus Returns that fans began to see hope for the series, and if this game was the harness of energy the series needed to survive, then Terror Metroid was the charging station the series needed to thrive again in the video game world.

Why Metroid Dread’s Shorter Run Time Is Its Greatest Strength

Big things come in small packages.

Read more

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The multiple meanings of the house in video games • Sat, 08 Jan 2022 09:46:06 +0000

Games love to take us to places, be it outer space, hidden jungles, or a bygone version of England. As much as I love these alternate realities of reality and the joys of video game tourism, they reminded me of home, of the place in the physical world where most, if not all, of our games take place. Actually.

The house, or even just the house at large, seems in many ways antithetical to the stories many games tell. Going on a trip means leaving home – RPGs in particular like to deal with constant displacement. Baldur’s Gate 3 begins after your player character has been kidnapped by Mind Flayers, Divinity: Original Sin 2 begins similarly with your imprisonment and escape. The JRPG classic Secret of Mana requires you to travel because you’ve been exiled from your village, and in Dragon Quest 11, the protagonist’s house is completely destroyed. This year, I loved Eastward’s slight subversion to this classic idea of ​​displacement – here the whole quest was to find a home. The game takes its time to introduce us to its various towns and sprawling towns, as it wants to make sure that we see the protagonists John and Sam building a life there with all that that entails – helping out in the community, making new friends. even sitting at the end of a hectic day and having a meal together. However, many players later told me that these long segments felt slow to them – taking them away from the adventure gameplay that only happens when a calamity repeatedly moves John and Sam.

Trailer east.

As human beings, we depend on our home as a safe space and on the security it provides as a human right. The events that move us – war, natural disasters – often only set the stage for what the games ask us to do. City-builders like Frostpunk assume that humans have gone to inhabit either a deeply uninhabitable place or that danger, in the form of a storm or fire, for example, is a pervasive presence that is just lurking an RNG dice roll. Part of the appeal of these games lies in creating a working facsimile of our world that could be razed at any time. While creating homes is often your very first task, it’s economic concerns that keep you away from what those homes represent.

The games that take place inside the house focus on the comforts of creatures and the capitalism that allows them. For a game with such visceral pull, the first The Sims example is surprisingly unremarkable if you think about it. You watch your sims watch TV, use the facilities, or do the dishes, and all you really want for them is a more comfortable sofa for watching TV or a dishwasher. It’s a game we inherently know how to play, because many of us have similar aspirations for our homes. The early games ignored work and careers almost entirely, in part due to technical constraints, but even the early expansion packs focused on the comforts of the city or vacation rather than work. Even then, the main game was played at home – leaving is a nice diversion, but nothing more. Animal crossing gives you a home and friends, and makes sure you feel welcome and appreciated, but it also requires you to do the necessary work to earn enough money to make things work. Especially now that you can design your entire island in New Horizons, and online economies like Treasure Islands and the Villager Trade have sprung up, I have more and more of a feeling that, rather than a place to relaxing and catching fish, Animal Crossing is like the pursuit of aesthetic perfection and richness that we so often pursue in real life.

The recently released unbox manages to tell quite a story simply through items, their respawning, and placement. The type of items allows you to guess several things about the tastes and personality of their owner, and the way you place them probably says something about you as a player and how you like your own home. is fitted out. Do you need all of your games to be neatly organized by system? Do they all need to be on a shelf together?

Unpacking the trailer.

But the idea that things make a home is a deeply capitalist assumption, and not everyone can or will adhere to it equally, with gambling itself being a luxury pastime that can occupy varying degrees of care. space in our physical homes. Exploring the metaphorical meaning of home isn’t about seeing it as just the start of a journey or looking at literal space, and that’s probably how most games approach the subject. It also allows the widest range of interpretations. Hades’ tale ultimately comes back to the idea that there is no better place than home – that through your attempts to escape you get to know the Zagreus family better and learn that family harmony was. maybe what he really wanted, but for me that idea was always lucky with a game where rest is only temporary. No matter how many fluffy rugs you decorate the sacred halls of Hades with, you are never expected to stay long and your return will be involuntary. Despite what the game says, the house looks more like a curse here.

Sable, on the other hand, is happy to let you go. You can start the game by leaving your isolated desert community, but it’s also the larger idea of ​​community that makes the desert as a whole a home – you can choose which guild you want to belong to, on a pilgrimage that is essentially a rite initiation in society. This is not an uncertain ending quest, and I would hesitate to even call it a great adventure, although to us as players it can certainly sound like it.

Instead, it’s a game that feels like trading one house for another, like being welcomed to a place where everyone is happy to see you. Unlike Link in Breath of the Wild, which the developers of Sable Shedworks took inspiration from, Sable doesn’t have to take on the role of hero to make herself useful to her house – just being herself is enough to be welcome, and no isn’t a house primarily a place where you can just be yourself?

Sand trailer.

But Breath of the Wild offers another interesting take on home: a place that isn’t so much the protagonist’s home as it feels like the player’s home. For fans of the series, the name Hyrule is enough to bond emotionally. Even if it doesn’t, as you get more familiar with the map it becomes a place you just want to exist, not just to explore and solve tasks. In part, this is of course an excellent level design, but this definition of the house also depends on a really solid world-building. Like any Dragon Age fan, for example, I live for every mention of a location that might appear in the next game. There are places that players haven’t physically seen yet and still have the feeling like you know – revisiting worlds like Thedas, the witcher’s world or connecting to Hydaleyn from Final Fantasy 14 can feel like you are seeing a virtual house. Now that we’re all busy discussing the need for a metaverse, this definition of home is certainly not without its problems, as it’s important to remember that virtual spaces are designed for play – we can keep it there. have unhealthy consequences. These second homes (and in the case of FF14, the real estate economy that goes with it) tie us into places that aren’t real, and so probably more like the traditional idea of ​​video games as an escape rather than a home. , but in gaming media, we’ve also talked a lot about how these virtual spaces empower community in an age when the real world keeps us inside.

I think homes, in games and the real world, shouldn’t be looking for something perpetually out of reach, or the looming dread of loss. In a way, defining the home as a welcoming place that offers rather than demands can be a definition for the larger world of gaming – it can be undeniably thrilling to chase the pinnacle of victory and conquest, but there is more than enough space for a smoother alternative.

Global video game developer Team17 announces two acquisitions Thu, 06 Jan 2022 09:44:00 +0000

The Wakefield-based company, best known for the Worms video game franchise, is buying The Label, a US publisher specializing in mobile subscription games for £ 18million, with additional consideration of up to £ 12million over the course of the next three years.

He is also buying WWII military simulation game Hell Let Loose for an initial consideration of £ 31million, plus contingent consideration of up to £ 15million.

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Michael Pattison, CEO of Team17 Games Label, said: “We are delighted to announce the acquisition of IP Hell Let Loose.

video game franchise” height=”583″ width=”875″ srcset=” 320w, 640w” layout=”intrinsic” class=”i-amphtml-layout-intrinsic i-amphtml-layout-size-defined” i-amphtml-layout=”intrinsic”>video game franchise” fallback=”” layout=”responsive” height=”583″ width=”875″ src=”” class=”i-amphtml-layout-responsive i-amphtml-layout-size-defined” i-amphtml-layout=”responsive”>
Team17 is best known for the Worms video game franchise.

“Hell Let Loose has quickly grown into a highly credible and innovative multiplayer tactical first-person shooter supported by a very passionate and engaged community with over six million players.

“Having already established a close and extremely productive relationship with Black Matter, we believe that by integrating Hell Let Loose into the Team17 team, we can meet the needs of an ever-growing community, and improve and develop the player experience. existing, and develop new ways to entertain and delight.

“We strongly believe that Hell Let Loose can become the definitive large-scale team-based military simulation.

“This acquisition represents an important next step in our strategy to expand our intellectual property ownership which is not only of the highest quality, but above all has the potential for long-term growth.”

Team17 also said it exceeded expectations in the second half of 2021, delivering a strong performance.

Debbie Bestwick, CEO of Team17, said: “We are pleased with the performance of 2021, during which we continued to execute our very ambitious pipeline while finalizing the acquisition of StoryToys.

“Introducing StoryToys to the Team17 family allows us to align our growth ambitions with their extremely talented team and is a clear marker of our future growth strategy.

“In addition, we are delighted with the acquisitions announced this morning. These further support our content and staff growth plans. We look forward to working with them as part of our growing Team17 group in 2022. ”

Jaws Video Game (1987) – Revisited: Horror Game Review Tue, 04 Jan 2022 15:03:43 +0000

The previous episode of our video series Playing with fear took a look at all the classic-inspired video games produced by Steven Spielberg Gremlins, and in the new episode, we take a look back at another game that owes its existence to a Spielberg movie: Jaws, released on NES in 1987. It’s a video game I was playing at the time, and I don’t think I had a good time with it… but I would definitely be interested in revisiting it, so it’s cool to see it get the Playing with fear processing.

In this Jaws video game,

the player steers a boat across the sea, randomly encountering groups of hostile sea creatures. When the boat hits something on the overhead chart, the perspective changes to a side view. The player’s boat unleashes a diver who fights various underwater threats such as jellyfish, stingrays, and small sharks. Every now and then, Jaws will appear on the map as his familiar dorsal fin breaking the surface of the water. If players collide with Jaws’ dorsal fin, they can momentarily control their boat in the side-view encounter to attempt to attack Jaws with depth charges. The jaws will still collide with the boat and release the diver into the water. Jaws will also appear after a brief moment if the player snaps something on the air map with Jaws nearby.

Episodes in the Playing with fear take the series

take a look at the most impactful, successful, and scariest video games in media history and decide if they are still worth playing today.

Playing with fear is written and narrated by Andrew Hatfield, edited by Tyler Nichols, produced by John Fallon and produced by Berge Garabedian.

Some of the previous episodes of Playing with fear can be seen below. To see more and take a look at the other video series we have on offer, head over to the JoBlo Horror Videos YouTube channel – and subscribe while you’re at it!

January is a great time to clear your gambling backlog Sun, 02 Jan 2022 14:00:32 +0000

There are few things more intimidating than a long backlog of video games. This is something that can escalate into an existential crisis for avid gamers. How to justify buying a brand new game when they have 30 intact on Steam? Even when you think you’re going to get there, backlogs seem to have a way of spreading endlessly.

It’s easier than ever to rack up a giant stack of games these days. Steam apparently has a sale for every minor celebration, forcing us to get a good deal. Services like PS Now and Prime Gaming distribute giveaways like candy. And don’t get me started on Xbox Game Pass, which introduced Netflix-style “gamer paralysis” into gaming. How can someone get through every game they intend to play while trying to keep up with a never-ending stream of new releases?

If you’re in that boat, now is the time to dig into that pesky backlog. January is always a great time to tackle all the old games that are collecting dust in your library. But this year is not just a good month to catch up; it might be the last one you have until 2023.

The storm is coming

If you haven’t checked out the 2022 games release schedule yet, be prepared for some real fear. It’s going to be a relentless year for new releases with the biggest games delayed for 2021 coming out alongside those slated for 2022. We’re in a double-jam year.

What’s particularly intimidating, however, is the number of giant and long games to come. In February alone, we will have Horizon forbidden to the west and Ancient ring, two huge open-world games that few players could reasonably juggle in a timely manner. These two games alone threaten to erase the pipeline for players who don’t play like they’re on a shift. Other potential colossi like Starfield, Forspoken, Sonic Frontiers, and the rest of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are also looming. It feels like there might not be enough hours in the year to hit them all – and these are just a small part of the games that are set to launch this year.

That’s where this month becomes a pivotal time for anyone looking to erase some old games they’ve been dying to access. Historically, January has been quiet for new releases, giving players a month to breathe. This is also true this year, with a few exceptions. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is January’s big game, although it kicks off at the end of the month. Rainbow Six Extraction is the other major release this month, though its co-op gameplay likely has some niche appeal.

Other than that, January will mainly bring already released gaming PC ports like Monster hunter rise, God of the war, and the Uncharted series. It’s a relatively quiet month, which makes it a great time to tame an unruly backlog.

I already take this rare breath to heart. Since mid-December (when I was finally done covering the new 2021 releases), I’ve taken some time to fill in some of my more glaring gaming blind spots. I played through the entire Dead Space trilogy and checked out the original Paper mario via Nintendo Switch Online. With Bayonet 3 coming this year i think i will use this month to finally play the first two games in the series. Alan wake is also on my list, as a sequel is finally in the works.

Isaac Clarke fighting a necromorph in Dead Space 2.

Of course, there is also another reasonable solution to your backlog problem – to kill it completely. Video games should be fun or at least challenging. If the thought of playing something fills you with dread, something has gone terribly wrong. Sometimes players may feel pressure to play certain titles, not because they want to, but because they feel like they are playing. have at. No one will take away your player badge if you haven’t played Red Dead Redemption 2, so give your backlog the Marie Kondo treatment and cut games that don’t elicit joy.

If you are simply unable to break free from this self-imposed pressure, I sympathize. We live in an age where there is apparently a new must-have game every week. It’s only natural to want to play a bit of everything so that you can follow the conversation. Even single player games can be a social experience that encourages us to connect and communicate with others who have clicked with the experience. I like to play games because I like to talk to other people who like games.

So if you’re in a similar boat, take the next few weeks to reduce your backlog as you see fit. Remember, it’s meant to be fun, not a chore.

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Football legend John Madden, the man behind the Madden NFL franchise, passed away this week.

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PS5 UK stock today: latest restocking news from AO, Game, John Lewis, Currys, Argos, Amazon and more Thu, 30 Dec 2021 05:33:13 +0000

<p>Here’s where you can buy the PS5 today </p>
<p>“src =” “srcset =” https: // static / 2021/12/29/10 / ps5% 207% 20copy.jpg? width = 320 & auto = webp & quality = 75 & crop = 982: 726, smart 320w, 2021/12/29/10 / ps5% 207% 20copy.jpg? Width = 640 & auto = webp & quality = 75 & crop = 982: 726, smart 640w “/></amp-img><figcaption class=

Here’s where you can buy the PS5 today

(iStock / The Independent)

UPDATE: The PS5 is back in stock at AO and is available for pre-order on Game after selling to John Lewis & Associates. Read on for more information.

It has now been over a year since Sony’s last console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5), arrived in the UK. But supply issues and a global semiconductor shortage triggered by the coronavirus pandemic have slowed production of the device.

If you didn’t find the console under your tree on Christmas Day, fear not, because the IndyBest team is here to help. So far this month we’ve seen restockings at Smyths Toys, Currys, PlayStation Direct, ShopTo, Very, Littlewoods, Game, Studio, Argos, EE, BT, Asda, and Amazon, but this trend will continue. in the new year?

If you are still looking, you have come to the right place. Our live blog is here to give you the latest information on restocking from all major UK retailers, both online and in store, as well as providing details on release rumors, as well as the latest. PS5 games and accessories to buy.

Read more:

Check the UK PS5 retailer stock below:


A recap of today’s PS5 replenishment events

Could we see more drops tomorrow from retailers with next day delivery? You’ll have to join us tomorrow to find out. Bye!

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 4:55 PM


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Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 4:00 PM


Our favorite PS5 external hard drive is on sale right now


Installing expandable storage on your PS5 can be a bit of a hassle, so if you’re looking for an external hard drive instead, look to the Seagate 4TB hard drive which is now on sale for £ 84.99, Amazon. It received high praise in our review of the best PS5 accessories.

“The Seagate 4TB hard drive is designed for PlayStation consoles and is incredibly easy to set up. Effectively, you just need to plug it in and you are good to go, ”noted our writer.

The extended storage capacity means that it is possible to store over 100 PlayStation 4 games, “so you should never run out of space”. As for the design, it is subtle and can easily be placed among your “TV cabinet without it being too visible or taking up too much space”.

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 3:10 PM


The PS5 is back in stock at AO

The PS5 is back in stock at AO and we’ve found an easier way to buy the console (like much, much easier than the previous method), so you don’t have to use the laborious Inspect trick! You can currently purchase the PS5 Disc Editing Console with a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart and Spider-Man: Miles Morales for £ 570 (

So how do you get around this message of high demand?

Now open an incognito window in your browser – it works on all web browsers with an incognito mode or incognito mode including Google Chrome and Safari.

Paste the link in the address bar and you’re done! The “add to cart” button appears and you can successfully check out with your PS5. The package will ship on Monday January 3 at the time of writing.

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 2:41 PM


Best PS5 accessories: More colors besides the red controller are coming to the PS5

If you thought cosmic red, midnight black, and boring off-white were the only colors that PS5 controllers would ever go into, think again. Three new colors of illuminated dualsense controllers are coming very soon to a store near you! They include pink, blue, and purple.

The Sony PlayStation 5 dualsense controller took the # 1 spot in our roundup of the best PS5 accessories, with our editor noting that “in addition to looking and feeling great, it also has some useful features like haptic feedback, which is a form of far superior vibrations and a set of trigger buttons that are much more responsive and tactile than previous PlayStation controllers.

“It’s the natural next step for a PlayStation controller and arguably the best thing about the console. A second is an essential addition for everyone, but for the most anti-social player, ”they added.

To find out how to pre-order the new controller colors, read our article below:

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 2:20 PM


Could we see another PlayStation Direct PS5 drop this month?

(The independent)

In November, reports of Sony flying PS5s in the UK aboard three jumbo jets to save Christmas began circulating on the internet. This rumor was probably true, given that Sony launched the PlayStation Direct store a few weeks later.

As Christmas approached, PlayStation Direct had nine full restockings – more than some retailers had in the past six months. There were five drops in November and four in December. The last restock was on Thursday, December 16, so it’s been a while since the retailer had a drop.

Could we see one more before the end of the month? If PS Direct sticks to the five-a-month model, we hope so!

Alex lee29 December 2021 13:30


PS5 is now sold out at AO

Well done to everyone who managed to put the console in their shopping cart using the AO Google Chrome trick. We know it was not easy. If you haven’t, fear not. Several bundles are still in stock at Game.

The first shipment date for the PS5 game is Friday, January 7.

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 1:10 PM


PS5 VR Headset Details

While we still haven’t officially seen the new PS5 VR headset, we do know that it’s already showcased at a few secret developer conferences.

At a developer summit in August, Sony unveiled new controllers that would be able to tell where a user’s hands are and how far away they are from buttons. He also detailed how he would release games for the next-gen headset.

We also got a glimpse of a patent for Sony’s new PS5 VR controllers in early December. The patent details a trigger-like controller, which can be controlled using the middle finger, ring finger, and small finger.

You can read all of the PS5 VR headset leaks below:

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AO PS5 stock now live – bypass paused orders message

The PS5 is now in stock at AO, but you have to tinker with the site code to put it in your cart. This is a workaround to work around the paused commands message.

In Chrome, copy the standalone console product code “P5HEHWSNY70989”.

Right click on the green “add to cart” button and select “inspect item”, then in the window that appears on the side of your screen replace the vacuum cleaner product code with the PS5 product code you just came from to copy. This is the series of numbers and letters immediately following “data-productcode =”.

It takes a bit of work, but if you have the persistence, it’s worth it as free next day delivery is available.

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 11:51 AM


When was the last drop of Currys PC World PS5?

(The independent)

Currys used a horrible VIP pass raffle system to distribute consoles to its customers on a fair basis. It sounded good in theory, but not great in practice. This essentially meant that anyone looking for the console after June was literally unable to get a PS5 from the retailer.

And that’s because it closed the raffle for new entrants this month, but continued to send out invitations to buy the console until December 2.

Fortunately, this system has now been phased out and it has never been easier to buy a PS5 from Currys. The retailer has seen seven huge drops this month, with the latest restocking occurring yesterday.

Alex leeDecember 29, 2021 11:50

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Meet the two teenage brothers dominating Tetris Two teenage brothers dominate the classic video game, Tetris Tue, 28 Dec 2021 08:00:06 +0000

At all times, there is someone on Twitch playing Tetris in front of a live audience.

On a recent Thursday night, the star attraction was a 14-year-old named Michael Artiaga, better known by his pseudonym Dog, who is the 2020 and 2021 world champion on a game nearly three times his age. His hands moved on a narrow Nintendo controller with the breeze of a cocktail pianist as he stacked the familiar drooping shapes of the game and cleaned up row after row. Every now and then he would step forward to take a bite of a sandwich.

In less than 10 minutes, Artiaga amassed points and reached unthinkable levels in the game’s first 25 years of existence. The announcer – yes, these games have advertisers – looked appropriately flabbergasted.

“An absolute professional at this game, my god,” he said.

Across the hall from Artiaga’s bedroom in the family home in Fort Worth, was one of his main challengers for Tetris world supremacy – his brother, Andy, 16, who finished second in the championships. of Classic Tetris World in 2020 and third this year.

“It’s so different from other games,” said Michael. “There is a lot of speed of thinking and understanding. This is what interests me.