Due Dilly Launches First Local Sports Card Store In Metaverse With Sandbox Game Partnership

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Once a niche idea pioneered by tech enthusiasts, the concept of a centralized virtual world parallel to the physical world – the metaverse – has caught on into the mainstream. Any doubts about whether or not the Metaverse officially arrived were dispelled late last year when Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would change its name to Meta and spend $ 10 billion on the Metaverse. But that was just the start. Since Facebook’s rebranding in October, a slew of big companies from Adidas to Budweiser have announced leaps into the Web3 ecosystem.

Due Dilly plans to help local card stores create showcases on their interface to help them generate more income by bringing them online.

The Metaverse promises to bridge the gap between the real world and the crypto world, whether it exists in virtual reality, augmented reality, or just on a screen. Recently, a ton of hype has been sparked by massive real estate deals in the Metaverse. Virtual plots of land change hands for millions of dollars and prove Web3’s money-making potential.

At the center of this virtual land boom is The Sandbox, a decentralized blockchain-based metaverse that has recorded $ 211 million in virtual land sales since 2019, including the $ 450,000 someone threw on the chance to own land next to Snoop Dogg’s sandbox. Chateau.

Sébastien Borget, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, envisions it becoming a diverse digital economy with art galleries, concerts and, now, sports card stores. Due Dilly, a startup that harnesses disruptive computer vision technology to instantly rate physical sports cards, recently purchased land in The Sandbox Game with plans to open to bring the first local sports card store to the world. metaverse. And, their next NFT delivery will grant cardholders exclusive access to the VIP area of ​​their card store.

Due Dilly further crosses the physical and digital divide by using blockchain technology to write their card ratings into smart contracts, giving collectors a new opportunity to secure digital NFTs with physical sports cards and track provenance.

The startup is venturing to put the power back in the hands of collectors by bringing the sports card trading industry into the future without breaking with tradition. Recognizing that most stores do not have an online presence, Due Dilly plans to help local card stores create showcases on their interface to help them generate more income by integrating them online.

When it comes to all of the opportunities in the Metaverse, the construction and excitement is just beginning, especially for sports and collectible card enthusiasts.

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