Class ! – The best video game controllers of all time

And chances are, if you’re an avid gamer, you tend to have a favorite gamepad.

Even for casual PCs like me, there’s no denying that some games are just so much better with a controller, as they seemingly relieve the stress of having to work your fingers through keyboards and mice.

However, some of these controllers are definitely better than others.

Here we reveal, 8 of the best game controllers – apologies to the virtual stans as they weren’t invited here on this occasion, maybe another time but in no particular order, let’s jump right in:

8, Nintendo game cube controller

Nintendo is known for a series of unconventional controller releases.

However, when it comes to the Gamecube controller, it’s either you “love it or hate it”

Of all the classic Nintendo controllers, this is definitely one of the best. Although it might take some time to get used to the button layout, but once you get that familiarity, it feels great to use.

The left thumbstick is solid, but the yellow C thumbstick should have been a full-fledged second thumbstick similar to the left one, and not necessarily nearly hidden.

A decent controller overall though.

I’m pretty sure retro gamers can relate a lot to the Super Nintendo Gamepad.

This iconic pad had a lot going for it – it had a great D-pad, the face button layout is also something we still see in modern controllers, and it was one of the first controllers to introduce shoulder buttons for a fact.

It’s no wonder it retains its iconic status to this day – A true classic hit.

This six-button game controller is one of the most legendary video game controllers of all time and babies of the 90s, I’m sure, would echo that statement.

It was enough to play with the Sega Genesis, and at the time it became one of the most used controllers in the world.

The current generation of youth and adult gamers who started early will attest to this, although the new generation of teenage gamers may have missed it.

The stellar six-button controller was so essential to fighting games, especially Mortal Kombat, because it was so much easier to string moves into combos when you had six buttons instead of just three.

It also felt better in the hand, as it was a bit smaller then.

An all-time favorite whose legacy I’m sure will live on with Sega forever.

For a few years, the Xbox 360 gamepad looked like the controller to beat

Microsoft had missed it earlier with the previous version of the huge Duke controller and the Xbox Controller S. But there’s no denying that they did well when they launched the excellent gamepad that comes with the Xbox 360 .

The controller is actually still a good choice for those looking for a gamepad to use on PC, and it’ll likely retain that status for some time, even though it’s currently being overtaken by other modern controllers of this generation.

4 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo seems to have been the masters of Pro controllers for a few generations now, and with the launch of the Switch, we’ve seen Nintendo achieve great success with its sleek Pro Controller design.

If you plan to play your Nintendo Switch on TV a lot, the Pro Controller is a must-have.

It’s so much better than using the Joy-Cons grip that comes with the console, and the Switch Pro controller has the build quality to challenge direct competitors like PlayStation’s DualShock 4 and standard Xbox One gamepad.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has a serious knack for selling controllers at high prices, so saying the price is affordable is ultimately up to the buyer.

3 Xbox Adaptive Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller blows every controller on this list effortlessly and strictly in terms of capability.

The name alone says a lot about Microsoft’s masterpiece.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was actually designed for those who can’t use a standard gamepad or PC gamers who can’t use a mouse or keyboard due to a disability, and it looks pretty simple on the surface, with its two large face buttons arranged in a slate-like construction.

The flexibility of the Xbox Adaptive Controller is in the row of 3.5mm jacks that span the entire top of the device. With these features, users can plug in a wide range of peripherals including knobs, switches, or pedals to create a controller layout that suits their specific needs.

I’ll admit I wasn’t entirely impressed with Sony’s controller story

Sony PlayStation controllers have mostly kept the same design from the introduction of the DualShock controller in the PlayStation 1 era through to the DualShock 3 with the PS3.

However, Sony managed to do more than tweak its controller design slightly with the launch of the DualShock 4, giving us one of the best controllers ever made.

It’s really nice to hold, the controllers are great and it’s definitely a cut above the DualShock controllers that came before it. The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller has just refined the already excellent design of the DualShock 4 and it’s also slightly heavier.

1 Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Controller enthusiasts certainly won’t be surprised to see the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 top the list, as it’s actually the best controller money can buy right now.

But as the saying goes….’better tin na money kill am’.

Of course, it is obviously the best because it takes a lot of money to actually acquire one.

In Nigeria, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 costs around 120,000 naira.

However, if you’ve got the cash to spare, you’ll likely find this controller worth its hefty price tag, from the extra paddles on the back and interchangeable d-pads to the swappable and adjustable thumbsticks.

The controller also feels great in the hand with rubberized grips and solid construction.

Gamers also have the option to play over Xbox Wireless, Bluetooth or USB-C, Series 2 improves connectivity over Series 1.

It’s definitely the best as long as you can afford it, there’s really no regrets here.

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