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The Hauer 77 is an under the radar weapon in Warzone Season 4, with many players neglecting its potential. However, this shotgun can pack a punch and definitely be considered one of the best shotguns in the game when you use the best Warzone Hauer 77 gear.

Warzone Season 4 introduced various buffs and weapon nerfs to the battle royale, causing the new meat to lag behind previous seasons. While the best weapons in the game are generally dominated by assault rifles, there is one shotgun that could potentially make you choose a closer option, especially for Rebirth Island.

While not exactly Warzone’s most beloved shotgun, Black Ops Cold War’s Hauer 77 can be lethal in close quarters and even mid-range combat if used skillfully. With the right loadout, the Hauer can do massive damage, and in some situations, can even take people down in one fell swoop.

Here is the best loadout of Warzone Hauer 77 in Call of Duty Battle Royale Season 4.

Best loadout of Warzone Hauer 77

Best Warzone Hauer 77 charging accessories

  • Muzzle: Agency starter
  • Barrel: Working group 25.2
  • Laser: Embers observation point
  • Rear handle: Snake grip
  • Store: Out of stock

The Hauer 77’s greatest strengths are its close-range abilities, with the ability to also do decent mid-range damage with low recoil and high ball speed. The downside is that you have to hit your shots, as missing with this or any other shotgun can be detrimental, especially in close quarters combat for War zone.

We’ll start with the best Warzone Hauer 77 gear with the Agency starter, which will help improve vertical recoil control, bullet speed and effective damage range, giving the Hauer 77 some versatility. Additionally, this cannon will also give you some sound suppression and keep you off the map when firing, which is essential in Warzone.

the Working group 25.2 will improve the bullet speed and effective damage range of the best Warzone Hauer 77 gear to further increase the effectiveness of the Hauer in those mid-range engagements. However, it does give you a few minuses in terms of hip shot accuracy and movement speed.

Best loadout of Warzone Hauer 77

Once again, the Embers observation point will increase the effective range of damage and also balance the 25.2 inch Task Force cannon by increasing hip fire accuracy.

Combined with the Snake grip, which allows you to perform ADS more quickly, you will be able to hit your shots when the target starts to get closer to the average ranges.

Finally, to help balance the lack of travel speed and mobility, the Out of stock The option is great because it speeds up your sprint time to shoot so you can fire your gun up when you need it while maintaining speed.

Best perks to use with the Warzone Hauer 77 class

EOD advantage in Warzone
  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Overkill / Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Ampé

After you’ve picked the right attachments, it’s time to choose some of the best perks to use with the best Warzone Hauer 77 loadout. For starters, you’re going to want the NEM advantage, as it will allow you to take explosive damage and close the gap when trying to get into range of this shotgun.

Since the Hauer is typically used for close range engagements, it will be primarily used for ranged combat. You will need something like the MG 82 or the Krig-6 to cover ranged combat. Overpowered will allow you to choose two main weapons. Then you can get Ghost from the next load drop to hide from UAVs and heart rate sensors.

Finally, the Ampé The perk is great for the Hauer, as it allows you to swap weapons faster and be ready to fire quickly. Since the Hauer is at close range, you might find that it will perform better as a secondary, meaning that when you need it, this perk will allow you to take it off quickly.

How to unlock the Hauer 77

Fortunately, there is no unlocking challenge to complete if you want to add the Hauer 77 to your inventory in Warzone. This weapon is available for everyone to use and set up a loadout.

Try out the gun with these props and perks in Season 4, and see how powerful it is for yourself, even challenging the extremely powerful nail gun at close range.

Better alternatives

If Warzone Hauer 77’s best gear isn’t your cup of tea, you can’t go wrong with trying out the Gallo SA12 or Streetsweeper rifles, as these weapons offer tremendous power for your close quarters combat.

Looking for more weapons? Check out some of this season’s best loadouts below.

XM4 | C58 | Groza | M4A1 | Milan | Switzerland K31 | Fara 83

Image credits: Activision / Raven Software

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