DC Dual Force game will include all superheroes and villains

DC Comics, Cryptozoic Entertainment, and YUKE’S are teaming up to create DC Dual Force, a digital card game spanning DC’s vast comic book history.

Both of these titles will offer players a chance to dive into the ever-changing world of DC Comics as their favorite heroes and anti-heroes. Knights of Gotham is developed by Batman: Arkham Origins studio WB Montreal and will see longtime Batman sidekicks like Nightwing and Batgirl in the spotlight to defend Gotham City after the apparent death of the Dark Knight. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League set in the same universe as developer Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed film Batman: Arkham series, and will see players control the titular team of Reformed villains. Meanwhile, another exciting DC game is announced just days before the big DC Fandome event, a game that will put the entire DC Universe in the palm of a gamer’s hands.

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In a recent press release on Cryptozoic Entertainment, the popular tabletop and collectible game maker announced its partnership with DC Comics and Yuke’s to develop CC double force, a new free-to-play title that is currently marked for release in Q3 2022. This digital card game will feature characters from all eight decades of DC’s release, with more characters added in future updates. after launch. The set of rules for CC double force has not yet been fully detailed, but Cryptozoic promises that the game will be “quick to learn and fun to master ”, indicating that “as a lifelong game creator and comic fan this is truly a dream come true. We’re committed to delivering the definitive comic-based card game.

Click here to see the official CC double force trailer.

Before working with DC for CC double force, Cryptozoic Entertainment has built its reputation as a creator of table games by developing card games based on famous properties like The lord of the rings, the living dead, and even Portal. In fact, Cryptozoic previously developed a DC Comics-based physical card game that was the first to use its “Cerberus Game Engine” bridge building system. As for Yuke’s, players will recognize the developer for his work on the WWE video game series through 2019, and he has since left ship to compete with the AEW Wrestling League for his own upcoming interactive title slated for next. release year.

The DC Comics universe contains a vast pantheon of characters that lend themselves well to an ongoing collectible card game, and Cryptozoic Entertainment is an established name for tabletop games. More details on DC Dual Force Gameplay mechanics and starting content will likely arrive before the game’s planned launch sometime in 2022, so interested fans should stay informed.

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Source: Cryptozoic Entertainment, DC Dual Force / YouTube

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