Dark Souls 2 defeated without speaking to a single character, level up

A Dark Souls 2 player shared how he managed to beat the game without speaking to a single character, even those who seem impossible to ignore.

A determined Dark Souls 2 player and YouTuber managed to beat the game without speaking to a single character. Badass title players will understand how difficult a task is, as it means giving up everything from buying items to upgrading. Soulsborne games are infamously difficult enough like this, so the creator has explained in detail how the race can be performed.

The Soulsborne series of Ancient ring Developer FromSoftware is one of the biggest names in gaming thanks to the tough challenges each of the games present. Whether playing the original Demon souls or attack Transmitted by blood‘s Yharnam, players will need to use all of their skills and abilities to better what is often recognized as one of the most difficult games in recent memory. Dark Souls fans have developed their own unique challenges to increase the difficulty of the games over the years, one of the most impressive being a blindfolded player who beat earlier this year Dark souls using a piano without sustaining damage.

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Spotted by PCGamesN, content creator and Dark souls fan ymfa shared a detailed video showing and explaining how they managed to beat Dark Souls 2 without communicating. The YouTuber used a few exploits and glitches to pull off the awesome feat, which is all shown in the video. Safer Reddit, ymfah answered other questions about the achievement, explaining that much of the seemingly obligatory in-game dialogue is skippable. When asked about skipping Alia’s dialogue in particular, the user noted that simply ignoring her always grants access to the Winter Sanctuary.

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The content creator’s YouTube channel is full of other videos detailing weird and wonderful ways to tackle video games. Other challenges completed and shared by ymfah include beating The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim without walking and an explanation on Transmitted by blood pacifist march. The YouTuber isn’t the only Soulsborne pro who can pull off impressive feats in games. Last year a player beat the PS5 remake of Demon souls without getting hit once, making it almost as impressive a race as the one in ymfah. Players who want to take on the yymfah challenge can get detailed instructions and steps in the video above.

Finding new and innovative ways to beat Soulsborne games keeps gamers busy while they wait for the launch of the next FromSoftware title, Ancient ring. Ancient ring is an upcoming RPG from game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and A song of ice and fire author of the George RR Martin book series, best known for spawning the Game of thrones series. Ancient ring impressed with its first gameplay trailer, which was released during Summer Game Fest 2021. Lots of Ancient ringthe bosses call back Dark souls‘, so players who have been waiting for a return to the Soulsborne formula are understandably excited about its January 21 release.

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Dark Souls 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: ymfah / YouTube, ymfah / Reddit (Going through PCGamesN)

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