Exoprimal is a full price game and no, it has nothing to do with Dino Crisis

Exoprimal is a full price build, it prioritizes PvE over PvP, and no, it has absolutely nothing to do with Dino Crisis.

Since its announcement, it’s unclear what form Exoprimal will take, and even if it will be a free-to-play live service game. Speaking to IGN, producer Ichiro Kiyokawa made it clear that wasn’t the case, stating “Exoprimal isn’t free; it’s a full-price release that will be available both on disc and digitally. “

In order to put an end to the speculations, we also asked the creators of the game if the new Capcom dnosaur game has a connection with the old Capcom dinosaur game, Dino Crsisi. Director Takuro Hiraoka was very clear: “No, the game is unique and has nothing to do with Dino Crisis.”

As to what Exoprimal isHiraoka was understandably more talkative and keen to show how it differs from Capcom’s multiplayer monster action series, Monster Hunter.

Exoprimal – Capcom Showcase 2022

“Our initial concept was that we wanted to challenge ourselves to create a satisfying sense of action that was different from previous Capcom titles. Instead of a game like Monster Hunter, where you face a single powerful enemy, we thought the experience of taking on and defeating a massive horde of enemies had the appeal and potential to be the basis for new IP. We also thought it would be great to share this experience with others online. , and this is how the basic concept of Exoprimal was born.

“Once we established our gameplay concept,” Hiraoka continued, “dinosaurs were the first idea that came up for the enemies you would face. I thought it would be fun to experience the threat of the most formidable predators in history, and that if there were if there were hundreds or thousands of them, it would be an intensity that had never been seen before. this idea, we felt that the only way to deal with the overwhelming strength and numbers of dinosaurs would be to use futuristic technology rather than modern weaponry.”

Exoprimal is a “PvPvE” game, featuring teams of players competing in arenas with hostile AI enemies to attack. PvPvE has become more common in recent years, but Hiraoka sees it as a new take on the genre:

“I think most PvPvE titles on the market are PvP based, with some PvE elements included. ExoPrimal has a PvE focus which we think is very enjoyable, exciting and unique. Additionally, the main mode, Dino Survival, allows players to enjoy a different experience each time they play, as the missions, stages, and dinosaurs that appear in the game change depending on the player’s game progress […] During development, the team of course [playtests] the game, but we also had non-developer staff who also played, and they were always surprised and amused when they saw how the game changes every time you play.”

Exoprimal should arrive in 2023 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. It was announced in March and today received a new gameplay trailer confirming that the game will have a closed network test before release.

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