Completely useless video game features that were still great additions

Immersion is a major selling point in many video games. Many developers try to give players the ability to interact with the world and experience their character’s life as much as possible. These games can add features like player choice or real-time events to add a little extra sense of realism.

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Some games like to go a bit further with this and give players the ability to do things beyond the scope of any mission or objective. From fun customization options to just throwable abilities, these features prove that you don’t have to be useful to be awesome.


Classic Weapon Pose – DOOM Eternal (2020)

DOOM Eternal Classic Weapon Pose

One could argue that Eternal DOOMUnlockable costumes could also fall into this category given that this is a first-person game, but many of these costumes are awesome or weird enough to warrant including them. The game’s classic weapon pose may not add anything to the gameplay, but it’s still an awesome addition to the title.

the original LOSS famous weapons were held straight ahead as if coming out of the player’s chest. As newer games have moved weapons to a more logical position, Eternal gave players the option to return to the original pose. It’s a loving and impressive homage to the still-legendary original.

Smoking – Overcoming (2010)

Sam Gideon attacking gigantic armor in Vanquish

Cementing the hilarious but awesome tone on top of win is this mechanic that we remember well. How many other games have a dedicated smoking button? While smoking is generally something to avoid in real life, there’s something different about having the option to do so in a game as action-oriented as Win.

While taking cover, players have the option to quickly smoke a cigarette and toss it aside. It can actually be incredibly useful as a distraction for enemies, but at its core it’s basically just a fun disposable feature. Voluntary pun.

Character Specific Abilities – Various LEGO Games

LEGO Marvel Mr. Fantastic transforms into a teapot

The spectacular Traveler’s Tales LEGO sets are loved by fans of all ages for their simple yet fun gameplay and unique sense of humor. In many of their games, certain famous characters have specific abilities that are exclusive to them and provide fun little nods to their source material.

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In Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 for example, Star Lord can play music from his walkman to make the characters dance. Mr. Fantastic can transform into a washing machine. In Lego Star Wars Princess Leia can do a weird lounge dance and Chewbacca can rip off Stormtroopers arms. They may not do much, but these abilities certainly add heart to their games.

Scalping – Pistol (2005)

gun video game

Calling a scalping mechanic a “great addition” is a bit of a stretch at best, but the functionality in Firearm has become one of the most discussed pointless video game mechanics of all time. Firearm may be one of the best western video games ever made, but it makes some questionable decisions.

At the start of the game, players can purchase a Scalping Knife, which gives them the ability to scalp fallen enemies. The act itself happens completely off-screen and, gameplay-wise, does absolutely nothing except produce a generally cheesy outburst from the poor victim. There’s no real reason to do so, and perhaps it was only included to reveal how sadistic players can be.

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Portal 2 (2011)

Portal 2 is legendary among gamers for his dry wit and unique sense of humor, and that sense of humor is on full display in the game’s co-op mode. The co-op story gives players plenty of ways to interact and play. play with each other, including an emote wheel.

These emotes give players the ability to smack each other, steal each other’s CPU, and play paper scissors. None of these options have any effect on gameplay other than triggering a fun animation, but they do give players a fun way to bond with each other while solving puzzles.

Possess Fish – Mass Effect Series (2007-2012)

Shepard's aquarium in Mass Effect

the Mass Effect Trilogy gives players nearly endless options on how to play and customize their version of Commander Shepard, including the ability to collect models, pets, and fish for their personal quarters. Throughout the game, they can purchase a multitude of fish to keep as pets.

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Owning fish does not provide any sort of bonus, and they do little after being purchased apart from floating in the tank. More importantly, the fish must be fed after each mission, otherwise they will die. It is certainly easy to get attached to the fish, so it is up to each player to decide if it is worth buying. Perhaps Shepard’s biggest threat was liability.

Quipping – Spider-Man (2018)

Each of Marvel’s multiple unlockable suits Spider Man comes with its own special ability that players can use once they purchase the costume. Most of these are powerful abilities to help fight enemies or make it through town easier, but the ability that comes with the Animated Suit does neither.

This ability simply triggers a random web slinger joke instead of a special move, ranging from intelligent quality to moan-inducing. Since Spiderman will already be joking around throughout the game, there really isn’t much point in adding a new ability, but it’s still a fun option. It’s little touches like this that make Spider Man one of the best superhero games.

Farting – Fable 2 (2008)

Fable 2 Art

Like most choice-based games, story 2 has a very complex system of how players can interact with other characters in the game. The wide variety of expressions range from flirting, bullying, rudeness and humor. Even among phrases like “vulgar thrusting,” farting is by far the weirdest.

One of the expressions players have access to early on is the fart, which can be emitted while talking to townspeople, fighting enemies, or being completely alone just for fun. While it might affect the flow of conversations, farting won’t do much else, and doing it badly can even cause players to get dirty. story 2 is great, but it’s a very strange game.

Hidden References – Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)

The Grudge in Star Wars Battlefront 2

With phenomenal gameplay and a huge cast of characters and locations, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is by far one of the best star wars games ever made. In addition to stellar and massive battles, Battlefront 2 also contains several many affectionate references to the movies.

The game’s multiple maps are littered with subtle Easter eggs from the movies, many of which can be interacted with. Players can find the chambers of the Jedi Council, get eaten by Jabba the Hutt’s Rancor, and stumble upon the Death Star’s famous trash compactor. Most of these nods are too specialized to make a difference to gameplay, but they add that extra touch to make the game even better.

Spinning Gun – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

The protagonist of GTA 6 should keep weapons in his car like Arthur on his horse.

Most people have probably dreamed of being a cowboy sniper at some point in their lives, and Red Dead Redemption 2 offers one of the most immersive Wild West experiences to date. There are far too many immersive features to count, but by far the most satisfying is the gun rotation.

Like classic movie outlaws, players can perform a cool whirlwind as they sheath their weapons by holding down the button. There’s no upside to doing so, but watching Arthur return his weapon after a tense draw duel is the icing on the cake of the ultimate cowboy experience. The whirlwind of guns might just be for show, but it sure is awesome.

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