Dreadwolf Dev Teases Its D&D Influences

The Dragon Age: Dreadwolf editor revealed that the game was influenced by tabletop RPGs, including Dungeons & Dragons.

BioWare revealed Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Dungeons & Dragons inspirations in a new blog post. dreadwolf is the new dragon age game from BioWare and is currently on track for a 2023 release date. New information about the game is slowly being revealed, ahead of what will hopefully be a concrete release date announcement.

The dragon age The series drew a lot of inspiration from many different sources, with locations and cultures based on real-world locations, such as Orlais and France. dragon age is inspired by different fantasy series, including A song of ice and firewith its darker tone and more adult themes, but still manages to reference everything from Superman’s origin story to buffy the vampire slayer. The fact that the dragon age the games are massive fantasy epics with lots of text, which means developers have plenty of chances to slip references.


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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is on track for 2023, and a new BioWare blog post has revealed how most of the game’s writing has been put together. This includes everything from spoken dialogue to notes that the player finds scattered around the game world while pursuing their own adventures. In the same update released by BioWare, dreadwolf Lead Writer Sylvia Feketekuty explained how the latest entry in the series was inspired by Dungeons & Dragonsand how she tried to put what she likes J&D in the game :

Sylvia Feketekuty: For me, BioWare has always carried the old-school D&D heritage in its veins. I try to inject some of what I love about tabletop roleplaying into my work: bizarre encounters, proud villains, close adventurers, arcs with high stakes that retain a sense of play or of adventure. That’s everything I’ve loved about the best fantasy tabletop games I’ve played.

D&D influenced Dragon Age games before Dreadwolf

Dungeons & Dragons is a game that tells great adventure stories, or at least on paper. J&D the campaigns emulate The Lord of the Rings, but the stories don’t usually play out that way. A J&D The campaign is as much about comedy as it is about dramatic moments, which are the product of friends with similar interests hanging out and getting the chance to reference each other. These elements, together with the random nature of a dice game, mean that J&DThe most memorable moments of are often the funniest and most unexpected.

The dragon age the series has always had a lot of ties to J&Dbecause the people who worked on the original game also worked on the Baldur’s Gate and Nights without winter series. Dragon Age: Origins even featured a Boo of Baldur’s Gate like a J&D reference, with the popular space hamster also getting a shoutout in Mass Effect. It’s easy to imagine how Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will incorporate elements of Dungeons & Dragons games in its narrative, especially in a time when more people are familiar with the tropes of tabletop RPGs and are more likely to have experienced them firsthand.

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