Video game

China’s long struggle with video games

Some tech wizards should really make a video game out of it. Chinese leaders on Tuesday again struck a blow to the left at its online gaming industry. They accused the industry of spreading “spiritual opium” among Chinese youth, creating drug addicts who fail in their studies and other suspected …

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Plitch tries to make gambling cheats normal again

All Transform 2021 sessions are available on demand now. Look now. A quarter of a century ago, cheating in video games was normal. A generation of video game fans have IDDQD and IDKFA engraved in their brains to unlock god mode and weapons in Doom. But a few decades later, …

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We need a new term for video games

This article is part of Technology newsletter. You can register here to receive it during the week. Everyone’s trying to get us out – or stay – and play. Seriously. Peloton, Netflix, Zoom, TikTok, Amazon, Apple and Google are experimenting or going much further in video games. What is going …

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