Diablo Immortal player says he lost access to PvP games after spending $100,000 on microtransactions

A Diablo Immortal player who claims to have spent around $100,000 on microtransactions has said he could seek a refund after losing access to PvP games.

Content creator jtisallbusiness posted a YouTube video about his predicament he says he’s been facing for a month and a half.

During that time, he said he probably spent 48-72 hours trying to queue for a Battlegrounds PvP game without success, which would be due to his unmatched matchmaking rating.

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After Diablo Immortal released on June 2, jtisallbusiness said that he invested a significant amount of money in the game and ended up with a character so powerful that he had a Battlegrounds record between 300 and 450 wins and only three losses.

He said he first contacted Blizzard about the issue over a month ago via live chat and was asked to post a message on the forum about it, which he did.

After Blizzard didn’t respond to his forum post, jtisallbusiness said he tried to raise the issue by contacting Blizzard employees via Twitter.

In response, he was reportedly told that the issue was related to his skill level and that Blizzard hoped to fix it in a few weeks, but the company couldn’t say for sure.

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“So now I’m in a situation where I’ve spent a massive amount of money, like $100,000 on this game, and I have a character that hasn’t been able to do the thing that I love the most to do in this game, which is Battlegrounds,” he said.

jtisallbusiness said the issue impacts his ability to make money from the game as a content creator and that he plans to seek legal counsel after failing to get an adequate response from Blizzard.

“My matchmaking record is now so high that I literally can’t get a battleground so my question now is do I do nothing about it or do I hire a lawyer and pay off this account and then see what is happening?”

Diablo Immortal has received heavy criticism for its handling of microtransactions, with a report claiming that fully upgrading a character could cost players up to $110,000.

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra defended Diablo Immortal’s use of microtransactions in an interview published in July.

Blizzard claimed on July 23 that Diablo Immortal had been installed over 20 million times.

The mobile version of Diablo Immortal has generated more than $100 million in eight weeks, according to data released last week by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

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