Classic Tencent video game canceled after 17 years of sugar bombing

On April 20, the online game QQ Tang by Chinese tech multinational Tencent officially ceased operations on the Chinese mainland after a change in strategic planning.

The multiplayer game launched in late 2004 and was a riot of colors and shapes. The principle of the game revolved around the strategic placement of sugar bubbles to eliminate other players.

Much like time bombs, the sugar bubbles exploded at one point, releasing syrup that trapped adjacent characters. Players who were not saved by their teammates and remained trapped were eliminated.

Similar to Japanese game super bomber, QQ Tang had a solid fanbase thanks to its cute visuals.

For many Chinese millennials who spent their childhood playing the game, QQ Tang holds a special place in their hearts. Unsurprisingly, many were saddened by the news of his end.

On Weibo, a hashtag related to QQ TangThe termination went viral and racked up over 140 million views. Under the hashtag, many shared their grief at witnessing a favorite childhood game on the way to the Dodo.

“It was really fun to play! I was trying to play a few tricks after school no matter how much homework I had,” one netizen said.

Another lamented: “It makes me want to cry. Gambling was such a big part of my childhood and teenage years.

QQ Tang players strategically placing sugar bubbles. Screenshot via Youtube

Classic video games from decades ago, such as QQ Tangare regularly eclipsed by more elaborate creations in an increasingly competitive market.

And while China’s gaming sector was recently hampered by an eight-month freeze on new video game licenses, authorities recently lifted restrictionswhich means that dozens of new titles will soon be available in the Chinese market.

For many Chinese gamers, it’s bittersweet to enjoy new games with fancy designs while saying goodbye to childhood favorites.

Cover image via Weibo

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