Comparing Xbox 2020 free games with Gold with 2021 proves Microsoft is no longer interested

Comparing the Xbox games of 2020 with Gold to 2021 so far proves that Microsoft is no longer interested in Xbox Live Gold, and here is probably why.

For several years now, Xbox Live has been the premier video game subscription service for Xbox gamers. Not only did it offer access to online multiplayer games, which has since been phased out for free titles, it also offers subscribers the benefit of one-time discounts and access to a monthly list of free games through Xbox Free Games with Gold. .

However, with the advent of Xbox Game Pass, it appears that the benefits gamers get from free Xbox games with Gold have since worsened. While Microsoft is harsh that Xbox Live isn’t going anywhere, many are now questioning its value given that free games aren’t as exciting as they once were, and compare the 2020 roster to 2021. so far proves that Microsoft can only keep the service for fun.

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Free Xbox 2020 games vs 2021 with Gold

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Although the latter part of 2020 started the downward trend in the quality of free Xbox games with Gold, the first half of the year saw the release of popular games. For Xbox 360, this includes Tekken 6, LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Fable Heroes, Star Wars Battlefront, and Sonic generations. On the other hand, Xbox One titles include Styx: Shards of Darkness, Batman: The Telltale Series, Call of Cthulhu, Project CARS 2, and many more.

By comparison, the list of free games with gold that Microsoft has released so far in 2021 are not even of the same caliber as the titles the company released last year. With the exception of the February listing, which now appears as Microsoft tries to make up for its failed attempt to increase the price of the Xbox Live Gold subscription, most, if not all of the games released so far haven’t have been niche games that many gamers haven’t even heard of. of.

What’s worse is that since the release of the Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft hasn’t been able to include games for the new consoles in the Free Games with Gold list. In addition to an optimized version for Xbox Series X / S of Gears 5 Released in February, the list of free games received by Xbox Live subscribers includes Xbox One and Xbox 360 games as if the Xbox Series X / S did not exist. By comparison, Sony’s PS Plus service has been able to include a PS5 game since the console’s launch in November, which begs the question, if Sony can do it, why not Microsoft?

Why Microsoft seems to be neglecting Xbox Live Gold

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While there may be many factors that Microsoft seems to be putting less effort into revitalizing Xbox Live Gold, it’s no secret that the company has put more resources into supporting Xbox. Game Pass. Since the service’s launch, Xbox Game Pass has been dubbed the best gaming deal, leading more gamers to leave Xbox Live Gold for Microsoft’s shiny new service.

Since the start of the year, gamers have had nothing but praise for Xbox Game Pass, especially as the service offers plenty of top-rated AAA games alongside other features. While Xbox Live Gold still has some perks, such as access to online games and discounts, it’s clear that the free games it offers each month are no longer as exciting as they once were. Ultimately, Microsoft’s neglect of Xbox Live Gold is a clear indication that the company sees Xbox Game Pass as the video game subscription service of the future.

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