Create stunning video game visuals with this discounted bundle

In this last year of lockdown, the most breathtaking special effects have been found in the latest video games rather than on the big screen. Some may even have inspired you to build your own world. If so, we have good news: thanks to game engines like Unity, anyone with a little dedication and imagination can become an indie game developer – no coding experience is required.

If you really want your game to visually stand out, you’ll need at least some understanding of the effects software used by great developers. This is where the Graphics and Effects Mastery Pack comes into play. This series of eight e-learning courses is suitable for everyone, from the curious to the experienced.

Aspiring designers can start with an introductory course on their choice of game engines. The Unity Walkthrough alone takes 19 hours and teaches the basics of making games for any platform. form, including four fully fleshed out titles. There is also a full class on C ++ programming with a focus on how games can be improved with the DirectX GUI tool. C ++ is also useful if you choose to use Unreal Engine.

This series will also make you really want to grab SilhouetteFX, a surprisingly accessible rotoscoping tool used by top designers. In three lessons, you’ll master everything this software can do, including your own motion capture segments.

The price is perhaps the best feature of this online master class. PCMag readers can get it all for a few potential pennies by naming your price for the eight courses of the Graphics and Effects Mastery Pack—A value of $ 1,272. Beat the medium to hang the entire package; and even if you don’t, all bidders walk away with a partial reward.

Prices are subject to change.

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