Dragon Ball Creator Gives His Thoughts On The Latest Movie

If you really think about it, Akira Toriyama is one of the most important people in anime history by a very wide margin. Not only has he been on various anime and video game properties over the years, he’s the man who created the dragonball franchise, widely regarded as the anime that helped bring the genre to the West and beyond. It’s one of the most enduring series in manga and anime history, which can be proven not only in shows and movies, but also in the video games it’s been in, crossovers with various other platforms and media, etc.

Mr. Toriyama may have been going up there for years, but his candor is still going strong. For further proof of this, just look Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes, the latest move in the franchise that broke the $50 million mark at the worldwide box office and continues to climb. The creator played a role in the film, including helping to name the film, creating the new villains in Gamma 1 and 2, returning to the Red Ribbon Army as the film’s villain group, and more .

So, considering all of that, what does he think of the film? He made a big post quoting his review of the movie, and he was very positive about it.

“To put it briefly, it’s an amazing animated movie, of course, to have the original creator say that might not be the most compelling argument, but I couldn’t keep myself from getting excited when I was watching it!I’m an old man and yet I’m excited.

He particularly praised the way Gohan, Piccolo and the Gammas were used and made sure to thank the animation, direction, voiceover artists, editors and everyone who helped make this film. He noted that he was “so thrilled” and pumped by the film and thinks many fans will be once they watch it for themselves.

This is indeed high praise because not all adapted properties in today’s world have their original creators to guide or support them. As recent attempts have shown, this does not always work. For Akira Toriyama not just to be there, but to help make the movie, and then go and trust others to fulfill all his hopes? That’s a lot of trust to put in people.

While the creator didn’t note what’s next for the franchise, you have to believe that his pumped state might lead him to want to do more stories with his beloved characters.

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