Drai partners with video game lifestyle brand XSET

Rick Ross. Big Sean. French Montana. When it comes to star-studded hip-hop bands, Drai’s is king of the Strip.

Here’s a new name for you: XSET, the first esports lifestyle brand to lock in a “video game residence” with the famous Las Vegas nightlife brand.

“The game is finally getting mainstream. It’s pop culture, ”says Greg Selkoe, CEO of XSET. “But one of the things we founded XSET on, besides this pop culture component, was diversity and inclusion. We wanted to create an organization for women, men, LGBTQ, all different races, origins, styles and interests, and I think that is reflected in nightclubs as well.

“Drai [brings in a really] interesting mix of different people. Everyone loves hip-hop. It’s a global force … and the game is also becoming a global force. So why not bring the two together?

This intersection has been explored before in Las Vegas, from the old Fremont East Insert Coin Bar (s) to newer places like Emporium Arcade Bar at Area15. But XSET’s partnership with Drai seems to want to take the trend to another level. At the end of this fall, Drai’s will launch XSET themed cabanas with custom video game consoles and large LED screens for optimal playtime.

Inside the nightclub, VIP guests will perform in their exclusive sections while listening to the hottest stars in residence, and Drai’s x XSET products will be sold on site. Contests and games tournaments projects often organized by the talents of XSET and the artists of Drai are also in preparation.

XSET has several esports teams to its name in various games, from Call of Duty To Rocket league. Selkoe says an XSET “content house,” where Drai’s resident artists can host listening nights, movie content, and XSET team players can stream games, will arrive in 2022.

As the former president of the successful gaming collective FaZe Clan, Selkoe brings years of institutional knowledge of the gaming industry to the table. But recognizes that the business model is changing.

“I think Vegas has the opportunity to really lead what the game becomes, which is the lifestyle of the game,” says Selkoe. “Esports is only part of it.”

XSET’s ties to the music industry ran deep even before partnering with Drai. Clinton Sparks, the organization’s director of business development, is a Grammy-nominated DJ who has worked with everyone from Lady Gaga to Diddy. And Wil Eddins, head of merchandising and licensing for XSET, who Selkoe credits with starting initial conversations with Drai, is originally from Las Vegas and has ties to artists in the city.

The organization has also recruited several prominent investors and influencers along the way, including hip-hop artist Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, Latin superstar Ozuna, Kyle Van Noy of the New England Patriots and Justin Simmons of the Denver Broncos.

“We’re reaching music, technology, nightlife in a way that I don’t think any of the gaming organizations, even the ones I’ve been in before, will have the capacity, because we started as early as the day we focus on that, ”says Selkoe. “We want to be awesome in esports, but [we’re also focused on] way of life. … We want everyone who loves to gamble to feel it’s for them.

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