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It’s hard to think of a music group that deserves more vacation time than BTS, who have spent the past few years churning out hit singles, performing high-intensity live shows, and developing fan experience projects. nonstop. And luckily for them, they now have one…virtually, at least.

As announced in April, a new video game based on the seven hardworking guys behind the world’s biggest boy band – Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jung Kook – has arrived. Title BTS Island: In the SEOMit is described as themed around the guys’ quest for fun and relaxation after they mysteriously arrive on an empty island called Seom.

The game very aptly follows the band’s statement on June 14 that they would be temporarily stepping down from their work as a band. Although Jung Kook later clarified that BTS is not disbanding and will still be active as a team for certain things (video games, for example), the group plans to take more time to work on solo projects. And if they’re as lucky as their animated video game characters, they’ll each have a chance to finally enjoy some rest and relaxation.

The new game came after the band’s new album Evidence, which was released earlier in June and served as a three-disc compilation album of earlier work. It also featured a handful of new tracks, including “Yet to Come” – a song that recently turned out to be part of the BTS Island universe.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about BTS’s exciting new adventure into the video game world below.

LOBO advanced platform system works with motion capture and video game development companies Mon, 27 Jun 2022 10:43:00 +0000

Can be black coated to reduce light reflection

Black coated LOBO to reduce light reflection

LOBO painted black

LOBO can be black coated to minimize light reflection

LOBO is a game changer; it will reduce costs, end reliance on outsourced scaffolding contractors and increase safety through our detailed training process “”

—Robert Bokros | CEO

DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UK, June 27, 2022 / — Centroid Motion Capture, Cloud Imperium Games, Remedy Games and Rocksteady are several companies that use LOBO all the time. Additionally, inquiries from Disney to Pinewood Studios have also been received. The tool-less quick assembly features of the LOBO system are perfectly suited. Additionally, LOBO can be quickly and efficiently configured into any shape or size and adapts effortlessly from studio to studio.

Employees are product trained by LOBO to optimize safe use and take advantage of quick assembly features.

“Thank you for coming to our studio and giving us the training to use the LOBO system properly. We have used your system with various applications where no other system will work so effectively.”

“The cost of your system is another interesting element because of the cost of renting traditional scaffolding. Therefore, I would say that we have recovered the cost of your system compared to what we would have had to pay to rent scaffolding. Also, the updated training you gave us further insight into the many uses and new insights into what can be done with the LOBO system.” So says the motion capture manager.

He said, “With security being the top priority, I know your system should be widely used in the gaming and motion capture industry.”

Robert Bokros
LOBO Systems Ltd
+1 800-640-5492
write to us here
Visit us on social media:

Product demonstration

Best Video Game Beast Masters Fri, 24 Jun 2022 23:30:00 +0000

It’s an impressive feat to not only overcome the terrors of nature, but to conquer and use nature as an ally. Truly, nothing can be greater than being one with our furry beastly friends, especially if they have the acid spit of a Skag, the robotic claws of a Brillhawk, or the mighty claws of a bear. .

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Many characters have become one with nature, and the animals have been tamed voluntarily, or not so much. Beastmasters are video game characters who use creatures to fight other creatures or other humans, and video games have no shortage of this type of character.

ten The Tarnished – Elden Ring

The Ternished is the player-created protagonist of Ring of Elden. These characters are individual beings who lost the Grace of the Erdtree and were banished from the Lands Between by Queen Marika the Eternal. With the Elden Ring broken, the Ternis were invited back.

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What makes the Tarnished a great beastmaster is the ability to play the game however the player wants. Players can receive the Spirit Calling Bell, which allows them to summon an ally from the world to aid them against dangerous enemies. These allies can be found all over the map and include many beasts and creatures, such as bears and jellyfish.

9 Takkar – Far Cry Primal

As the protagonist of Far Cry Primal, Takkar was a hunter from the Wenja tribe, dating as far back as 10,000 BCE. Takkar became the last survivor of his hunting party and soon discovered that to survive Oros he needed to hone his beastbending abilities, defeat those who threatened his existence, and lead his tribe to victory.

Takkar is a great character, with many skills and abilities to boast of. His Beastmaster skills grow over time, with the player’s help of course. This makes Takkar a great Far cry protagonist and a grand master of beasts. Controlling saber-toothed tigers has never been so cool.

8 The Looper – Fortnite

Wildlife in Fortnite lately abounded with wild boars and wolves. In Chapter 2, Season 6, these animals could be tamed as long as they were bribed with fresh fruits, vegetables, or meat. As of Chapter 3, Season 3, players can now jump on the backs of their bestial friends and make them allies in war and a loyal steed to ride with in battle.

Fortnite is no stranger to bizarre concepts. Part of what keeps the game so fresh is its ability to evolve and change formats each season. Being able to tame animals is just the latest and greatest of what Fortnite has to offer. Who doesn’t want to see Batman riding a wolf?

seven Rexxar – The Warcraft Series

Considered the Champion of the Horde, Rexxar is a half-ogre, half-orc beastmaster of Clan Mok’Nathal. He is an imposing and muscular warrior with two large axes. His skill and ferocity make him a character players wouldn’t want to mess with. It’s always nice to see this character paired with his faithful and faithful companion, the bear called Misha.

What makes Rexxar a great beastmaster is not just his ability to tame the most dangerous beasts like bears, but the fact that he is such a cunning and capable warrior without them. Rexxar has a long history in the Warcraftfranchise.

6 Karroch – Dota 2

All of Karroch’s character in Dota 2 revolves around his abilities as a beast master. Karroch can summon beasts to aid him in his hunt and learned this ability from an early age in the royal menagerie of Slom. Karroch has an impressive list of beasts to use in battle.

From poison spitting boar to scout falcon. These talented beasts are great allies of Karroch and his skills in Dot 2. Not only can Karroch rely on his beastmaster skills, but he can also use his wild axes in battle, as well as his piercing primal roar.

5 Yuna – Final Fantasy 10

Yuna is a playable protagonist introduced in Final Fantasy X and the central protagonist of Final Fantasy X-2. This character follows his father’s abilities and becomes a summoner. Part of her summoner abilities involves summoning Aeon.

Aeon is the summoned beast in the Final Fantasy series. Aeons can be obtained through the story and by completing the Cloisters of Trials in the Temples of Spira. These Aeons can be directly controlled once summoned, making them an effective Beastmaster since Yuna can control their every move.

4 Captain Olimar – Pikmin

Perhaps the least terrifying Beastmaster entry, Captain Olimar is certainly no joke. Olimar is the protagonist of the pikmine series and hails from the planet Hocotate. While on a mission for his employers, Hocotate Freight, Olimar discovers PNF-404 and an abundance of weird and colorful Pikmin.

Olimar discovered that Red Pikmin could spawn more Pikmin with his help. Olimar used the Pikmin to help him repair his ship, and along the way discovered that the Pikmin loyally followed him. Whether to transport parts of his ship or to help him in battle. They may not be scary beasts, but that doesn’t preclude their usefulness.

3 FL4K – Borderlands 3

With the last entry in the main line of the Borderlands series, Borderlands 3 introduced players to FL4K, whose specialty class was as a Beastmaster. FL4K was a robot who gained self-awareness and a desire to kill. What made FL4K this way is one of Borderlands’ lots of mystery, but some of the charm, just like Tiny Tina’s explosive personality.

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However, what FL4K has, besides great sense and a desire to kill, is fellowship and understanding with animals. FL4K always has a pet on hand and can command it to do whatever it wants. FL4K is a fun character that can have a Jabber, Spiderant, Skag, or ION Loader.

2 Aloy – Horizon: Zero Dawn

As the protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the new release Horizon: West forbidden, Aloy spent her childhood in exile, without anyone being allowed to speak to her. This was due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth and his strange connection to the metallic beasts that roam the dangerous lands of the year 3000.

Aloy can replace these machines, allowing the player to tame robotic creatures. These creatures imitate organic animals, such as horses, birds, and bulls. Some can be ridden and all can be used to aid Aloy in battle. He’s a great character in an even bigger offline PlayStation game.

1 pokemon trainer

Since 1996, Pokemon has been a staple in gaming, trading cards, and anime. Pokemon video games have a great lifecycle and are constantly introducing new mechanics and innovative Pokemon to the different regions. It all started with Pokemon Red and Bluetwo titles featuring Charizard or Blastoise.

As a Pokemon Trainer, the player must catch all of them. Them, referring to all Pokémon in the game, so they can complete their Pokedex and satisfy their quest for research, knowledge, and the overflowing world of Pokémon, which is filled with friends and mysterious Legendary Pokémon along the way . As a trainer, the player can use their Pokémon to fight other Pokémon in friendly battles.

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Kyle Rittenhouse announces video game to fund media libel lawsuits Thu, 23 Jun 2022 18:33:10 +0000
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Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two people and injured a third during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 2020, announced plans Thursday to release a video game, the proceeds of which will fund libel lawsuits against the media. In the game, players control Rittenhouse, who, equipped with a cartoonish orange gun, shoots turkeys labeled “fake news” and “MSDNC”.

“The media is nothing but a bunch of turkeys with nothing better to do than push their lying agenda and destroy the lives of innocent people,” Rittenhouse said. in a trailer for the game.

The game “Kyle Rittenhouse’s Turkey Shoot” is currently not available. On its website, users can pre-order the title for $9.99. The site doesn’t say when the game will be released, but it does note that the game will “help Kyle’s legal defense against fake news.”

“Kyle Rittenhouse is raising money to sue left-leaning media organizations for defamation and now you can help,” reads a module on the pre-order website. At the bottom of the page, developer Mint Studios promises to never “deplatform” legal content.

Kyle Rittenhouse gets a standing ovation from Tories and says he could sue the media

Late last year, after facing five felony charges including homicide and being acquitted on all counts, Rittenhouse suggested he would take legal action against the media for their coverage of his trial. “There will be some media liability soon,” he told Fox News in December 2021. Since then, Rittenhouse has not named any media outlets he intends to sue, although he has suggested in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that he might take legal action against TV personality Whoopi Goldberg and political commentator Cenk Uygur.

Rittenhouse was acquitted on all counts on Nov. 19, 2021, after a polarizing trial that sparked a national debate about gun rights, self-defense and race. Rittenhouse said he arrived in Kenosha to protect local businesses following unrest and protests following the shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, by a white police officer.

The video game industry has increasingly become a culture war battleground over the past decade. With the industry showing greater interest in organizing, it has become a focal point for organizing the tech industry. Debates over pervasive sexism and racism have torn the industry apart, especially in light of historic workplace harassment and discrimination lawsuits filed against some of the biggest gaming companies. Geopolitical conflicts have also played out in esports, as the war in Ukraine has prompted teams and space stakeholders to cut ties with Russian companies and organizations. Some commentators have also attributed the rise of Donald Trump to the GamerGate movement.

]]> I’m a video game expert – your old game console is hiding a valuable coin worth over $100 Tue, 21 Jun 2022 21:37:49 +0000

An article from TIKTOK has sent gamers rushing to their attics in search of an old component with some serious value.

Fortunately, no disassembly is necessary.


The PS Vita was originally priced at $249.99Credit: Alamy

The Playstation Vita was launched in 2011 and received mixed reviews during the device’s eight years of operation.

At the time, mobile gaming was in its infancy and there was a market for handheld devices more advanced than the GameBoy.

The PS Vita had a high-resolution five-inch screen and plenty of games, but the release of the Playstation 4 two years later would quickly eclipse the mini-console.

The PS Vita lacked the star power of home consoles, but it packs some valuable hardware that could fetch a good income on eBay.

Optical illusion baffles TikTok - can you tell what's wrong with this food?
TikTok's human emotions quiz goes viral for a

The PS Vita comes with a small removable memory card that stores between 4 and 64 gigabytes.

A TikToker reported that the 32 gigabyte memory card was selling for over $60 on eBay.

Users who bought a PS Vita with a 62 gigabyte memory card list them for nearly $100.

Make sure the PS Vita is turned off and remove the memory card by lifting the latch next to the power button.

The PS Vita was initially priced at $249.99.

It was demarcated when the Playstation 4 was released.

According to RetroGameBuyer, a PS Vita will average $145 on eBay.

Simon Cowell slams Heidi Klum's music in one act
Scary screams heard at home where

Old tech and gadgets in good condition are always top sellers on eBay.

Factory-sealed game consoles will often fetch several thousand dollars in antiques and collectibles.

Why Video Game Adaptations Don’t Care About Players Sun, 19 Jun 2022 20:46:59 +0000

Anghus Houvouras explains why video game adaptations don’t care about players…

You know that game you love? The one you poured hundreds of ours into until your fingers were sore? The one where you completed all the side quests, talked to all the NPCs, and read every part of the game’s lore to better understand the world you were completely immersed in? Turns out they’re adapting it into a TV show for one of the eight hundred streaming services currently vying for your attention. And you know what? They don’t care if you like it or not.

Video game adaptations are becoming more common as studios and streaming services seek out recognizable intellectual properties to turn into movies and shows. Over the past few months, there have been announcements of movies and shows based on the Horizon Zero Dawn, The division, Super Mario Bros. and dragon’s lair. The Halo series just finished its first season and The last of us is scheduled to premiere next year.

The gaming industry is full of great stories and striking visuals that could easily form the basis of an entertaining series. Unfortunately, gamers often find adaptations of their favorite games lacking, citing a deviation from the source material and a lack of fundamental understanding of lore. But there’s something a vast majority of gaming enthusiasts don’t consider when discussing the live-action version of their favorite video game;

They are not made for fans of the game.

In theory, that sounds crazy. Why would a studio invest money in a video game property if it has no interest in making the show or movie appeal to fans of that show? Let’s go back up the map, find the quest marker, and see where this journey takes us.


It makes perfect sense that the harshest critics of video game adaptations are fans of the series. They are the ones who have invested hundreds of hours in the game. I have spent countless hours finding each Easter egg and finding items that teach them the game’s deep lore. Completed all side quests and talked to all the NPCs. They bought the merchandise. Read the novelizations. Watched hundreds of hours of gaming videos discussing the finer details that most casual gamers don’t care less about.

So when Hollywood comes calling, buys the rights, and openly states that the writers and showrunners haven’t bothered to play along, it offends their sensibilities. How can you adapt a video game if you don’t even bother to play the game itself or explore all the facets of the fictional universe? The answer is simple.

Video game adaptations don’t try to win over fans of the game; they try to find new fans who haven’t played them. These are attempts to use familiar elements of IP to attract new viewers. It’s no different than adapting a novel, a comic book, or a Broadway musical. The goal is to take something hugely popular and reshape it for film or TV. The harsh reality is that the owners of these intellectual properties have already made their money from gamers. Now they are looking for new fans in new media.

The process of adapting a book, comic, musical or video game can be perilous. Few studios bother to obsess over the details like the most ardent fans. They are very comfortable strip mining the property for the most marketable items and doing whatever is necessary to make the project a success. This can mean making drastic changes to characters, ignoring story elements altogether, and making sweeping changes to decades of established lore.

The only certainty with any adaptation is that it’s unlikely to impress even the most hardcore fans. Hollywood is very comfortable with this concept.


Take the recent Unexplored movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, based on Sony PlayStation’s hugely successful franchise. As soon as the project was announced, fans of the game immediately pointed out “glaring mistakes” made by the producers.

“Tom Holland is too young to play Nathan Drake.”
“Why didn’t they choose Nathan Fillion?”
“Why doesn’t Sully have a mustache?”

The choices made by Sony for the cinema version of Unexplored was designed to appeal to potential viewers unfamiliar with the game. while Nathan Fillion would have been a hit with fans, he’s not exactly the same box office draw and current pop culture phenomenon as the guy. who currently plays Spider-Man.

Unexplored is the perfect example of how video game adaptations are designed to attract new fans. You take the basic story elements, borrow a few action pieces from the game, and toss some top talent. There are parts of Unexplored which will be familiar to fans; like the cargo plane sequence used to start the film and brandished on the poster. Those who played the Unexplored games will likely find the film adaptation of this sequence far less exciting. The movie version will never be so immersive. But for those who have never picked up a controller and played any of the games, it might seem like something original and entertaining.


In the Paramount+ polarizing series Halo, gaming fans keep criticizing the series for moments where the Spartans take off their helmets. In a first-person game, where the player experiences stories through a character’s eyes, there is little need to see the character’s face. But on a TV show, audiences can struggle to connect emotionally with characters whose faces are always hidden from view. You can spend all day wondering if these choices are “good” or “bad”. Fans of musicals can spend hours rightly telling you everything that’s wrong with the movie versions of The Phantom of the Opera and Cats. These decisions aren’t always very smart, and most of the time they don’t work out as expected. But once you make it clear that these adaptations are made to appeal to a wider base than the fans of the original, they make perfect sense.

Those running these projects from one medium to another make choices based on what they think will attract new viewers. The established fanbase of these properties is presumed to have already been catered for. Fans of the game will undoubtedly watch the Halo show either out of interest or morbid curiosity. It is those who do not know the franchise who are wanted. If players are happy with the end product, that’s an added bonus.

Take what is possibly the worst adaptation ever: lawn mower man. An adaptation of a Stephen King short story that took the author’s notable name and one of the main characters mowing lawns and turned it into a 90-minute treatise on the perils of technology with some of the oldest and scariest FX work of the 1990s. This is what studios look for when adapting video games. They want name recognition and cool visuals. They want surface-level elements that can be marketed to new fans.


What would be better for fans of the games is if they didn’t view the film adaptations as an extension of what they love, rather than a traditional representation of it. I think this is the aspect that most players struggle with; the belief that the movie or show is somehow the “legitimate” iteration of the intellectual property. Something I call ‘average envy’. This outrage likely stems from the mainstream media devoting far more time and attention to movies and shows. There is always a level of prestige for cinema and streaming services provided by the media. Video games are still a medium viewed by older media as a niche, despite the fact that the gaming industry does more than feature films and streaming services combined. Gamers and gaming culture are still something painfully misunderstood by the media that clings to visions of elderly man-kids sitting in dimly lit basements wearing headsets and still being quoted by pundits crackpots and hacker politicians as the potential cause of mass shootings.

So when Hollywood takes these popular games and tries to turn them into the next streaming phenomenon, gaming fans see it as an extension of what they love. When in reality it should be considered like any other adaptation; an entirely separate entity with only the smallest of ties to the thing you love. The existence of a mediocre Unexplored the movie should not diminish your enjoyment of the games. It’s simply a watered down, mainstream version of what you love for a completely different audience.

I think a lot of players would benefit from adopting this philosophy. The number of wildly popular streamers and creators who seem to be perpetually freaked out by mediocre to obnoxious video game adaptations and their lack of buy-in to the source material. Accept that Hollywood adaptations aren’t for gamers…they’re for everyone else.

Anghus Houvouras

]]> Ethereum Layer-2 Immutable X Traces $500M Fund for NFT and Game Developers Fri, 17 Jun 2022 20:49:53 +0000

In short

  • Immutable X is used by companies like GameStop, TikTok, and ESL for NFT collectibles and crypto-powered video games.
  • The funds will support development, building on the success of blockchain games Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

Immutable, the firm behind the X layer-2 immutable scaling solution for Ethereumannounced the launch of a $500 million fund to drive developer adoption of the platform. The Immutable Ventures fund will invest and grant grants to projects that build on Immutable X using a combination of IMX tokens and silver in partnership with an array of venture capital funds and ecosystem allies.

Immutable today revealed the $500 million effort, which includes assets from companies including Animoca brandsBITKRAFT Ventures, GameStop, Arrington Capital, King River Capital, AirTree and Double Peak.

Immutable Ventures will target NFT projects that are committed to our growing digital ecosystem, with the understanding that we have only just begun to scratch the surface of the huge potential in this category,” co-founder and president Robbie Ferguson said in a statement.

Immutable X is a scaling solution that enables faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient transactions than the Ethereum mainnet can handle. The platform transacts on a separate chain and then uses StarkEx from StarkWare winding technology to aggregate transactions and commit them to the Ethereum blockchain.

This makes Immutable X well suited for applications that require a large number of transactions, including potential low-value purchases, such as games and NFT projects.

An NFT is a blockchain token that functions as proof of ownership and is often used for digital goods such as artwork, collectibles, and video game items. Potential video game use cases for NFTs include player avatars, virtual terrains, rare weapons, and clothing.

GameStop is one of the most important companies that rely on Immutable X, because its upcoming NFT game market will use the platform. In February, Immutable and GameStop announced a token $100 million grant fund for crypto game developers.

An Immutable rep confirmed Decrypt that the previous $100 million fund with GameStop is separate from the new Immutable Ventures fund.

Immutable X is also used by partners like TikTok social video platform, NFT VeVe Collectibles Platformcontractor and NFT creator Gary Vaynerchuk and esports giant ESL. NFT market leader OpenSea also announced plans in March 2021 to integrate Immutable X, although it has yet to do so.

NFT-powered games like raging gods, Guardians Guild , Illuvium and Ember Sword are also based on the scaling solution. Immutable and its partners plan to provide development and tokenomics advice, as well as community and marketing support, in addition to funding.

“We’re learning from building two of the biggest blockchain games – Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians – and hiring the smartest people in the game. Web2 studios like Riot Games, to make entering the world of NFT gaming simple and rewarding for game studios,” said Ferguson.

Most recently, the role-playing game (RPG) Illuvium sold for $72 million worth of virtual land NFTs on Immutable X. Last summer, gamers pledged $203 million cryptocurrency value to buy land in the upcoming RPG Ember Sword, which also builds on Immutable X.

According to Immutable Ventures website, the fund is expected to roll out investments and grants over a four-year period, with an expected average investment of $100,000 to $500,000 in tokens and cash. The fund has already made investments, including in StarkWare, game development platform Stardust and NFT game PlanetQuest.

Immutable Ventures plans to use “approximately 500 million” IMX tokens during the campaign. Currently, IMX is valued at around $0.76 and lost significant value midway through the broader crypto market crash. It is down 19% in the past 30 days, and now down 92% from the record price of $9.52 set last November.

In march, immutable raised a $200 million Series C round which valued the Australian company at $2.5 billion, adding it to a long list of crypto “unicorns” with a valuation of at least $1 billion. Animoca Brands and Chinese gaming giant Tencent were among the investors.

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The Waffle House Video Game You Didn’t Know You Need Thu, 16 Jun 2022 03:33:00 +0000

According to Lifewire, simulation games allow players to “imitate a real-life situation.” YouTuber Wrightexe has created his own Waffle House Simulator in Blender, a program that allows anyone to make 3D projects for free, as stated by the company’s website and published it on YouTube under the title “Waffle House Simulator ( 2002)”.

The video is filled with nods to Waffle House’s unique pop culture stereotypes. The simulation begins by asking the player to choose which type of Waffle House they would like to go to, classic, isolated wood or throwback, then offers three potential characters to play as: crying baby, sad businessman and trashy drunk. After the video picks up a sad businessman, it takes its audience on a Waffle House adventure at night, which is, of course, the best time to eat bacon breakfast at the fast food chain.

Other highlights of the fan-made sim include mocking the musical selection of the Waffle House jukebox and options to cry, remember an embarrassing moment, or contemplate the meaning of life. after receiving your order. Although Waffle House Simulator is not an actual game, Waffle House fans in the comment section on YouTube expressed their love for the video. One wrote: ‘Man it’s like in real life, with the businessmen crying!’ Another user said, “I didn’t know I needed this, thank you for your work.”

Silent Hill Director Says Video Game Reboot Is On The Way Tue, 14 Jun 2022 14:47:00 +0000

The Director of 2006 silent Hill The movie said Konami was rebooting its dormant survival horror franchise. For an extended period, rumors and reports have continued to circulate suggesting that a new era of Silent Hill is about to begin. And while none of this speculation has resulted in any real announcements from Konami, it looks like that silence will soon end.

During a recent conversation with JeuxActu, Christophe Gans, who directed the film adaptation of silent Hill more than 15 years ago said very definitively that Konami was bringing back the video game series. Gans acknowledged that some fans have noticed the leaks and rumors associated with this revival and he confirmed that to his knowledge all of this was accurate. He also explained how a new movie associated with Silent Hill was also part of this reboot plan.

“The franchise is going to be relaunched in terms of video games, and so the movie will be part of a global policy,” Gans said in the chat. “I think someone on a forum deduced that and he’s absolutely right; in other words, the film is part of a whole.”

Gans also added that part of the reason Konami may have felt enticed to return to Silent Hill at this point is due to the success of Capcom’s recent Resident Evil remakes. “I work with Konami. The Konami are all about it and I think they’ve been galvanized by the success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 reboots, which are wonderful games,” Gans said.

It remains to be seen when this Silent Hill revival might actually take place, but given how much the franchise has been in the news lately, it looks like Konami might have something to announce in the coming months. Assuming any such news eventually arrives, we’ll be sure to update you here at once we have something official to report.

[H/T Gamingsym]

Demonschool is a game where 3D demons invade the 2D human world Sun, 12 Jun 2022 20:40:29 +0000

Announced during today’s blockbuster PC Gaming Show, Demonschool is a tactical RPG that combines several familiar elements into something that feels completely new. The catch is that movement equals action, which is new to me in isometric turn-based combat – you select a character, choose a direction, and they’ll interact with anything in that path , attacking enemies and improving friends .

But a clever new combat system is just one of the things Demonschool brings to the table. You start the game as Faye, a new student at a “university” for malcontents, and also heiress to a famous line of demon hunters. You’ll soon have four characters in your party, each with their own unique class and move techniques, and the combat system is streamlined and focused on your characters’ combined moves to destroy enemies more effectively.